Video Footage Allegedly Shows UFO Landing On Simpson’s Pass

On January 14, 2019, a married couple living in the city of Trinidad, Colorado, witnessed what they claim was the landing of an unidentified flying object above the famous geological formation known as Simpson’s rest.

The video was later uploaded onto YouTube where it has already gathered thousands of views and dozens of comments.

The woman who uploaded the video, Dorothy Romero wrote the following description about the strange encounter she and her husband witnessed.

“My husband was outside on the porch washing our porch off when he saw a UFO fly directly over our house. He said it had to land very sudden, I told him it was probably due to the horrible lightning and thunder. He then said it landed on Simpsons Rest directly behind our house, and said that when it landed sparks flew from underneath the craft like as if it hit the mountain as it landed.”

“I had my phone in my hand and then begin recording the events… I’m sorry the quality is bad but for some reason, it wouldn’t focus on the UFO but you can see it directly behind the Trinidad sign. And you can always see as it disappears in front of our eyes. In the flash of light, it was gone.”

In the video footage, we can observe the mysterious ‘UFO’ in the distance emitting an extremely bright light.

Not much can be seen in the video other than the light, which suggests the object in question is spherical in nature.

However, similar videos have been seen in the past were alleged bright UFO’s are seen hovering above the ground, or even landing somewhere in the distance.

Regrettably, most of the time, videos like this turn out to be hoaxed content, created by people who look to monetize society’s interest in the UFO phenomena, which has become ever so popular.

Not saying that this one is, although I can’t help and wonder whether the light recorded in the video, showing the UFO resting on top of the mountain, is actually a street light, or something similar to one? Food for thought.

The mountain where the alleged UFO landed owes its name to George S. Simpson, a famous explorer, merchant, and pioneer who settled in what is now the city of Trinidad in 1848.

The story goes that the explorer survived an attack by the Ute natives after he fled up a nearby butte and hid inside one of the natural vertical crevices that were found in this sandstone bluff.

The attacking Indians did not locate Simpson and after three or so days, Simpson emerged from his hiding spot, thankful to the rock for his life. Later in life, he wrote a poem about his desire to be buried there.

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