A Man Films Mysterious Triangle-Shaped UFO Near US Military Base

I’ve written about countless UFO sightings during my time here at Ancient Code.

Some of them have been debunked and that’s a good thing.

Why? Well, because in today’s society, people will do nearly anything to appear on the news.

Fixing up fake UFO sightings seems to work flawlessly, as people really want to believe ‘they are out there’.

But the fact that there are thousands and thousands of fake UFO sightings on YouTube and other social networks doesn’t really help real UFO investigators.

There are plenty of images and videos that are worth analyzing and studying.

Now, I’ve been made aware of a new video that has been posted on YouTube which supposedly depicts the (in)famous Triangle-shaped UFO.

According to reports, a strange triangle-shaped object has been sighted near a military base in the state of Ohio (USA).

An amateur ufologist (?) posted a video with a supposed triangular UFO on his YouTube account.

He noted that “the object flew around the neighborhood at least three times.”


However, he stressed that it was very difficult to observe because of its extraordinary brightness.

Many people said, of course, this must be aliens. 

Others were less convinced it was E.T. and said that it was most likely just a vehicle from the nearby military base.

However, some users commented that similar triangle-shaped UFO’s have become popular in recent times over the area.

But not all ‘unidentified flying objects’ are Aliens.

Some of them are, as the definition alone explains, unidentified, and could, therefore, be the result of a number of things.

Some commentators on the video insisted that the objects observed over the area are nothing more than experimental craft from the US military base.

TR-3B– is that you?

According to some users, and judging by the shape and lights of the object, what the video shows is the so-called TR-3B experimental craft, an aircraft whose existence has never been confirmed.

Media reports of black triangle UFO’s originally came from the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, similarly-shaped UFO’s have been reported in other parts of the world as well.

One of the most famous Black Triangle UFO sightings occurred during the so-called Belgian UFO wave.

During the incidents, it has been reported that two Belgian Air Force F-16s attempted to intercept the triangle-shaped object only to be outmaneuvered.

Strangely, according to declassified documents from the UK Ministry of Defence report codenamed Project Condign and released to the public in 2006, there are several conclusions explaining the origin of “black triangle” UFO sightings.

Experts conclude that most, if not all, “black triangle” UFOs are nothing more than the formation of electrical plasma, the interaction of which produces mysterious energy fields that both refract light and produce vivid hallucinations in witnesses that are in close proximity. 

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