Video: 5 Legendary ‘Lost’ Cities That Might Actually Be Real

A great video which examines 5 deeply discussed locations of lost and forgotten cities. ‘Shambala,’ ‘Lost City of Z,’ ‘White City’ or ‘Lost City of the Monkey God’… were these ancient sites only a legend? Or is it possible that they existed in the distant past?

Mainstream history is filled with incredible stories of lost cities and forgotten civilizations that existed before written history. However, are these civilizations and mighty empires product of myth and legends? Or is there a possibility that some of them might have actually existed on Earth?

For centuries, archaeologists around the world have searched for these lost empires and civilizations around the globe, from South America, Central America, Africa to Asia. Numerous tales speak of lost cities that bear exotic names such as ‘Shambala,’ ‘Atlantis,’ ‘Lemuria,’ ‘El Dorado’ and the ‘City of the Monkey God’ among many others.

For centuries, tales of these lost empires have been dismissed as mythology by mainstream scholars, but in recent decades, there are many indications which suggest that their existence might not be just folklore.

In the last decade alone, so many archaeological discoveries have been made that we are forced to start rewriting our history books. The discovery of the ancient city of Heraklion (submerged off the coast of modern-day Egypt) proves alone that many ‘mythological’ cities of the past have turned out to be a reality.

However, similar discoveries go back hundreds of years. According to historians, the Kingdom of Saguenay was revealed to French colonial forces by captured Iroquois chief who spoke of a city in modern-day Canada ruled by extremely wealthy Nordic-like people. This story was believed to be a lie, fabricated by the imprisoned Native America. However, in 1960 researchers discovered a Viking settlement in Newfoundland, which according to analysis, was constructed some 500 years before Columbus ‘discovered’ the continent. The finding of 1960 proved that the stories of Native Americans were correct.

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Numerous tales speak of lost cities that bear exotic names such as ‘Shambala,’ ‘Atlantis,’ ‘Lemuria,’ ‘El Dorado’ and the ‘City of the Monkey God’ among many others. Image Credit

However, as we mentioned previously, a significant number of lost cities and cultures are beginning to resurface from the shadows, mainly thanks to the technology of the 21st century.

The ‘Lost City of Z’ is another ‘mythical’ city said to exist somewhere in the vast regions of the Amazon. Not long ago, satellite images revealed mysterious and previously unknown structures that started emerging, —mainly due to deforestation— on the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

Recently another +lost civilization’ has been discovered in the Honduran jungle. Currently, researchers are excavating the archaeological site with earthen pyramids, plazas, and a cache of stone artifacts located in the remote Mosquitia region in eastern Honduras. Researchers have even considered the possibility that this archaeological site might be connected to the ‘White City’ or ‘Lost City of the Monkey God.’

However, many more incredible sites on our planet are waiting to be discovered and studied by archaeologists. Many of them will offer insight into lost periods of our history, piece together our gigantic puzzle mainstream scholars refer to as modern history.

The following video created by YouTube user Dark5 looks at five deeply-discussed locations and examines whether or not there are more mysteries waiting to be uncovered, that will help us piece together our past and understand the true origin of our civilization.

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