Ufologists claim to have found UFO crash site on Mars

Thanks to NASA’s Rovers exploring the red planet and satellite images of Mars, we have been able to learn so much more about Mars than ever before. Some of the images of the red planet are enigmatic and mysterious, displaying features that according to many, point towards intelligent ‘Alien’ design present on the red planet, while other images can actually be very easily explained as numerous skeptics suggest.

One of the images that can’t be explained so easily is the following.

According to Ufologists, the image we see here is the ultimate evidence that was left behind by a crashed UFO on the surface of Mars.

In addition to the mysterious geological formation seen in this image, previously, NASA rovers have beamed back set of images that point towards the existence of what appear to be artificial structures on the surface of Mars, and numerous Unidentified flying objects that have been caught flying in the Martian sky by NASA’s rovers.

Optimized-UFO crash site

Scott Warring from UFO sightings daily is among those who believe this feature on the red planet cannot be the result of natural process on Mars, and as such must be the result of something that crashed into Earth’s neighboring planet.

In his website, Warring writes:

“This UFO crash site was found this week on Google Mars by UFOvni2012 of YouTube. It’s obvious that a large disk shaped object crashed on the surface and then was later flown or taken away. I checked it out on Google Mars, it is there and if you adjust the type of photo format to ‘CTX Mosaic,’ you will see it focused nicely.”

People on social networks are unsure what to think of the discovery. While many agree that the formation looks completely unnatural and that it is most likely the result of something crash-landing’ on the surface of mars, others propose a different theory suggesting that this formation could have been made by a meteorite.

While many people believe the red planet is inhabited today, and that its inhabitants live beneath the Martian surface, skeptics firmly believe Mars is just a desolate place where life as we know it cannot possibly exist.

Ufologists, however, point to the numerous image beamed back by NASA rovers and Satellite images which suggest that something or someone, other than NASA’s rovers are currently on Mars.

The truth is that the whole idea that Mars is inhabited will continue and fuel an ongoing debate between skeptics, researchers, and ufologists who try very hard to make their theory stand out from the rest.

What we do know so far about Mars is that it is anything but desolate and dry. New studies from the red planet suggest Mars has liquid water flowing on its surface. It is proven that in the distant past, Mars had a vast Ocean, lakes, and rivers on its surface. We also know that in the past Mars’ atmosphere was very similar to that of Earth.  All of these new details about seem to suggest that life on the red planet is possible.

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