Ancient Antarctic maps: A telltale sign of Advanced Ancient Civilizations? (Video)


What are the odds of an advanced seafaring civilization(s) existing thousands of years ago, perhaps before the first accounts of written history? Many would say it is just another conspiracy theory, but the truth is that there are several indicators which suggest something like this is entirely possible.

There are clues scattered across the globe which are considered as compelling evidence of a technologically advanced ancient civilization that existed on Earth in the distant past and disappeared –perhaps catastrophically and rapidly— from the face of the planet.

How is it possible that there are ancient maps which are reminiscent of the most accurate modern maps? Incorporating highly accurate longitudes and latitudes? How is it possible that there are ancient cartographic charts which incorporate ‘advanced map projections’ representing spherical world thousands of years ago?

All of this points to the fact that there is a possibility –as Graham Hancock explains— that there are small pieces of a puzzle scattered across the globe, which point towards a very different past in human history than what we have been told.

It has become a popular belief that ancient civilizations across the globe were in fact much more advanced than what mainstream researchers are crediting them for. Numerous maps discovered in the past are clear indications that the story told today by scholars is incomplete, and there are numerous missing links in our history.

Furthermore –and as it is noted by many modern researchers— the existence of numerous ancient cartographic charts – may in fact be a very important indicator that in the distant past, ancient civilizations had an extremely well-developed cartography system comparable in precision to the one we have today.

The existence of numerous maps is considered by many as evidence that ancient mankind knew the exact shape and size of the Earth, contrary to popular beliefs, and used spherical trigonometry, and precise and elaborate mathematical calculations, as if thousands of years ago, an unknown civilization undertook a global-scale project of mapping the entire planet like no one has ever done before.

As noted many times in the past, the Piri Ries map is perhaps one of the best pieces of evidence which support this hypothesis.

Composed in 1513, Turkish Admiral Piri Reis created a map that would create a global debate over 500 years after him. The map depicts Antarctica which was discovered between 1818-1820. But how is this possible?

Furthermore, and as noted by Hancock, the Piri Resi map displays advanced mathematics in the map projection, and incorporates highly accurate relative longitudes. The map itself incorporates numerous features that should not have existed in 1513.

However, the mystery behind the Piri Reis map is even greater as the Turkish admiral explained himself on the texts written on the map.

The ancient texts basically say that the maps is NOT his own work and that the Piri Reis map was in fact based on around 20 even OLDER maps. Piri Reis basically put all of the maps together creating the ‘Piri Reis map.’

These so-called source maps have been lost ever since.

However, the Piri Reis map isn’t the only one in existence that reveals shocking clues. The Hadji Ahmed map, which was created in 1559, shows incredibly accurate delineations of the western coast of Northern America and Antarctica. What is even more incredible is the fact that this ancient map shows a land bridge connection Siberia and Alaska, indicating it originated from a time when the bridge was still present

Check out this fascinating documentary and let us know what you think about the Piri Reis map, and whether or not it is possible that thousands of years ago, an extremely advanced civilization existed on Earth.

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  1. Would have been so much more useful if they had marked ports of call and cities from the time the maps were made.

  2. No life was present during Pangaea, meaning mankind existed then.

    1. yes there were. Genesis 6 and in those days as man began to populate the earth the sons of God /angels began to lust after the women. they took the women of their choosing, and mated with them producing Giants. Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees, and fragments found along with the dead sea scrolls a book of Giants that does make references to monsters. These are ancient writings from thousands of years ago. There is bone evidence as well but The Smithsonian hides it. I have done my own research into the Smithsonian as well and they do have files of Nephillim and Giants, but without access them because they wont grant it beyond just seeing they exist they’re lying and keeping us in the dark on the truth.

      1. while a creationist I don’t partake in their 6k year theory. For to be able to live 900 or more years and at least several generations did the earth has to be many thousands of years old. I also don’t count that it was 150 million years ago but could be. But from my own research in Jubilees the book, it does say that Methuselah being the oldest man to have lived back then didn’t live even one day. Which it does say a thousand years is but one day with god. Ever hear of the Whore and or the False Prophet? that’d be them. and or most all organized religions in America and or around the world now.

        Even the ones who do a overlay of time with Adam through Noah using their ages at the time of conception forget that no mention of Adam’s age was ever given when Able was born or Cain. No age was giving or time in the Garden either. Cold of been thousands of years who knows. Adam was immortal regardless what other say, and he was not slated to die ever in the Garden. if he’d of not sinned he’d still be alive.

        But the angels the watchers and man had a very close relationship from the Garden to afterwards. The watchers grew fond of the women and began t lust after them, and mated with them. Some will claim false because of some lone scripture, but no where does it say they could not have given up their station as watchers and became human, or Hybrids.

        With still angel blood, but human lifespans. and at that time they being of angel descent may have even lived longer than humans were.

        But the book of Enoch makes it clear they defiled themselves with animals as well, which to me give way to why we have the Nagga in history and other weird part human part animal hybrids. Centaur Fauns etc…

        Basically Mythology isn’t.

  3. Earth has been inhabited by very intelligent humans FAR longer than the egg-heads dare to admit. There have likely been many, many severe cataclysmic events that have reshaped the Earth, wiping out civilizations and greatly reducing the human populations each time. No such thing as human evolution. Men have been men for countless ages. After huge destructive events they may have been forced to live like cavemen for thousands of years due to loss of all technology and loss of food sources, but they were as smart and adaptive as now. This idea does not conflict with the Bible account in Genesis 1 as that is describing the Earth coming out of the most recent major cataclysmic event into our present age. Noah’s flood was perhaps less of a major cataclysm as it was just a regional flood and affected that one area of the Earth only. Velikovsky was mostly correct in describing Earth in Upheaval naming close encounters by Venus as one source of these calamities. We don’t know what other heavenly bodies have reeked havoc on us over millions of years.

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