This Thai cult claims to have communicated with aliens for over two decades

Up in the mountains of Thailand, members of a group known as UFO Kaokala say they’ve been communicating with aliens and extraterrestrials on a regular basis, and their claims are drawing thousands of people via the internet, with group founder Ajarn Wassana Chuensumnaun telling Vice that she has personally been having regular chats with her alien friends for more than two decades, and has learned many facts about them. For example:

“The aliens don’t have defined sexes, and eat just energy capsules ‘because they have small mouths.'”

Ajarn Wassana Chuensumnaun says she’s been communicating with aliens for over 20 years (Via Twitter)

Oh, and while some may worry that extraterrestrials could be planning to annihilate Earth and all of humanity, the Kaokala group says aliens are actually coming to rescue the planet from annihilation.


However, those conversations with the aliens have been rudely interrupted. Last August, the government of Thailand raided the isolated location of the communication portal the group uses for their extraterrestrial chats. Not to worry, though, Wassana assures a reporter:

“The Kaokala members were forced to regroup, but were keen to take me to the scene of the raid to show me that they’ll survive the setback. After all, the fate of our species depends on it. ‘I want to inform the public that aliens will be here for people on Earth,’ said Wassana, under the black-eyed gaze of a painting of two grey aliens.”

Is this what you’d see if you had your own alien portal? (Via FolsomNatural/Flickr)
Calling Pluto – Do You Read Us?


It all began in 1998. Wassana and her sister, Somjit Raepeth, claim they started having direct communication with beings from Pluto and a planet known as Lokukatapakadikong:


“According to them, aliens from Lokukatapakadikong are your standard humanoid large-headed greys: super-intelligent The X Files sorts. Those from Pluto aren’t in solid form: they’re more like gas.


“Twenty-one years ago, out of the blue the sisters’ father claimed to have received alien contact whilst meditating. Initially skeptical, they tried meditating alongside him. ‘My father received the wave and it passed to me—it was like a phone line being switched,’ Wassana said. ‘I felt a kind of motivational energy pushing me.'”

According to the group, some of the aliens are located on Pluto (Via JPL/NASA)
Duck, Duck, Boom!


The purpose of the portal and the messages coming from the extraterrestrials is simple, the group asserts: They want to help save humans from the pending nuclear war which threatens to destroy every trace of humanity:

“Once this ET hotline was established, conversation focused on a forthcoming World War III and nuclear apocalypse. The sisters heard how ETs wanted to speak to humans so they could one day provide them with technology to survive this, before forging a ‘new generation’ of humans. This inspired the duo to build a community of believers to help get the message out.”

Why Thailand?


Perhaps you’re wondering why exactly the extraterrestrials decided to place their portal in Thailand. Wassanna said that’s simple: Because the country is mostly Buddhist, the aliens knew they could reach out better there via meditation, a feature of Buddhism:

“According to Wassana the aliens chose Thailand as their contact point because the country had many Buddhists, who could use meditation to communicate with them. As well as talking to aliens through such meditation, Ploy believes she can ‘see people’s karma,’ and has been active with Kaokala for nine years. ‘At first my mom thought it was crazy,’ she said. ‘But I explained that we don’t do anything bad. We’re just trying to help people.'”

Could meditation be the secret to communicating with aliens? (Via MaxPixel)
No Portal? No Problem


Whatever you do, the UFO Kaokala members insist that you shouldn’t feel sorry for them because they no longer have access to the portal the government so rudely booted them away from. You see, they don’t need any portal to continue their conversations with their alien friends:


“Communicating with ETs was not, they explained, reliant on one location—portal or no portal. ‘We can stay in our homes and receive contact,’ Ann said. ‘You never know where you’ll be at the time of World War III.’

Their plan was to continue meditating until the aliens tell us how to tool up and survive Armageddon. ‘They’ll visit us over different generations,’ Wassana said. ‘Before the nuclear disaster, during the disaster, after the disaster and for a restoration period. When it will begin, we don’t know.'”

Not long ago, the late Carl Sagan suggested how we might one day communicate with alien life:


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