Wales Heatwave Reveals More Than 200 Ancient Sites, Some Predating The Pyramids And Stonehenge

Here’s the Location of Every Underground Historic Site Discovered During Heatwave in Wales.

During the last heatwave that wept over the U.K. Ireland, and Wales, strange outlines have appeared in grass and vegetation revealing fascinating ancient secrets.

While heatwaves are never a good thing, over the past couple of months, heatwaves have helped reveal a number of fascinating ancient sites that have remained hidden from sight.

Archaeological site in Wales
Image Credit: Crown Copyright RCAHMW

The strange outlines that have started appearing on land remained hidden for centuries, until the vegetation and land dried up, as a result of the massive heatwave.

Now, hundreds of archeological features have started appearing all over wales, leaving people awestruck by the rich historical sites present in wales.

This isn’t the first time that archaeological sites have been revealed due to weather phenomena. In fact, frost marks, parch marls and soil marks can help reveal buried archeological sites that are usually not visible from the ground.

In Wales, the recent heatwave that swept over the country caused the vegetation to dry out, making ever archaeologists dream come true, as hundreds of sites have been revealed.

Now, in one complete, fascinating map, the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales has mapped where all these crop marks are. The result: More than 230 archaeological sites have been identified in Wales alone.

And while more than 230 sites have been marked on the map, a large number of sites have been excluded from the map since they are located on private properties, and according to a spokesman from the RCAHMW “A lot are on private land so we do not want people to walk on to other people properties. Neither do we want metal detectors disturbing the remains.

“It will go on our records and other investigators may want to carry out more work on it. This is the first stage. There could be other non-invasive tests and potentially an excavation in the future.”

According to Wales Online, the recent heatwave has revealed a number of archaeological sites, including Bronze age settlements.

In addition to ancient settlements, archaeologists have identified extensive crop marks of prehistoric enclosures in parched grassland on the Llyn Peninsula, a massive Bronze Age cemetery on the Llyn Peninsula, a prehistoric enclosure in the Vale of Glamorgan, and a number of Iron Age farmstead among other discoveries.

Check out the map here:

And you can see a more in-depth version of the map here.

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