Wobbly UFO over Mexico leads some to suggest aliens are driving drunk

Though it may seem like an odd question, it’s now being asked after an unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted over Mexico: Do aliens drive drunk?

Communal News reports on the bizarre sight seen over Mexico recently:

“A UFO video posted to YouTube on August 3rd, 2019 shows an unidentified flying object hovering over the skies of Mexico as witnesses comment and chuckle in the background. What’s so funny? Unlike most UFO sightings, this strange aircraft is reeling crazily in the air, wobbling and dipping up and down and side to side as though the pilot has lost control of the ship.”

Interestingly,  the video is taken against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, making it much easier to see than many of the videos of objects taken at night which often don’t show much detail and suffer from the camera operator shaking as they film the UFO.

Clearly, the Mexico UFO has the shape we’ve come to expect:

“The shape of this UFO is reminiscent of many other historical sightings, especially those from the early days of reporting strange, futuristic aircraft in the skies all over the world, beginning just after World War 2 and continuing to this day.

“In fact, it has apparently been the goal of military and commercial aircraft manufacturers to adopt a saucer-style aerodynamic shape in the belief that such a design is more advantageous for high speed flight above Earth and, perhaps, even into the upper reaches of the atmosphere and on out into space without relying on gigantic (and expensive) solid fuel rockets.”

Two UFOs filmed over England in September of 2018 (Via YouTube)

The usual cause of these UFO sightings is man-made objects such as weather balloons or drones, but that doesn’t stop speculation that we might be seeing visitations from travelers who have come from distant galaxies to explore our planet.

And UFO sightings are on the increase:

“Worldwide, UFO sightings have dramatically increased over the last decade or two, mostly due to the fact that billions of people all around the globe carry smart phones capable of taking fairly high quality pictures and videos, leading to an explosion of UFO sightings posted to sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo.”

This UFO was filmed at night and confirmed by police. (Via YouTube)

But despite the origin of these objects, the one filmed over Mexico has some aberrations in that it didn’t fly in the usual straight or zigzag patterns that amaze those who see them. Instead, it appears the pilot is about to lose control of the vehicle in the Mexican video. Does that make it even more mysterious, or does it suggest the object must be under remote control?

Whatever the answer to the wobbly UFO seen over Mexico, it’s yet another reminder that there’s an endless supply of things in this universe we still don’t understand.

Here’s video of the Top 10 UFO sightings from around the world:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot

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