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UFO Spotted at the Neumayer Station III?

Neumayer-Station III, also known as Neumayer III after geophysicist Georg von Neumayer, is a German South Pole research station of the Alfred-Wegener-Institut in the Antarctic. It is located on the approximately 200 metres (660 ft) thick Ekstrom Ice Shelf.

The station has been known to record some particularly interesting events, one of those was the alleged sighting of (in)famous planet X or Nibiru a few months ago. The sightings continue and as you will see in the video footage uploaded to YouTube, strange lights were recorded emitting from some kind of unidentified flying object hovering above the station. We have captured the most interesting images and displayed the below.

ufo spotted

Perhaps one of the most interesting images captured, it shows what appears to be a disc shaped object that is emitting light onto the station. Could this be a genuine UFO sighting?

Another very interesting, yet unexplained sighting.

Another very interesting, yet unexplained sighting.


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