Young Chinese Boy Finds Nest Filled With 66-million-year Old Dinosaur Eggs

Zhang Yangzhe is ten years old and lives in the Guangdong Province of China. He was recently playing along an embankment near the Dong River when he wandered upon something he thought was a “strange stone,” so he carefully began digging, wondering if he would find nothing more than a piece of concrete underneath the dirt.

Instead, the young boy, whose mother admits is fascinated with dinosaurs, had unearthed a nest of intact dinosaur eggs that are estimated to be at least 66 million years old, according to The Sun:

“He told a reporter from Heyuan Radio and Television Station: ‘I called my mother over, [and we] thought the shell looked like that of a dinosaur egg.’

“Experts believe the precious eggs could be 66 million years old, dating back to the late Cretaceous period just before dinosaurs were wiped out.

“After examining the 3.5-inch-long egg, excavators found ten more nearby.”

One of the dinosaur eggs the young boy unearthed. (Via YouTube)

Scientific agencies were called to the site and confirmed that the science-obsessed Zhang had indeed found something very special, Ancient Origins notes:

“Experts immediately confirmed that the strange stone was a fossilized egg. In the following days, they began to excavate the site where Zhang had made his discovery. During the dig, they found ten more eggs that were identical to the one discovered by the schoolboy. They determined that Zhang had found a dinosaur nest because they were all unearthed in a small area. The fossils are approximately 3.5 inches (9.1 cm) in diameter.”

Scientists quickly confirmed that 11 dinosaur eggs had been found by the boy. (Via YouTube)

Incredibly, the region where Zhang made his remarkable discovery has long been known for dinosaur remains:

“The discovery of a rare dinosaur egg nest is not that unusual in the city of Héyuán, which has a population of three million inhabitants. There have been numerous finds of dinosaur fossils and especially eggs. The discoveries have even led the city to become known as China’s ‘home of the dinosaurs.'”

The first major find of dinosaur eggs in the region was in 1996, also near the Dong River.

In 2015, workmen laying sewer pipes located a nest of over 40 eggs, and The Daily Mail reports that ‘‘more than 17,000 of them have been dug out in the city.” Some 10,000 dinosaur eggs are on display at the local Héyuán Museum. Its collection of fossilized prehistoric eggs is considered to be one of the most extensive in the world.

Here’s more on young Zhang Yangzhe’s amazing discovery from the Daily Mail:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot

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