“UFO Sighting” Over Mexico Takes Internet By Storm (Video)

Regrettably, just as many other videos out there, this too is not an actual Video footage of an actual UFO encounter.


A video filmed on October 28 on Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, around 4:23 am has caused quite a debate on social networks.

The author of the video, Esteban Zavala, claims to have shared live on Instagram the strange event as it was ‘happening’.

“I was driving back to San Diego, California, with my grandmother. We were having a normal conversation when she suddenly becomes silent and begins to point to the sky. I looked and there were five of these things about the houses and the beach. I parked and immediately started broadcasting it live on Instagram – hence its quality – to save me future speculations about the video editing, ” writes Zavala in the description of the video posted on YouTube.

In the comments, netizens express their astonishment at huge flying saucers that seem to have a row of white lights covering their side.

But regrettably, as much as many of us would love for these massive objects to be actual alien crafts, the truth is much simpler.

Eventually, the video of the ‘UFO encounter’ filmed by Esteban Zavala was picked up by SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel known for promoting ‘fake’ alien videos around the internet.

And while some of the content they post from time to time is actually that could belong in the genre of the paranormal, the credibility of Secureteam 10 diminishes each time they publish a video trying to push their agenda, promoting everything they say as alien or unexplained.

Here is the original footage: 


A little bit of research and digging on the internet eventually leads to a plausible explanation what Esteban Zavala and his grandmother witnessed as they were driving back to San Diego, California.

To understand what they witnessed we turn to Twitter and Scott Brando, famous UFO hoax Buster who runs ufoofinterest.org.

As Scott explains in a number of Tweets, the enigmatic lights portrayed by Mr. Zavala and later picked up by Secureteam10 are not the ultimate evidence of alien visitation and massive flying saucers.

In fact, what Mr. Zavala witnessed while driving back to San Diego was nothing more than a street lamp. 

Due to the weather conditions at the time, there was a lot of fog which hid the poles on which the streetlights were placed.

Due to the fog, the only thing that you could see were the lights. 

The same apparent ‘UFO’ can be seen in this image below:


If the lights were not functioning, Mr. Zavala would have most likely driven past the ‘Saucers’ without even noticing they were there.

In other words, what was portrayed by SecureTeam10 as a possible visitation is nothing more than streetlamps, and evidence how easy it is to publish something on the internet without doing proper due diligence when reporting ‘news’.

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