Who were the enigmatic Nephilim?

Many authors would agree that based upon numerous ancient texts we can conclude that the ancient Nephilim could have been an ancient Alien species that lived on Earth in the distant past even though this is an extremely controversial notion for mainstream scholars who firmly oppose it.

Much has been said about the mysterious Nephilim, ancient beings that inhabited our planet in the distant past. These beings lived before the Great Flood and lived on after it, but their origin is far more mysterious than anyone knows.

With all of the mystery that surrounds the Nephilim, is it possible that they were an ancient Alien species that came to Earth in the distant past?

According to several ancient texts, its possible to conclude that the Nephilim were, in fact, mysterious beings that dominated the planet before the Great Flood. In many ancient texts, they are referred to as giants and some ancient texts suggest these mystery beings are in fact the descendants of the Fallen Angels.

Ok so… who were the Nephilim?

However, despite many scholars trying to comprehend what the Nephilim were there is considerable confusion surrounding these mysterious beings which according to ancient texts, were real and inhabited Earth in the distant past.

There isn’t doubt whether or not these beings were real, the only question that surrounds them is their actual origin and legacy.

Looking at ancient texts we will notice that in the Hebrew Bible, the word ‘Nephilim’ occurs on two occasions, both times in the Torah, the first one being in Genesis 6:1-4, just before the story of Noah’s ark, and the second is Numbers  13:32–33 when spies sent to Canaan reported seeing ‘fearsome giants’.


It is important to mention that there are clear differences between the ancient Nephilim and human beings on Earth and both species walked on Earth in the distant past.

However, the truth behind the Nephilim is up for debate. Many scholars argue that the Nephilim were mythological beings that did not coexist with humans while other researchers firmly believe the Nephilim were not native to Earth and their origin can be traced back to planets outside of our Solar System. This has led many to speculate that both the Nephilim and beings referred to as Fallen Angles are in fact an Alien species not native to Earth.

2 Samuel 21:20 even offers a detailed description as to how the enigmatic beings looked like  “…And there was again war at Gath where there was a man of great stature who had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot; twenty-four in number and he also was descended from the giants.“

As we can see ancient texts describe the mystery beings referred to as the Nephilim and we can conclude that if they actually existed in the past they must have been an entirely different species from humans and it is very likely that their origin, together with that of the fallen Angels, was, in fact, otherworldly since, unlike humans, they did not originate on Earth.

Interestingly, we find that most authors will firmly agree that the Nephilim were, in fact, a hybrid race between the ‘fallen angels’ called the Benei Ha’Elohim (“Sons of God” in Hebrew) meaning that these beings were not native to Earth, but were, in fact, heavenly beings, descendants of the fallen angels.

While there are many ancient texts which refer to these ‘Alien’ beings as Giants or Titans, numerous other texts also mention their existence but fail to explain their origin and what they were.

In the Bible, for example, it clearly states (and is used as a traditional interpretation) that ‘heavenly beings’ mated with humans; an extremely controversial claim rejected by many scholars who disagree the notion that in the distant past, the ancient man came into contact with beings that were not from Earth.

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  1. Well, how can someone 30ft tall mate with a regular 5′ 8″ woman? The logistics are impossible.

    1. The fallen ones (not giants)
      mated with human women and produced the giants (Nephilim)

    2. It can be done. In rare cases, 1 in a million, a human sperm can actually fertilize in an animal. One case of a weasel child existed that lived in a family’s cabin walls & learned the family members names.

  2. Has anyone every gotten the height of the paracas people with the long skulls?

  3. The actual translation is “men of renown” which was perverted into “giants among men” and if you understand those dynasdtic avatars that have stepped up in the 20th century without “realization of self” you can understand that not only were Abraham, Moses, and Noah, among these nephilim, so too have been JFK, and JFK, Jr., napoleonII, Adelai Stevenson, Erwin Rommel, Churchill, Jacques de molay, Narada, Grandsire Bhishma Patimah, and Oliver Hazard Perry, but I am the first individual since Bhishma to have realization of self.

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    Once bhishma had successfully negotiated an end to eighteen years of the war, he succumbed and ascended.

    Bringing in to the here and now, and understanding that the bible is actually reversed, due to the council of Nicea attempt to hide certain truths that were not aligned to their profit motive, they omitted mythological understanding and mistakenly turned it around placing the creature of light in the creature of darks role, this fact renders me in to the role of the “seven headed beast that rises from the sea”. Understanding the allegory and metaphor in the bible, “seven heads” implies superior intelligence, but there are other metaphorical reasons. The head that has the fatal wound that has healed, is bhishma’s. As he is one of the angels that has accompanied my during my time since I had all this big picture “craziness” begin.

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  4. The Anunnaki used to transport peyote along with gold to all the miners & everybody. The ‘incense’ used in ancient Egyptian temples to the Gods was a mixture of hashish & opium (drugs). Everyone was walking around stoned; and, there were all these ‘all powerful’ (to us) Gods flying around; and, we could barely write! Of course we’re not going to get a ‘clear’ record!

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