The Last Stonebender—This artist creates mind-bending malleable stone sculptures

These Malleable Stone Sculptures Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Meet the ‘last’ Stonebender.

There is a sculptor in Spain—Coruna to be exact—who seems to have complete and utter control over stone, defying the laws of nature and everything we thought we knew about the stone, creating amazing, jaw-dropping malleable stone sculptures.

The man’s name is Jose Manuel Castro Lopez, and his sculptures are made out of material like granite and iron oxide.

He uses natural materials from which he crafts his rock-like formations featuring folds, wrinkles, and flaps, almost as if they were made out of clay. His most extraordinary cultures are the faces, where we see smiling and grimacing human faces appear on the stone.

López firmly believes that the stones are alive and are spirits of the land and as an artist, it is his role to conjure them. Creating the impossible, López achieves his mind-bending work through patience and hard work, and he claims to never use glue or extra materials to exaggerate the illusion.

According to the Spanish artist, stone and its properties are often mythologized in Galician culture, which is exactly where he finds his inspiration, saying that his work is more impacted by magic than by technique.

“With technical, ingenuity and work. Day by day, you’re discovering things and you open possibilities. This happens to all of us in our work. This is carved. I never use glue. My relationship with the stone is not physical, but magical. It recognizes me, it obeys me… we understand each other. My stones are not lifeless. They manifest themselves.”

Featured Image Credit: José Manuel Castro López

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