The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most perfectly-designed structures ever built

Is there a possibility that countless ancient structures found all over the world were built to outlast the beings that constructed them? After all, history it seems is best preserved in stone.

Is it possible that countless Pyramids, monuments, temples and ancient cities were meant to serve a greater purpose, perhaps one that was not known to the builders themselves, but only to those who instructed them?

To answer this, we take a look at the Great Pyramid of Giza, which according to many scholars, researchers, and authors is arguably the most enigmatic structure on the face of the Earth.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered as the only surviving Wonder of the ancient world. For centuries has this marvelous ancient structure inspired endless speculation as to how the ancient builders managed to erect a monument that size, and what purpose it served.

Ever since the first scholars set out to study the Great Pyramid in Egypt, they have been left awe-struck due to the mathematical knowledge that is encoded into this ancient structure, and the sheer amount of measurements that are used in it.

Not only has the design, size, shape, and interior of the Pyramid caused great interest among experts, the placement of the Great Pyramid itself has aroused great interest among scholars from different fields.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most fascinating, perfectly aligned structures on the surface of the planet. It is aligned to within 3/60ths of a degree of the north, a more accurate alignment than any other structure on the surface of our planet.

The three pyramids at the Giza plateau at night. Image Credit: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

Many scholars have argued that the Great Pyramid may have been the most perfectly designed structures ever erected on the surface of the planet. Even more interesting is to think about the Great Pyramid of Giza at the time it was built. If we travel back in time, thousands of years ago and look at its placement back then, we may find that it was even more perfectly aligned to true north. This is because the Earth’s axis has been shifting slowly, something that’s called precession. Many authors argue that if there’s been a shift in that alignment, it could be that it was even more accurately aligned to the north in the past when the structure was just built.

However, there are countless other secrets to this majestic ancient structure, which many authors argue is deeply connected to the stars.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is not only perfectly aligned to the cardinal points, but its placement on Earth also appears to be intentional as well. This means that whoever built it, had to have known the exact shape of the Earth, and surrounding geography.

Ever since the survey of the Great Pyramid in 1925, scholars who have studied the ancient monument have found even more profound connections relating to geodetic information, or information pertaining to the measurement and representation of the Earth, deeply encoded in the design of the Great Pyramid.

Countless scientists, engineers, and architects have concluded that the Great Pyramid was built with such a level of technological sophistication thousands of years ago, that it exceeds anything that we have today. So, when we think about the builders of the Great Pyramid and the tools they had at their disposal thousands of years ago, then all of a sudden, the Great Pyramid becomes an even more significant mystery.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and math—an otherworldly connection?

The ancient Egyptians did not use the inch as we usually have it in the English system; they used the cubit.

Curiously, the cubit is 1/25 millionth of the polar diameter of our planet, expressing the distance from the North to the South Pole of our planet. If we chop it up into 25 million pieces, there’s a royal cubit. It’s ancient perfection.

The mathematics embedded into the Great Pyramids construction is out of this world. Did you know that If you actually use the length of the Great Pyramid at Giza at its mean Socket level, which is the corners of the actual monument, it gives you 365?

The measures of the length and width of the perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza are equal to an exact fraction of both the latitude and longitude measurements at the equator. Doesn’t it bother you just how the ancient builder of the Pyramid knew all of this?

What is perhaps even more mind-boggling is that fact that scaled up, this shows that the Great Pyramid of Giza directly corresponds to the circumference of our planets equator, and also the measurement from the Equator to the Pole, which in turn makes it a scale model of the Northern Hemisphere.

Another quick detail about the Great Pyramid–which many find only a lucky coincidence is that If plot the location of the Great Pyramid as a coordinate, the actual number sequence matches the speed of light traveling through space, measured in meters per second.

Coincidence? I think not.

Ok, maybe one of the above details could end up as being a mere coincidence, but all of these features to be tagged as a mere coincidence is ludicrous.

However, what is even more fascinating is the fact that the Great Pyramid of Giza is not the only structures that feature unprecedented characteristics.

The Great Sphinx of Giza, with the Great Pyramid of Giza in the background. Image Credit: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

Other ancient sites around the world, such as the Mesoamerican pyramids and the ziggurats of Mesopotamia, have also been found to be perfectly aligned to exact cardinal points, and embody mathematical concepts. If you take a look at these buildings on a global scale, you get the feeling that its as if all of these ancient structures were built under divine guidance. It’s almost as if the Gods left their marks embedded in stone. It’s almost as if these ancient monuments represent something larger than we are.

Looking at the bigger picture, you can’t help and get the feeling that its almost as if the ancient builders who erected all of these incredible sites wanted to make sure that future civilizations on Earth would recognize that there’s a discrepancy in knowledge.

Ok, so we know the knowledge is there, but how can we explain it? Ancient cultures around the globe erected majestic ancient structures and to position them like they did suggests that before written history, ancient civilizations had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today proving that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before.

Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that we ought to look to the stars for answers.

They argue that evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in the construction and placement of countless ancient monuments can also be found by examining their alignments with the cosmos, more accurately the stars.

In ancient Egypt, experts argue, the three pyramids are aligned with the constellation of Orion’s belt. However, as noted by many authors, the pyramids at Giza are not the only monuments that have this particular configuration mimicking the stars. If we travel to the other side of the planet, to the ancient site of Teotihuacan, in Mexico, we will find that it also contains three pyramids that are oriented to mimic the belt stars of Orion.

While Teotihuacan and Giza are perhaps the most well-known ancient sites that show a certain correlation to the stars, it is noteworthy to mention that other sites throughout the world have been found to have similar astronomical alignments.

The questions remain…Were ancient structures, religious complexes, and perhaps entire cities purposely encoded with advanced details so that future generations would recognize an otherworldly influence, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest?

Featured image credit: Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

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  1. More evidence of the deevolution of humanity. If we stop to consider that the ancient humans were bigger, smarter, and lived longer then everything makes more sense.

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