Alien invasion not happening anytime soon: Astronomers say Humans will take 1,500 years to find ET

According to astronomers, we don’t need to be worried about an extraterrestrial invasion anytime soon. Researchers estimate that it will take another 1,500 years for us to come across intelligent alien civilizations.

Scientists have concluded that the radio signals created my mankind have only ventured out some 80 light years into the Milky Way galaxy.


Researchers estimate that it could take around 1,500 years before we hear from other civilizations from elsewhere in the cosmos. According to calculations, astrophysicist believe that under one per cent of our own galaxy has been reached by man-made radio signals that are slowly making their way into outer space.

If we apply the same principle to the number of discovered alien planets, it means that its is nearly ‘impossible’ that we will contact our alien neighbors in the near future.

“We haven’t heard from aliens yet, as space is a big place – but that doesn’t mean no one is out there,” said Cornell student Evan Solomonides.

According to researchers, there are billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. However, we have still not encountered aliens yet.

Waiting around 1,500 years will give the human civilization the chance to develop even better technology that will help us in the search for our cosmic neighbors.

Researchers argue that TV and radio signals created my mankind have only ventured out some 80 light years into the Milky Way galaxy.

Looking at numbers, this means that our radio signals have reached around 8,531 stars which are believed to have some 3,555 Earth-like planets scientists concluded. However, this number is extremely small if we take a look at how big the universe really is.

Researchers have based their conclusion on the so-called ‘Mediocrity Principle’ which suggests Earth is not physically unique, and so will not be deliberately searched for by alien civilizations.

Researchers point that alien signals will most likely venture across the galaxy much like our own signals today.

Based on these conditions, researchers believe that it will take around 1,500 years,  before we are ‘in range’ of communication from distant worlds, for us to received a response from intelligent alien civilizations.

‘This is not to say that we must be reached by then or else we are, in fact, alone. ‘We simply claim that it is somewhat unlikely that we will not hear anything before that time. Even our mundane, typical spiral galaxy – not exceptionally large compared to other galaxies – is vast beyond imagination. ‘Those numbers are what make the Fermi Paradox so counterintuitive,’ said Solomonides.

‘We have reached so many stars and planets, surely we should have reached somebody by now, and in turn been reached. This demonstrates why we appear to be alone,’ added  Solomonides.

Astronomers estimate that there are around 200 Billion stars in our galaxy alone which is more than 100,000 light-years across. If we look a bit closer to where we are in the Milky Way, we find that our own solar system is located on an ‘arm’ of our galaxy which in turn is located around 26,092 lights years from the galactic center.

“It’s possible to hear any time at all, but it becomes likely we will have heard around 1,500 years from now,” said Solomonides. “Until then, it is possible that we appear to be alone – even if we are not. But if we stop listening or looking, we may miss the signals. So we should keep looking.”

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  1. anybody who looks at the photo’s that modern technology as provided of the millions upon millions of galaxy’s in the vast reaches of space knows that there must be other planets out there that will have the right conditions to support life and there would be quite a few if not thousands that would be a lot older than Earth, All life as intelligence to be able to live within it’s own sphere of existence needs an intelligence, so there are many worlds within worlds, we only have to look at our own earth from the smallest microbes that you need an electron scope to see to us humans all have an intelligence although I sometimes wonder about humans there seems an awful lot of brain dead people walking about hahaha, and the earth it’s self is a living thing that we don’t understand yet, but what I do think is that what life we find on earth no matter it’s shape or form we will find in other parts of space, it may be the blob that we have seen here under the scope will be the dominant intelligence on another planet or the dolphin, our ideas are only limited by our imagination, but I think we should search with caution, sorry for the rambling thought’s hope you understand the gist of it

    1. thank you for taking time to read a little bit of my thoughts Sandra

  2. NASA just want that – ” normal people should always be devoid of the knowledge of extraterrestrial race so tell like that you should not to think about aliens for the next 1500 years and we do our best to keep this from you ” – what is this rubbish illegitimate dogma of unauthorized authority being imposed on normal people that is many times ridiculous than religious dogma once upon the Earth !!

  3. NASA just work for US military so we should never expect from them more than these kinds of statements about extraterrestrial life so be on peace or look somewhere else to find truth , they are not going to tell us anything solid.

  4. Dumbest shit i ever heard lol
    Ufo sightings happen at an ever higher rate every year.

  5. … if humans will take 1500 years to find ET then why waste time and money on the SETI project … ?

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