Two-Headed Mummy of Ancient Egyptian Princess And a Crocodile Revealed For The First Time In Public

The mummy had remained in the shadows away from the public for more than a century. The two-headed mummy is composed of the remains of an unidentified ancient Egyptian princess and a crocodile. 

An ancient Egyptian mummy with two heads – one belonging to a girl and the other head to a crocodile – was photographed for the first time after having been removed from the public’s eyes for more than a century, reports Hurriyet Daily News.

The mummy had remained in exile for more than a century by orders of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

According to reports, Turkish officials have issued a unique permit for daily Hürriyet to film the only mummy kept at Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace.

According to the Turkish experts, the mummy is composed of the remains of an unidentified ancient Egyptian princess and the body and skull of a Nile crocodile.

The mummy did not belong to a hybrid being or anything like that. The legend around the mummy suggests that the little girl (A young Princess) was attacked by one of these reptiles and the rulers of the time decided to combine the two bodies with the belief that the young heiress would be resurrected as a crocodile.

Unlike other six mummies of important historical figures that are safeguarded in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, this unique mummy is kept in the Topkapi Palace by order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II who reigned at the end of the nineteenth century.

Abdul Hamid II was the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and the last Sultan to exert effective control over the fracturing state. His reign was marked by a number of rebellions as well as an unsuccessful war with the Russian Empire.

Reports from Turkey suggest that the mummy was kept initially in the Yildiz Palace, also in the former Ottoman capital, after being brought from Egypt by another sultan in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Turkish historian Ibrahim Hakki Konyali wrote in the 1950s the anecdote that resulted in the ‘exile’ of the mummy from one palace to another.

Featured Image Credit: Hürriyet 

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