Archaeologists find world’s oldest artificial harbor in Egypt used to build the pyramids

Conspiracy theorists claim that the pyramids of Egypt must have been built by aliens. The problem is that archaeologists already know that humans did it all by themselves, and the discovery of an ancient artificial harbor solves a major part of the puzzle.

Over a 70-80 year period around 2500 BC, the ancient Egyptians were remarkably productive, building the Great Pyramid, two smaller pyramids, the Sphinx and other structures.

The Great Pyramid alone is made up of 2.3 million blocks of stone, many of which were transported from hundreds of miles away.

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So, how did the Egyptians get these blocks to Giza?

Well, we actually know a lot about that thanks to the hard work of archaeologists like Pierre Tallet and Mark Lehner, who have spent considerable amounts of time studying and excavating the region to answer that very question and many more.

Just two years ago, the pair were featured in a BBC documentary titled “Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence,” in which they presented their findings explaining how the pyramids were built, focusing particularly on how they transported the stones.

Prior to the building of the Aswan Dam, the Nile river used to create a massive flood plain that nearly reached Giza. Many ships were required to transport the heavy stones. As a result, it turns out the Egyptians created an artificial harbor with a jetty, a walkway extending from land into the water, parts of which can still be seen today.

Screenshot via “Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence”

“The ruins of a lost ancient jetty,” the narrator of the documentary says. “Pierre’s team has mapped out the jetty at low tide to reveal that it stretches 200 meters out to sea in an L shape. This harbor was built to be big enough to protect a large fleet of cargo boats that would sail to the Sinai Peninsula.”

“We have made an absolutely incredible discovery,” Tallet said. “These blocks are part of a jetty and it has been very well [made] because it is actually strong enough to last at least four millennia from the time of construction. It’s also possible to distinguish the underwater part of the jetty if you are looking closely to the sea.”

His team also found evidence that ships used the artificial harbor and opined that the harbor was also used to transport copper to make the tools used to construct the pyramids based on finding one of these tools underwater.

Screenshot via “Egypt’s Great Pyramid: The New Evidence”

“At the bottom of the harbor itself, we also find about 25 anchors that were left,” Tallet says. “So we have the most ancient artificial harbor ever found in the world. This harbor was probably exclusively to get copper for the tools to make the pyramid itself.”

Lehner agrees and has previously said that Tallet’s work and his own work “cross-confirm” each other.

“The Egyptians were basically using the Nile as a huge hydraulic lift,” Lehner said.

It’s an amazing feat considering each block weighed several tons, including the granite blocks transported from 370 miles away and the limestone blocks that were quarried just across the Nile in Tura.

Tallet and his team discovered writings by a man named Merer, who oversaw some of the deliveries to Giza. He presented the find and Lehner attended the presentation.

And Lehner would go on to find a lost ancient town along the Nile where Merer and his men stayed before heading off to load and unload their cargo.

“We are on the spot where Merer and his men stayed overnight,” Lehner said in the documentary. “We put a grid over the whole place in order to map it and then we can decide where to excavate down to the floor level to the houses and places where they lived.”

“Merer and his men were bringing the siding” he later told the Boston Globe. “It’s just an everyday account of an employee working on the pyramid.”

Here’s a piece of the documentary via The Express:

Understanding how the Egyptians built the ancient pyramids undermines the ridiculous theories that aliens built them for us.

“This should put the nail in the coffin of the alternative theorists,” Tallet told Lehner.

Alas, both of them conceded that all the evidence in the world that the Egyptians built the pyramids themselves through hard work and ingenuity will never be enough to silence the kooks.

“We kind of looked at each other and then shook our heads and then said, ‘No, it’s not going to stop all that,’” Lehner said.

To learn more about the Great Pyramid, here’s another documentary via YouTube.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that the Egyptians built these great structures all by themselves. There should be zero debate otherwise. We have the tools. We have the writings. We have found the quarries and we have proven that they could move the stones great distances using the technology they had at the time.

This ancient artificial harbor alone shows that the Egyptians had great engineering skills that would have been necessary to construct the pyramids. We should be respectful of that because denying them their achievements is denying humanity’s achievements.

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