The disappearance of stars could be signs of advanced alien civilitzations

Vanishing stars that ‘disappear’ suddenly from the universe without any ‘rational’ scientific explanation could point to the existence of extraterrestrial life, scientists have suggested.. According to researchers, the disappearance of stars of galaxies could be a clue that suggests the existence of highly advanced alien civilizations. Interestingly, researchers have found ONE object that defies explanation.

It seems that astronoemrs have idenitified a 'vanishing' star they think could be evidence of aliens
It seems that astronomers have identified a ‘vanishing’ star they think could be evidence of aliens

A new study suggests that ‘impossible’ vanishing stars could be the ultimate evidence of advanced alien lifeforms in the universe.  Basically, vanishing stars that ‘disappear’ suddenly from the universe without any ‘rational’ scientific explanation could point to the existence of extraterrestrial life, scientists have suggested.

Astronomers propose to search for physically impossible effects caused by highly advanced technology, by carrying out a search for disappearing galaxies and Milky Way stars.

After analyzing almost 300,000 stars, a group of Swedish scientists has found a celestial object that perhaps could shed light on extraterrestrial life in the universe.

Scientists at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) have proposed a whole new method to search for signs of advanced alien civilizations, reports the British magazine New Scientist. The surprising idea consists in registering the missing stars or galaxies.

While the study says that the search for extraterrestrial civilizations usually focuses on possible signs of ‘Astroengineering,’ Swedish researchers propose we should start paying more attention to “physically impossible effects caused by a highly advanced technology.”

Interestingly, astronomers analyzed nearly 300,000 stars according to data from multiple surveys of the sky in the search for missing stars and galaxies. Scientists selected 148 celestial bodies, almost all of which were discarded during the study due to errors or imprecision of the telescopes at the time of registration.

So far results from the study are mixed. They have potentially discovered one artifact of interest that appears as if though it may have vanished, however, astronomers are still unsure. „It was a depressing case in the sense that we neither could reject it and neither could we say that it was a real candidate,“ says Beatriz Villarroel from the Uppsala University in Sweden.

Beatriz Villarroel, author of the experiment, along with her colleagues plans to look for the celestial object that disappeared through more powerful telescopes. If they fail to find the star or ‘fingerprints’ of its existence, they can rule out astrophysical phenomena with more certainty and declare that the celestial body disappeared, which will allow for researchers to speculate about ‘Aliens.’

According to Jay Olsen at Boise State University, its a very reasonable thing to do. Olsen says that: „It’s a deliberate search for something very unusual which could be hiding in existing data across time. At this stage of the game, it’s a very limited search, but it illustrates well what can be accomplished.“

The object Villarroel and her colleagues are searching for are nothing like Tabby’s Star, the mystery star that dips in brightness making headlines last year when some researchers proposed that alien megastructures could be the culprit. The objects Villarroel and her colleagues are searching for would not display physical culprits behind their disappearance –since it is not possible for something to suddenly disappear from the universe without leaving behind any traces. Villarroel and her colleagues invoke Arthur C. Clarke’s third law which says that: „ Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.“

In other words, Villarroel and her colleagues are primarily searching for things that apparently are IMPOSSIBLE.

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Impossible vanishing stars could be signs of advanced alien life

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  1. It’s not nothing like Tabby’s Star.. it’s similar in the regards that Tabby’s Star maybe dimming at least over the past century.. which means eventually it may end like this star.. just vanished.

  2. There in no rational explination for this that we know of, why jump to conclusions and just say aliens?

    “Hey, we don’t know what is happening to these stars, must be aliens!”

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