The real color of the red planet: Is Mars really red?

Remember a couple of months ago, that super-viralized controversial question about the infamous dress? While some people saw it as being golden and white there are others who saw it as being blue and black.

The same question could be asked about Mars… What is the true color of the red planet… and is ti really red, or is it possible that mars is actually… very similar to Earth? Is it possible that Mars is very similar to Earth? Today we know that the red planet has liquid water flowing on its surface, we also know that there are anomalous traces of methane registered by NASA’s rovers on Mars, and not long ago we learnt that in the distant past, Mars had an atmosphere very similar to that of Earth.


Just as with the dress which managed to divide the world into two groups, the color of Mars has created immense debate among scientists and astronomers. It might turn out to be that the red planet isn’t so red after all, since researchers have failed to reach an agreement on the true color of Mars.

NASA has recognized that the color photos of the Martian surface are largely an “artistic” vision, and not as representative of the true colors of the surface, due to unique scientific analysis.


Certainly the images obtained on the planet are a mosaic of various pieces of landscape that could be taken at different times and in different weather conditions.

Furthermore, the cameras used for photographing Mars snapped the same image three times using different filters recreating a color balanced image. Subsequently, the information must travel a distance of about 200 million kilometers to reach the screens of astronomers, scientists and researchers.

This is why, the photos beamed back by different rovers reflect a Martian surface with a variety of changing tone colors. For example, photographs taken in 1976 show a blue sky due to special adjustment of the balance between white colors which made Mars look very much like the surface of Earth.

The other next bet question would be… where is all the methane on Mars coming from?

Many people believe that NASA is actually hiding a lot of information on Mars. Numerous ufologists suggest that NASA has intentionally altered the images from Mars to make it look like a desolate and lifeless planet while the truth is very different from what NASA and other space agencies are telling us.

One of the last photographs of the Martian surface by the Curiosity, reveals an apparent blueish-grey surface. While astronomers have proposed several explanations for the phenomenon, the fact is that no one yet knows for sure what color the planet Mars.

The red planet might not be so red after all, and we might just prove that Mars is actually very similar to Earth, or at least was in the distant past.

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