Was Poseidon An Ancient Living God?

Cape Sounion in Greece is noted as the site of ruins of the temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses in Greek mythology. The second son of the Titan King Kronos, Poseidon was worshiped throughout Greece almost as much as his younger brother Zeus.

According to mythology, Poseidon was capable of great deeds, when in good mood he would favor the sailors by providing them with calm water for their voyages and wind for their sails. He was able to invoke destructive storm, lightning, and thunder and destroy the ships of his enemies in an instant.

He rides the spectacular water chariot that is driven by dolphins and he holds a trident which he used as a weapon.

Among the mythical creatures associated with Poseidon are the Telchines a race of advanced fish children. They were regarded as excellent metallurgists: various accounts state that they were skilled metal workers in brass and iron, and made a trident for Poseidon and a sickle for Kronos, both ceremonial weapons.

They were believed to bring hailstorms, snow, and rain as they please, they could assume any shape they pleased, and they were capable to produce a substance poisonous to living things. What is particularly interesting is that they seem to match up with the fish gods of ancient Sumeria who worked for Enki the great god of alchemy, and technology and smithcraft.

To historians, these creatures were not just myths but they did in fact exist and they worked on specific tasks in ancient Greece such as metallurgy and technology in general.

Poseidon’s trident. Image credit: Shutterstock.

These “creatures” could breathe underwater, now how could this be possible if they did not have some sort of technology that would allow them to actually do that. Today’s technology allows us to do achieve such– before thought impossible things.

With our technology achievements today we can explore the stars, explore the oceans and experience what was in history thought as only “Gods” could do.  But is it possible that these “tales” of technology were just tales? or is it possible that we are just “reinventing” pieces of technology that have been here thousands of years before?

In our modern world with advancements in the fields of medicine, we have developed steroids that can help generate muscles as those of Hercules, titanium joints can replace and/or even improve our own natural ones. Prosthetic gills are being developed, so human beings can breathe underwater without the use of air tanks.

The advancements made are countless.

Government contractors like Raytheon-Sarcos and Lockheed Martin are developing exoskeleton machines for the U.S. military; when these are worn, it allows soldiers to walk, run and even lift hundreds of pounds with almost no effort– just like the descriptions of Heroes in the past that possessed incredible strength and amazing superhuman abilities.

Ancient Alien theorists suggest the idea of exoskeletons used in the past is quite likely, and it is possible that examples of this technology could have been used in the construction of ancient monuments, such as the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

Ancient Alien theorists state that technology makes us god-like and if we were to travel to a planet somewhere in the universe that did have “primitive” life, those creatures would consider us “Gods”, with spaceships landing with fire and smoke, missiles and laser would easily be confused as “lightning”, our spaceships would probably become giant metal birds to them, spitting fire and making the earth tremble so it is quite possible that something  like that did, in fact, happen to our ancestors, extraterrestrials with amazing technology could have been mistaken as “Gods” simply because we lacked the words and knowledge to explain otherwise.

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