UFO researcher claims to find complex buildings hiding in some of Mercury’s craters

We’ve all speculated about alien life living in the stars. Some people believe there are alien bases on the moon and even on Mars. NASA searches for alien life on Mars to this day, as well as for planets in the universe that might allow alien life to inhabit them. Now, a UFO researcher believes he has found unalienable proof that alien life existed on Mercury (no pun intended) in an alien base. And he’s made a YouTube video to “prove” it.

Well-known conspiracy theorist Scott Waring who runs the site ET Database claims he’s found structures that appear to be buildings in some of the craters on Mercury. He claims these structures are buildings, and that because of the way they’re “built,” it absolutely proves that “ancient aliens exit there (sic).”

His proof? A recently released color photo of Mercury from NASA’s website. He claims to have analyzed it, and “found” what he says are buildings hiding in some of Mercury’s craters. He made a detailed video showing what he found (view below). He also says that there are similar structures all across the planet. By zooming in on the photo he found what he calls a “purple-blue structure” that is so amazingly made that he believes that its geometry could only be built by human hands if humans were to live on another planet. Or, as he puts it, “off world,” if it’s not an alien base.

Waring states in his video that if he zooms in on the purple structure that you can see:

“…Double sided walls. I mean this crater was like created by some, some engineer or something to create insulation or protection.”

He then goes on to joke that maybe Prince lives there because of the purple structures. He even goes on to say that because of the way the geometry of the structures’ walls being at right angles, humans could hang photographs on them.

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Image: Screenshot via YouTube Video

In addition to the purple and blue structures, Waring also shows what he says are castle-like structures in some of the craters, most notably in the only crater with a label — ATGET. When he zooms in on the castle-like structure, he says he can see a “rainbow-like color.” He calls it an “object,” and wonders why a crater would want rainbows?

Waring further describes what he says are other buildings – a square one and a “tower,” among what he says is a “bunch of crap” in another section.

This isn’t the first time that Waring has “discovered” an alien base or evidence of life in the universe. On June 4, 2019, he pronounced that he discovered alien structures on the dark side of the moon. Specifically, in the Giordano Bruno crater.  In the video in which he explains his discovery, which comes from another NASA photo.  He describes what appears to be buildings because of their right angles, and “reflective roofs.”

He then goes on to describe how the potential buildings have entrances and exits for ships – even that you can see ships “hanging halfway out…” However, he explains, these aren’t new structures, but old and abandoned ones that appear to have existed long before life on Earth ever did.

Among Waring’s other alien discoveries, structures on the moon are the most prevalent. From a three-mile-high tower and an ancient underground base with a visible entrance to a “pie pan” and “cross-shaped” base, all of his discoveries include photos from NASA.

Another discovery includes buildings on Ceres’ south pole. Hundreds of them. The difference between the moon and Ceres, however, is that he says Ceres contains living alien life on it, instead of just abandoned structures as on the moon.

So how credible are his discoveries? The answer largely depends on your point of view. NASA has made multiple discoveries that suggest life may exist elsewhere. Recently, it was released that Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, contains oceans with nutrients that have a salinity level, acidity level, and temperature as Earth’s oceans. Combine this with the organic gasses previously found, and you’ve got a recipe for at least microbial life. This is just one of dozens of similar discoveries made over the last few years by NASA.

Could there be more to Waring’s analysis? Could there have been ancient life in the universe? Whether you believe Waring’s analysis to be definitive proof or not, one thing is for sure. We will eventually find out.

Featured Image by NASA/Public Domain

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