The Lost City of Giants of Ecuador: Another Discovery ‘Omitted’ by Mainstream Scholars

According to ancient legends from Ecuador, there are cities of giants that were abandoned in the distant past.

These ancient cities have been devoured by nature, covered in vegetation and hiding in plain sight.

In fact, tribes from all the Amazon speak of similar legends of ancient giant beings who inhabited the region in the distant past, a group of giants that lived and ruled over the earth before ordinary humans existed.

One of the rectangular terraces found. Notice the sharp edges.
One of the rectangular terraces found. Notice the sharp edges.

According to an article on the website Earth4All written by Bruce Fenton, one of the discoverers:

In 2012 a group of Ecuadorian adventurers were led into the jungle to seek out the structure they had seen in an old photograph. On the first attempt they became lost, yet fate took a lucky turn, they actually stumbled on a second megalithic site, a strange stone platform situated on the edge of a small river. Scattered about on the jungle floor and in the water itself were a multitude of artefacts and human engineered stone objects. As yet these artefacts have not been matched to any known culture and even their previous functions remain a mystery for the most part. Soon after this the same group launched a second attempt for the megalithic wall in their photograph, this time successfully reaching the site.

Thanks to our own efforts to make the public aware of this incredible discovery (or rediscovery even) images and video from the expedition and from others that followed have since sent shock waves through the global archaeological community. No expert has been able to offer an explanation for who might be responsible for this site nor when it could have been constructed. Quite simply it is not reasonable to think these sites were built in the dangerous interior of the Llanganates, rather it only makes sense to assume the structures were built at a time when the jungle was not present and have since been overgrown. The questions is then whether this might be centuries ago, or much more likely many millennia into our past!


While many researchers ventured into the Amazon in search for lost cities and incredible treasures, only a few discovered something in the mysterious jungles of the region. According to reports, in 2012 a group of researchers went into the jungle in order to find the legendary cities the ancients spoke of. The site, used by several tribes for diplomatic meetings is believed to be inhabited by the ghosts of the past. A place sacred to the locals, filled with magic and incredible tales that speak of the giant creators of the ancient cities.

There, in the vast Amazonian Jungle, Bruce Fenton, author, and researcher believes lay the untouched ruins of the Lost City of the giants, named because of the giant tools which were found in the vicinity.

Not only did researchers discover huge tools that could not have been used but ordinary humans, researchers also discovered a Large Pyramidal shaped structure of approximately 80 meters square base and 80 meters height, with steeply inclined walls. According to initial reports, the structure is made out of hundreds of giant rocks which weigh up to 2 tons. At the top of the structure, a flat area, researchers discovered dozens of artifacts.

“It looks like a paved wall, an ancient street or plaza with a 60 degrees angle, perhaps the roof of a larger structure. Many of the stones were perfectly aligned, have sharp edges and seemed to have been sculpted by human hands,” said Mr. Duverneuil, who undertook an expedition to the site in April and May 2013.

Mysteriously, like many other ancient sites that challenge conventional research and mainstream scholars, this site has remained in the shadows, far away from the attention it actually deserves.

In 2013 an expedition was arranged through the Ministry of Culture, and included Ministry Police, archaeologists, and researchers, and like all great findings in the last century, mainstream scholars concluded together with the government that the site was just another natural formation ruling our man-made structures which meant for a lack of funding for father excavations on the site.

Yet Fenton and his colleagues firmly believe this is not the case, and the numerous pieces of pottery and stone tools are the ultimate evidence that proves mainstream scholars and the government have got it wrong. The Precision of the stone works, their precise arrangement and the presence of numerous circular holes ‘drilled’ into some of the stones found in the area cannot be the result of natural formations and as such, the explanation offered by government officials is absurd.


Researchers have found that between the megalithic blocks is a hard binding substance similar to cement, concrete or some sort of vitrified material.

Great amounts of pottery and stone artifacts prove that this ancient site was once home to intelligent beings, beings that were without a doubt not normal humans because of the extremely large and heavy tools that would been nearly impossible to use by normal-sized humans.

“There can be no doubt now that what we have here is the remnants of human habitation from a very ancient era,” wrote Fenton on his website Earth4all. “What we need to do now is have samples tested, dated, and examined by relevant experts.”

“What I saw that day was enough to turn any skepticism into certainty. Perfectly rectangular blocks, stepping of blocks, smooth stone facing, a double layer of stone facing and even steps cut into the stone. More stone artifacts were also present, most parts of larger objects but also small hand tools. Perhaps most important was the discovery of a cement type mortar, clay-like when wet but appearing to be stone when dry. We also found a small piece of what seemed to be pottery.”

Natural formation?
Natural formation?

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. – Genesis 6:4

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