You won’t believe what Scientists found when they drilled the world’s deepest hole

The borehole itself (welded shut), August 2012. Please don’t try to open it for the love of God.

Some call it the ‘Door to Hell’. At 12,262 meters the Kola Superdeep Borehole is the deepest artificial point on our planet. No one expected these discoveries.

There are some who firmly believe the human race knows more about distant galaxies and alien planets located light years away from Earth than what lies beneath the surface of our planet.

Curiously, it took the Voyager 1 spacecraft nearly 26 years to exit our solar system, which is about the same amount of time scientists on Earth needed to penetrate 12 kilometers into our planet’s surface.

After more than two decades, scientists created the Kola Superdeep Borehole and a drill depth of more than 7.5 miles (12 kilometers).

The Kola Superdeep Borehole reached 12,262 meters (40,230 ft) in 1989 becoming the deepest artificial point on our planet.

To put that into perspective, the Kola Superdeep Borehole descends further than the deepest point of the ocean, which lies at nearly 6.8 miles (11 kilometers).

To put things into perspective. Image credit:

So, what did scientists find down there?

Well, after 26 years of intensive drilling efforts, experts found that there’s a LOT of water down there. Scientists discovered hot mineralized water almost everywhere down the drilling path.

But not only is there water down there, scientists discovered the Earth has Gas. NO not THAT type of gas. Scientists found, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and even carbon dioxide (from microbes) all along the borehole.

One of the greatest surprises was that experts found there is no basalt under the continent’s granite. Scientists believed that at 9,000 meters the granite would give way to basalt. However, to their surprise, it doesn’t.

Furthermore, scientists discovered there are FOSSILS in granite located around 6,700 meters below the surface.

In addition to the above, scientists found that the temperature at the bottom of the hole reached a staggering 180 degrees Celsius, officially too hot to continue, and rightfully earning the nickname ‘Door to Hell’.

But perhaps what’s even more impressive is the fact that scientists estimate that the distance to the center of our planet is nearly 6,400 kilometers or nearly 4000 miles. Turns out, 6,400 kilometers isn’t anywhere close! What scientists managed to drill trough barely scratches the surface as they only managed to get to around 12 km.

“By far the most riveting discovery from the project, however, was the detection of microscopic plankton fossils in rocks over 2 billion years old, found four miles beneath the surface,” reports Bryan Nelson from Mother Nature Network.

“These ‘microfossils’ represented about 24 ancient species, and were encased in organic compounds which somehow survived the extreme pressures and temperatures that exist so far beneath the Earth.”

The project was officially terminated in 2005, leaving only a rusted metal cap as a marker of its existence.


Science Alert

Atlas Obscura 

Article edited in order to correct the distances to the center of the Earth. 5/26/2017

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  1. Does this mean they drilled PAST the center of the Earth? I’m confused. The article says they believed the center of the earth was 4,000 Meters. Is that a MISPRINT?

    1. It’s a misprint: the author doesn’t know how to keep track of the difference between meters and kilometers, and thus inferred a grossly incorrect understanding from it. That’s the problem with websites like this that have an agenda / bias.

  2. This PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything scientists THOUGHT they knew about or “Inner-Earth” was wrong. Dead wrong. This also seems to substantiate my own personal thought … that God created the Earth from available materials … just just out of thin air.

    1. False. Re-read the article, and you’ll see the author majorly mixed up the units of measure as s/he was writing.

      Keeping in mind that there are 1,600 meters in a mile, and 1,000 meters in a Kilometer:

      The scientists dug down 12.3 Kilometers (i.e. 12,300 meters).
      The scientists dug down approximately 7.7 miles.

      The radius of the earth at the equator is approximately 6,400 Kilometers (i.e. 6,400,000 meters).
      The radius of the earth at the equator is approximately 4,000 miles.

      The distance of 7.7 miles that was bored out is no-where near 4,000 miles.
      The distance of 12.3 Kilometers that was bored out is no-where near 6,400 Kilometers.
      The distance of 12,000 meters that was bored out is no-where near 6,400,000 meters.

      That is how you keep the units of measure straight. When you keep them straight, it’s very easy to see that the agenda behind this article and its author is warped, and you should think critically about anything you read and hear before just accepting what you read/hear as true.

      Always think critically, challenge, question, and research! This article above is bogus.

      1. Hey Jim calm down. What is your problem. It was a mistake that has been corrected.

        “But perhaps what’s even more impressive is the fact that scientists estimate that the distance to the center of our planet is nearly 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers). Turns out, 6,400 kilometers isn’t anywhere close and what scientists managed to drill trough barely scratches the surface.”

        1. The problematic / erroneous statement within the article above (even after the correction) is the following line (which you posted within your statement right there):

          “Turns out, 6,400 kilometers isn’t anywhere close!”

  3. Maybe the center of the earth used to be that maybe it has gotten bigger and expanded more over time

    1. If that were to happen, to the magnitude that it would’ve had to occur, as described by the author above, the Earth would no longer exist. Plus, it would be all over the news if we didn’t cease to exist and/or die.

      If you simply just think about it, rather than just believing everything you read, you’ll see the author conflated units of measure in the middle of the article.

      At one point he/she is talking in meters, and then in kilometers, while treating the numbers the same, regardless of the units of measure.

      You can easily verify yourself the circumference of the earth, and therefore the diameter / radius, using simple mathematical formulas such as 2PiR, and PiR^2, etc. Google this for even five minutes, and you’ll see how to calculate all of this yourself, without having to rely on anyone else.

      Then go back and read the article, and you’ll see that the author talks about them digging past 6,700 meters, but then says that scientists “previously thought” the earth was 4,000 miles (6,400 KM) — but 6,700 Meters is NO WHERE NEAR 6,400 Kilometers!

      The scientists dug down 12.3 KM. That’s 12,300 Meters. That’s approximately 7.7 Miles.

      The distance of 7.7 miles is NO-WHERE CLOSE to 4,000 miles
      The distance of 12.3 Kilometers is NO-WHERE CLOSE to 6,400 Kilometers.

      If something seems really off (such as the content of this article), it is much better to question and challenge it, than to simply accept it as true without applying any critical thought, and then trying to imagine ways in which the absurd claims could somehow be true. They’re not, and it doesn’t take much thought or research to realize and/or prove it.

  4. Everything they know is wrong. If we have only dugg that deep. How do we know what’s down there. Or how far is what. At the end he give exact distance of where the core is at and so forth. How we would know that……..

    1. Please do just five minutes of Googling on this: it’s very easy to find the real answers. The article above is almost complete hogwash. The radius of the earth at the equator is approximately 4,000 miles (i.e. 7,040 KM, or 7,040,000 meters). This can be calculated in a myriad of ways, and you’re able to do experiments yourself without having to rely on what anyone else tells you, in order to verify that fact. The “confusing” part of the article above is that the author switches units of measure while treating the math as if s/he is still using the same unit of measure. So, to clarify:

      The scientists bored a hole that was approximately 12.3 KM deep. That’s equivalent to 12,300 meters deep. Or, equivalent to approximately 7.69 miles, since there are 1,600 meters in a mile.

      The author of this article, however, was talking about finding fossils in granite around 6,700 meters below the surface, and then said that scientists “previously thought that the center of the earth was at approximately 4,000 miles down” (which it is), and translated that into kilometers (6,400) accurately, but then said that 6,500 [sic] kilometers doesn’t even scratch the surface (which is false), all because the author treated the original 6,700 “METERS” for the fossils as the same thing as “KILOMETERS”, even though there are 1,000 meters in every KM.

      Overall, the scientists dug 12.3 KM (i.e. 12,300 METERS) down into the earth, which is approximately 7.7 MILES, not anywhere even CLOSE to the center of the earth, which is approximately 4,000 miles down.

  5. To the author: please keep track of your units of measure as you write about these things, unless it is your intention to misguide people with certain ideologies with the hope that they’ll be unable to see that you treat meters as kilometers, and claim that they dug *past* the point they previously thought to be the center of the earth and that it’s just “scratching the surface”.

    12.3 KM = 12,300 meters = 6.99 miles (approx.).

    Do you see that it is NO WHERE NEAR 4,000 miles (i.e. 7,040 Kilometers, or 7,040,000 meters)?

    So please don’t go on saying things like “Turns out, 6,500 kilometers isn’t anywhere close and what scientists managed to drill trough barely scratches the surface.”, when, in-fact, the scientists only drilled through 12.3 Kilometers, not 6,500 kilometers, or 12,300 kilometers. It’s 12,300 METERS — NOT 12,300 “kilometers”!!! There’s a HUGE difference between kilometers and meters: by three orders of magnitude, as it “turns out”!! lol.

    How can anyone this lame-brained by allowed to write articles, unless the entire purpose of this website is to try to misguide / misinform / dupe people, like so many cults out there?!?!?? Crikey, and people wonder why many of us lament the existence of so much of humanity… :o(

  6. To the author: please keep track of your units of measure as you write about these things, unless it is your intention to misguide people with certain ideologies with the hope that they’ll be unable to see that you treat meters as kilometers, and claim that they dug *past* the point they previously thought to be the center of the earth and that it’s just “scratching the surface”.

    12.3 KM = 12,300 meters = 7.7 miles (approx.)
    [i.e. 1,600 meters in a mile, and 1,000 meters in a KM]

    Do you see that 7.7 miles is NO WHERE NEAR 4,000 miles?
    That 12,300 meters is no where near 6,400,000 meters?
    That 12.3 KM is no where near 6,400 KM???

    So please don’t go on saying things like “Turns out, 6,500 kilometers isn’t anywhere close and what scientists managed to drill trough barely scratches the surface.”, when, in-fact, the scientists only drilled through 12.3 Kilometers, not 6,500 kilometers. There is a HUGE difference between Kilometers and Meters!!!

    How can anyone without this understanding be allowed to write articles, unless the entire purpose of this website is to try to misguide / misinform / dupe people, like so many cults out there?!? Crikey, and people wonder why many of us lament the existence of so much of humanity… :o(

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  70. Carr took part in his first practice Wednesday since bruising his thumb on his throwing hand in the first half of the 33-13 loss to Cincinnati. He said he took about 99 percent of the snaps in practice and was encouraged by how he felt.
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  71. After key members of the secondary departed again this [url=]Air Max a Vendre En Belgique[/url] offseason, Baalke could make that a priority going into his sixth draft in charge.
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  72. NEW ORLEANS (AP) 锟?Tom Benson has taken the legal struggle for control of his NFL and NBA [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale[/url] teams to [url=]Wholesale Authentic Jerseys[/url] federal court while documents obtained by The Associated Press show distrust was fracturing his family months before their bitter public split in January.
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  73. Dallas-based Flexjet has hired Press, a Phoenix-based food truck, to serve complimentary Italian street eats to passengers starting Thursday. The specialty menu will include mini sausage-bread-pudding muffins, caprese salad skewers and raspberry-filled bombolones, which are Italian doughnuts.
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  74. He also struggled at times against the blitz and was unable to get the ball downfield consistently, in part because of the lack of a game-breaking receiver.
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  75. Roethlisberger fell awkwardly while getting tackled by St. Louis [url=]Wholesale Authentic Air Max[/url] safety Mark Barron, the quarterback’s left leg twisting gruesomely as he fell to the turf. An MRI revealed no major structural damage though Roethlisberger will miss multiple starts due to injury for only the second time in his 12-year career.
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  76. “John’s success in the season at [url=]Cheap Hydro Flask Uk[/url] least [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url] bolstered me up and evened out my temperament a little bit and reminded me of the good things,” Bisciotti said. “I am off suicide watch. I am stable mentally and I’ll probably be your owner for a while.”
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  77. “I didn’t expect to lose six games with our roster,” Jones said. “I didn’t expect to lose Romo after the second game. A lot of people lose players, and a lot of people win games. We’re just very disappointed for everybody concerned that we haven’t won more games.”
    Mesut Ozil Arsenal Away Jersey

  78. The second-year head coach [url=]Wholesale Jerseys China[/url] also said [url=]Chaussure Adidas Belgique[/url] he is unaware of any conversations about a potential trade.
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  79. PHILADELPHIA (AP) 锟?Former NFL players who [url=]Cheap Jordan Shoes Free Shipping[/url] object to terms of the potential $1 billion concussion settlement have filed [url=]Maglia Inter 2018 19 Bambino[/url] appeals that are likely to delay [url=]Camiseta Atletico De Madrid 2019[/url] payouts [url=]Cheap Adidas Shoes From China[/url] to thousands of retirees until next year.
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  80. Tampa police say it happened just after the New York Giants beat the Buccaneers 32-18 Sunday evening. A caller said someone was attempting to torch the $26,000 flag outside the Bucs’ corporate [url=]Atletico [url=]Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping[/url] De Madrid Tienda[/url] offices, near Raymond James stadium. The red [url=]Adidas Shoes Clearance Sale[/url] banner featuring a skull [url=]Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Sale[/url] and two crossed cutlasses measures about 80 feet by 50 feet and hangs from a 15-story pole.
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  81. Manning isn’t worried either, and he isn’t looking for anyone to pick him up. The two-time Super Bowl MVP knows he has made mistakes, and he has to correct them. He also knows he can win games.
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  82. “We are extremely fragile. We acknowledge that,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “We aren’t looking for comfort. We aren’t looking to make excuses. Just in the state of where we are, we are going … to make necessary adjustments to put ourselves in position to win.”
    Liverpool Adam Lallana Jersey

  83. “Each day you’ve got to be healthy and ready to go and you’ve got to [url=]Discount NFL Jerseys[/url] play injured, you’ve got to play sore and you’ve got to play banged up. And if you can’t play with those things [url=]China Jerseys Cheap[/url] there, you really can’t play.”
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  84. Stakeholder close ties non-reflex responsibilities

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  85. The Rams made it tougher on the opposition when they separated rookies Rob Havenstein and Jamon Brown, who played side by side much of the preseason. Havenstein stayed at right tackle and Brown moved to left guard.
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  86. The other members of the squad are running back George Atkinson III; offensive linemen Mitch Bell and Dan Kistler; defensive linemen Shelby Harris, [url=]Maillot Psg 2019 Pas Cher[/url] Leon Orr and Max Valles; defensive backs SaQwan Edwards and Tevin McDonald; and [url=]Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping[/url] linebacker Josh Shirley.
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  87. Cassel grew up a fan of the Cowboys because his late father was from Lubbock in West Texas. He followed them when Dallas won three Super Bowls in four years with an offense powered by Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.
    Camisa Gareth Bale Real Madrid

  88. “That is a blow,” said Albert, [url=]China NFL Jerseys[/url] who suffered a season-ending injury himself last year. “I feel for Cam, because I’ve been there. We definitely need him. Somebody is going to have to step up.”
    Borussia Dortmund Fanshop

  89. Ryan Clady tore an ACL in May and his replacement, rookie Ty Sambrailo, is headed for surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder that has sidelined him since September.
    Hydro Flask 21 Oz Pas Cher

  90. Coach Gary Kubiak has given Manning every few days off during training camp, and Manning has yet to take a snap with his pair of Pro Bowl receivers lined up on either side.
    Maglia Gonzalo Higuain

  91. Del Rio and Norton were teammates in Dallas for two seasons. Norton also played with the San Francisco 49ers before beginning his coaching career at his alma mater Southern California in 2004. Norton spent six years with the Trojans before following Pete Carroll to Seattle.
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  92. In his statement announcing the dismissal, attorney Ralph Whalen said: “From day one, we were confident that the frivolous civil suit and meritless criminal case would be swiftly dismissed.”
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  93. “I think it’s going to be [url=]Manchester United Fan Shop UK[/url] a very exciting time, not just for him, but for us to [url=]Cheap Air Max 270 Australia[/url] have a guy like that back behind you,” said All-Pro linebacker Justin Houston, who visited Berry during his treatment in Georgia. “You know he’s going to come play hard every play.”
    Jordan 11 China Wholesale

  94. “There have been four games where we had the lead in the fourth quarter and we haven’t finished,” Harbaugh lamented. “We’ve had one game where we have. That’s on us. We’ve got to get the job done there.”
    Shoes From China Online

  95. Kirk Cousins 锟?23 of 27 for 203 yards, one TD and zero interceptions 锟?led a 12-play, 77-yard drive that ate up more than 6 1/2 minutes of the fourth quarter and was capped by Jones’ second score, basically sealing the victory.
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  96. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) 锟?Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell is the new Miss America, but her crowning moment was nearly overshadowed by a three-decade old pageant scandal, and a still-raw debate over whether the NFL’s reigning champions cheated on their way to a Super Bowl victory.
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  97. “I wish Jason nothing but the best. It’s a traumatic situation. It was an accident,” Reese said Sunday at [url=]Autentic Hockey Jerseys Outlet[/url] the [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale[/url] Giants’ training facility. “My heart goes out to him. For a young man to have a traumatic event like that, it’s life changing for him. And I hope and pray for the best for him.”
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  98. “It’s definitely a blessing to be in this position I’m in now,” Hyde said. “Just the whole atmosphere I feel like is different. It’s more of a brotherhood now. It kind of reminds me of Ohio State. …
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  99. Brady was 8-for-8 on the final drive to put the Patriots ahead锟? all with balls that had been checked and rechecked by the best security people the NFL could hire.
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  100. He’s travelled Down Under to learn how the Australians play football, attended the Preakness Stakes and visited with grieving family members of the church [url=]China Jerseys[/url] shooting in Charleston, [url=]Terza Maglia Milan 2018/19[/url] South Carolina.
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  101. The Broncos (12-4) secured the AFC’s No. 2 seed and a first-round bye with a 47-14 whooping of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday in which Manning didn’t throw a single touchdown pass.
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  102. “That is just very unfortunate for players that now need [url=]NFL Jerseys From China[/url] treatment,” lawyer Craig Mitnick said.
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  103. Here are [url=]Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes[/url] some other things to look for when the Patriots (2-0) play the Jaguars (1-1):
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  104. He had 55 yards on 13 carries, including a 14-yard run, in last week’s exhibition victory over the New York Jets. He should see plenty more snaps as Detroit remains without Joique Bell, who’s [url=]Maillot Psg 2019 Pas Cher[/url] missed all of camp while recovering from knee and Achilles tendon surgeries.
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  105. NOTES: [url=]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url] It was Alumni Day at training camp. Among those on hand were former GM Carl Peterson, seven-time Pro Bowl OL Ed Budde and two-time Pro Bowl DT Bill Maas. … WR Albert Wilson had the highlight of the day, torching CB Sean Smith for a long touchdown catch. [url=]China Jerseys[/url] Smith promptly dropped down and did pushups [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] as punishment for getting beat.
    Camiseta Toni Kroos Real Madrid

  106. “We are excited about adding these guys [url=]China NFL Jerseys[/url] to our team,” Quinn said. “We believe that they all possess skill sets that fit our schemes and will be pieces to what we are putting together. This is just the first step in putting our roster together, and I am fired up about getting to connect with and work with all of our guys.”
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  107. Hayne passed a physical and signed a three-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. The team announced the deal for the undrafted free agent, who said his deal includes $100,000 in guaranteed money.
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  108. The Redskins initially had indicated there was a chance that Jackson might be able to play, but they announced on Saturday he [url=]China Jerseys[/url] didn’t travel with the team to face the Jets.
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  109. Gari Lafferty was removed from her position as chairwoman of the Cedar City-based Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah [url=]Adidas Deerupt Pas Cher[/url] Thursday. She doesn’t know exactly what form her appeal will take because it’s the first such action since the tribe adopted its constitution about 35 years ago.
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  110. BALTIMORE (AP) 锟?Ravens coach John Harbaugh, his players and former star linebacker Ray Lewis visited two Baltimore schools Thursday to help quell tension in the city following days of rioting.
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  111. WASHINGTON (AP) 锟?Defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois agreed to a $9 million, three-year contract with the Washington Redskins that includes $4 million in guaranteed money, according to his agent.
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  112. The Cowboys (2-1) had a six-game winning streak in the regular season snapped in Weeden’s ninth straight [url=]Authentic NCAA Jerseys Cheap[/url] loss as a starting quarterback, dating to his two-year stint in Cleveland.
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  113. The Broncos also [url=]Wholesale Jerseys China[/url] will be without pass rusher DeMarcus Ware, who aggravated a bad back last week. He’ll be replaced by Shaq Barrett, and first-round draft pick Shane Ray could be [url=]Air Max 270 Australia Cheap[/url] back from a sprained right knee that’s sidelined him for a month.
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  114. With 4 minutes remaining, Martin broke off a 49-yard run up the right sideline and appeared set to score, until cornerback Bashaud Breeland tracked him down, catching up to make the tackle at the 5. Breeland injured his right hamstring on the play and left the game.
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  115. Without him, the Jaguars (1-4) are expected to use Denard Robinson and Toby Gerhart in the backfield. Robinson is returning after missing three games with a sprained left knee.
    Cheap Under Armour Shoes

  116. He said the evidence would show that [url=]Wholesale Authentic Jerseys[/url] Hernandez did not kill Lloyd and did not ask anyone to do so. He said authorities could offer no motive for the killing.
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  117. “For me, it’s mental,” Marks said. “I truly believe there’s nothing really wrong with my knee. It’s just all mental: ‘Do I have enough power and can I get [url=]Rams New Jerseys 2019[/url] it through my mind that I can push off and I can go?'”
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  118. “They’re obviously really well-coached, so they’re just a tough team,” Brady says. “We’ve always played them, I mean, we’ve always had very, very close [url=]Maglie Serie a 2018/19[/url] games against them even when we’ve won. We just haven’t won as many of them as I would’ve liked to have won.”
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  119. That’s the same phrase coach Gary Kubiak used earlier this week to describe his quarterback when he insisted Peyton Manning “is doing just fine” even though Denver’s offense is averaging just 1.6 touchdowns a game.
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  120. Ginn, 29, had one of his [url=]Clearance Shoes Nz[/url] best seasons with Carolina in 2013 before [url=]Wholesale College Jerseys China[/url] signing with Arizona as [url=]Super Bowl 53 Jerseys[/url] a free agent last year.
    Maglia Donnarumma 2018

  121. Seattle’s Richard Sherman, Arizona’s Patrick Peterson and Cleveland’s Joe Haden are all often mentioned along [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url] with Revis as the top cornerbacks today. Jets coach Todd [url=]Maillot De Foot Psg Pas Cher[/url] Bowles was an NFL safety for eight years, and has been coaching in the league since 2000, so he has seen a lot of great players come and go 锟?some all the way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    Camiseta Nelson Semedo

  122. “I think the state of kicking in the league right now is not very good,” Kelly said. “In terms of what’s available out there, we are going to stick with Caleb.”
    Camiseta Thomas Vermaelen

  123. In a back-and-forth game, [url=]Hydro Flask France[/url] San [url=]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url] Diego went up 23-16 in the third quarter when Rivers beat a blitz to connect with Floyd for a 70-yard score. Rivers threw the pass an instant before getting tackled by [url=]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url] free safety Kendrick Lewis, who vacated his usual spot deep in coverage to pursue the quarterback.
    Cheap Onitsuka Tiger Shoes Online Australia

  124. “You beat cancer by how you live,” he would later [url=]Air Max 270 Australia Sale[/url] say. “So live. Live. Fight like hell.”
    Eden Hazard Jersey

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