Man Claims To Have Filmed Video Of ‘Stunning UFO’ Above English Channel

On a flight from Dublin to Paris, a passenger believes he has filmed an unidentified flying object from the window of the aircraft.

Is that a UFO? Image Credit: Pen News.

A passenger traveling on a Ryanair flight, which linked Dublin with Paris, managed to record a video from his cell phone while flying over the English Channel: an incredible UFO in the distance.

The video footage seems to show an unidentified object with a long tail of dark smoke that extends over the distant and as the commercial aircraft is moving away, the strange object seems to be traveling in the opposite direction, although, according to the statements of the witness took the images, shortly before it seemed to circle around in the sky, it stopped in midair.

“Before I captured it on video, the UFO was rapidly moving around in circles”Anonymous witness

“I was just looking out of the window mindlessly,” the unnamed 29-year-old revealed. Then I saw something moving around rapidly.

“Before I captured it on video, the UFO was rapidly moving around in circles. It was very strange. When it stopped, I took my phone out to record it, as it was staying pretty still,” explained the 29-year-old passenger, who has asked not to be identified.

Is it a UFO or a strange cloud? Image Credit: Pen News.

Although it could not be verified where the plane was when the video was captured, the young man who filmed it estimated that they were somewhere above the English Channel.

The surprised witness added: “I’ve never seen anything like that ever, it was like a big black tadpole in the sky. I just thought it was some weather balloon or contrails from a plane at first.”

“What made me think that it was something more was the strange movements it was doing just before I recorded it. My knowledge on what devices might be in the skies is very limited but this moved like a spacecraft you would see in the movies.”

Check out the video footage: 

The truth is that even that international governmental agencies seem to be talking about a decrease in UFO sightings in the last few months, we are still being plagued by videos and images of people who are convinced they’ve found the ultimate evidence of aliens visiting Earth.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network the recently revealed images and video footage come at a time where when UFO sightings are in a global decline

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