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15 fascinating images of the ‘1000-ton monoliths’ hidden deep in the Siberian Mountains


There are some things that the human mind cannot possibly comprehend. One of them are the mind-bending structures said to exist in Siberia, where researchers found what appear to be supermassive blocks of stone, weighing over 1000 tons, intricately stacked together thousands of years ago. Interestingly, some of the rocks are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. 

In fact, from the scale depicted by the human figures, these megaliths are much larger (as much as 2 to 3 times larger) than the largest known megaliths in the world. Preliminary studies suggest that there are blocks of stone at Gornaya Shoria which weigh around three to four thousand tons.

While many experts who have seen the images, but not actually visited the site say, it is nothing more than a natural geological formation and the result of geological processes associated with the intense weathering of the rock comprising Mountain Shoriya.

It is believed that both tectonic forces acting on deeply buried bedrock and pressure release that occurs within near-surface bedrock as it is uplifted and eroded commonly form rectangular, block-like, rock formations that consist of jointed rock.

However, the on-site pictures seem to suggest otherwise.

Located Deep in the Siberian Mountains, there is a megalithic site that has created confusion among experts.

The ‘megalithic site’ –discovered in Southern Siberia— contains what some believe are supermassive stones, flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners resembling cyclopean masonry. The super megaliths were found and photographed for the first time by Georgy Sidorov. The site was explored for the first time in 2013.

It is noteworthy to mention that some of the extremely heavy blocks of stone have been stacked up to forty meters in height.

Furthermore, if the supermassive stones alone aren’t something to gaze upon, reports indicate that during one of the expeditions to the site, compasses of the geologists behaved very strangely and for some unknown reason their arrows were deviating from the megaliths. (source)

The origin, purpose, and construction methods of the Gornaya Shoria megaliths are unknown, but their beauty, precision, and importance will remain a subject of debate in the years to come. Could this Russian site be evidence of an ancient civilization that history was unaware of?

Check out the images and let us know what you think!

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