3 incredible bizarre places on Earth you won’t believe are real

Yes, our world is a very mysterious and strange place. When we think we have it all figured out we realize that there are millions of things that we come to understand were unknown to us making us feel that this planet is creepy and strange. Our world is filled with bizarre, weird looking places, natural formations or whatever you want to call them, some places can give you goosebumps, creepy goosebumps, making theories about aliens and leprechauns seem a kids story. Here is a list of some bizarre looking places.

Libyan Glass

The desert in Libya is an awkward place really; there you can expect to find sand, a couple of rocks, sand, and well… more sand; but you would be mistaken. There is actually something very mysterious that can be discovered if you would decide, for some strange reason, to start digging in the sand.

If you are lucky enough, and if you search in the right place, just before passing out due to the extreme conditions that are present in the desert, you might find one of the most bizarre objects; Glass, or better known as Libyan Glass. It was used in ancient times to make weapons and tools; this strange item has baffled people for centuries. Ancient Egyptians even made jewelry out of it. Today researchers speculate that Libyan glass was formed due to an asteroid crash a very long time ago. These phenomena superheated the sand of the desert at over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, creating this mysterious item, appreciated by ancient man.

Bolivian Lake of Blood

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia has a bloody lake. A shallow salt lake (around 35 cm in depth) which contains borax islands, which are white in color and the real contrast with the reddish color of its waters caused apparently due to sediments and pigmentation of some algae. The bloody lake isn’t actually blood; it just looks like a place where Hollywood made its latest horror movie thriller. If you want to freak out your girlfriend without her knowing, take a trip to the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia, and you will find an extraordinary, strange yet wonderful product of mother nature.

Lake Abraham Canada

This artificial lake is one place you don’t really want to visit or go for a swim. It was created in 1972, with the construction of the Bighorn Dam. The Government of Alberta sponsored a contest to name the lake in February 1972; they could have come up with a better name, right?
Anyway, the frozen bubbles under the lake’s water are a sight for sore eyes. Even though these bubbles are very pleasing to the eye, and you actually decide to get closer to them, you might actually regret it. The bubbles are filled with frozen pockets of methane which is highly flammable ( Kaboom!), even though the surface water is harmless, if for some crazy reason you decide to light a match at the moment one of these bubbles pops, you’d better watch out.  These bubbles are made of dead organic matter that falls into the lake and sinks to the bottom where hungry bacteria awaits eagerly. As the bacteria feed, it releases methane that turns into these white colored blobs when in contact with frozen water.
Abraham Lake is wonderful, and people from around the globe have noticed it and has become one of the photographer’s havens in Canada, so if you want to see something very cool and beautiful head up to Lake Abraham and don’t forget to bring your camera!

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