‘Storm Area 51’ event canceled, moved to Vegas as organizers fear a probable ‘Fyre Festival 2.0’

The “Storm Area 51” event is a total bust. Although the Washington Post compared it to a possible “Woodstock for alien watchers,” it rapidly devolved into an imminent disaster.

“There was never gonna be storming anything if the government doesn’t want you to storm. This turned into a music festival instead of a forcing ourselves on hangars that don’t exist. Even if you crossed over the fence at Area 51, you got another 40 miles before you even see a building,” event planner Frank DiMaggio told TMZ.

The originator, Matty Roberts, 21, has withdrawn from his own “Alienstock” event scheduled for September 19 in the tiny town of Rachel, Nevada. The idea for Alienstock was an alternative to the Facebook group’s stated mission to storm the Area 51 base on September 20.

Roberts was concerned about organization and funding and that the event would be a disaster akin to “Fyre Festival 2.0.” For the few who didn’t hear about the Fyre Festival, it was a much-hyped music festival slated for April 2017 in the Bahamas that ended up being an epic fail of historic proportions.

“There’s no safety or security that can really be promised,” Roberts told The Post on Tuesday, calling the event a potential “humanitarian disaster.” “I didn’t feel comfortable with inviting even my friends and family out to this event, let alone these thousands of strangers.”

The Associated Press reports that Rachel innkeeper Connie West has 20 musical acts and two comedians booked for September 19-21 at the Little A’Le’ Inn. The show will go on in a tiny town with no store or gas station and one restaurant. A tearful West appeared in the local news to say she would trudge on. After all, around two million people expressed interest on Facebook.

According to The Post, a tense rift unfolded between Roberts and West at the last minute.

“Roberts and fellow organizer Frank DiMaggio blame their ex-partner on the ground in Rachel: the inn owner who they say was handling most of the logistics and became increasingly evasive about her preparations as the big date approached. Little A’Le’ Inn proprietor Connie West accuses them of betrayal, saying she has lined up the necessary infrastructure and support staff, confirmed performers and sold 2,400 camp sites.”

“Two documents shown on a local news program as evidence of her efforts were apparently finalized the day Roberts said he had pulled out. A $17,500 check for security services is dated September 8; so is West’s signature on an agreement for medical services.”

Meanwhile, the town of Rachel prepared to declare an emergency as they expected an influx of alien enthusiasts to the ill-prepared tiny rural town with 54 residents. Even as they tout their town as “the world’s only Extraterrestrial Highway,” on the official website for Rachel, they further dissuade anyone from coming to the town. Instead, they encourage people to head to Las Vegas on September 19.

The website currently states:

“The Alienstock event in Rachel just became Fyre Fest 2.0 as we had predicted. The creator of the Storm Area 51 movement pulled out because he feels the event is not safe and lacks organization. With just over a week to go no preparations have been made and the signed bands will play in Las Vegas instead. If any event still happens it is going to be a pretty sad affair with no bands, very little infrastructure, and a lot of unhappy campers. Instead of coming out to Rachel to storm Area 51, why not follow the Alienstock organizers and enjoy the party at the Area 51 Celebration in Las Vegas?”

So it appears any storming Area 51 is dead in its tracks, and that’s no doubt a good thing. It was never more than an internet joke, to begin with, but DiMaggio and Roberts claim they were “told forcefully” by FBI agents not to storm the military base, just in case.

“It was a little bit spooky,” said Roberts.

Does this mean the search for extraterrestrials is over? Hardly. The fact that millions expressed interest shows that many people do believe aliens may be among us. The search continues as usual…

In the TMZ interview below, Roberts and the event producer DiMaggio discuss this and why they pulled out of the “festival.”


Featured image: screenshot via YouTube

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