Blood type Rh negative and Alien DNA: An otherworldly lineage of a species with amnesia?

Much has been said about Rh negative blood and theories which suggest, there is an enigmatic truth sealed away from public knowledge linking humans with Rh-negative blood to otherworldly origins.


“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?” –  Carl Jung

Humans have four general blood types: A, B, AB, and O; a classification derived from proteins found on the surface of cells which are basically designed to wage war against bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Whether Rh-negative blood is just a mutation or not is something that has caused debate among researchers. If it were a mutation, then why is it that people who possess Rh negative blood are known for having extra vertebrae? This, just as the blood type, is explained scientifically as being a ‘mutation’.

However, according to modern DNA sequencing, it is demonstrated that humanity as we know it, isn’t just ONE single ‘race’ that descended from the same ancestor in Africa, but a hybridized species, with a far more enigmatic truth behind it all.

Many questions have been raised in the discussion about Rh negative blood. If mankind did, in fact, evolve from a mutual ancient African ancestor, theories state that everyone’s blood would be compatible, but regrettably, this is not the case. This raises numerous questions that science alone has not been able to fully answer. Where did Rh-negative blood come from? And why is it that a Rh-negative mother carrying Rh positive children tries rejecting her own offspring? Is it possible that this can be explained by a rather controversial theory? A theory which suggests that humanity isn’t in fact one race, but a hybridized species.

The book was written by Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History tells us more about the enigmatic blood type Rh-negative. Not only does Species with Amnesia suggest mankind is, in fact, a hybridized species, the author suggests that highly advanced civilizations have been on Earth before us, just to be destroyed by some great global catastrophe, as mysteriously, history tells us.


Sepehr argues that for each race that has died out, another has taken its place, with a selected few holding on to the memories and sacred knowledge of the past race. In our vanity, we think we have discovered some of the great truths of science and technology, but we are in fact only just beginning to rediscover the profound wisdom of past civilizations. In many ways, we are like an awakening Species with Amnesia, yearning to reclaim our forgotten past. –

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh-negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one (r) negative gene.

“There are 612 primate species and subspecies recognized by the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), and not one has Rh-negative blood”. – Robert Sepehr, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History

Rh factors or ‘Rhesus factor’ was first discovered in the blood of Rhesus monkey. According to Sepehr, if mankind evolved from the same African ancestor their blood would be compatible, but it is not. Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood, yet ALL royal families have Rh-negative blood.

It seems that science cannot answer the question: Where did the Rh negatives come from? Are we, in fact, a species with amnesia? And is it possible that the truth behind our origins is far more enigmatic than what we think?

Many believe that Rh negative blood would be the legacy that the Anunnaki left on Earth among other things.

Interestingly, the negative RH strain is characteristic, for example, of the British royal family, which has generated controversial theories about a possible extraterrestrial lineage. although this hypothesis has not been confirmed, the disturbing questions it generates floats in the air: how civilized world would react to the fact that a small portion of the Earth’s population has a genetic code that has been altered in the distant past by highly advanced extraterrestrial beings.

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  1. The government has been secretly testing for this blood type for years

  2. Rh- blood types and their Rh+ offspring carry the traits listed for Rh- blood types, ie, esp, refer to your list, etc., and that would then make those traits related to the DNA not the Rh- factor. Just an observance of mine.

  3. Is this the reason that every time I visit for a blood test they take loads and loads from me? with a A- rhesus negative blood group does this make me weird? just thinking out loud here

  4. i am AB rhesus D negative and each time i have to go fore bloody tests they take more and more, i have even been recalled with them claiming they lost the first blood test..!

  5. I’m A- every time I go get blood test they take so much it’s like they are stealing my blood or something. Plus doctors a lot of times comment on my strange physical characteristics. Talking bout I have big neck muscles and a big head n shit

    1. What’s with all these people who claim to be siphoned more heavily than anyone else? All blood donations are one pint.

      1. I have Rh negative blood and most of the time that can’t even find my veins to get any blood out of me!!

  6. I also get ALOT of blood taken off me whenever I donate or take tests., I’ve had the German measles three times in my life, and have always taken my vaccinations but they always quarantine me during and take lots of blood.

    There is a bit of stuff that makes sense here., my blood type is Rh-O.
    I recently did an ancestry DNA test and as it turned out to my surprise I’m 100% European and come from a very specific area of ancient celts, then Gauls in Western Europe (Spain, France).. as my mothers last maiden name is O’Brien, who our royal ancestry was the first King of Ireland in 50BC., the family also married in with the Spanish royal family. So as this article stipulates the Basque people could end up being DNA relatives of mine. More digging to be done. As for ET DNA.. Well., I hope they come visit and say a friendly gidday ???

  7. I’m RH – I’ve never felt like I belonged to this world, just in it to help bring change and do amazing things including bring hope to people without it….I know im a different breed so I can identify that I don’t feel human and never have, just work to fit in.
    Also my aunt claims we are of ancestry of the british royal family’s decent as she does genealogy and so does my brothers wife as profession. They both claim this.

    I always wondered why they stole so much of my blood anytime they could, like un-reasonable amounts without a cause 14-16 veils sometimes it would make me weak and tired. Daily when they had me in the hospital for 2 months of my lung surgery…even let my lung deflate and cut a new hole in me saying it deflated because the incision was done in the wrong place??
    Seems they were trying to keep me there, makes me question if that’s why. I only found out I had RH- blood 3-4 years ago In the most unlikely place to find out, its like my doctors hid it from me my whole life, every time I asked they changed the topic or said they didn’t know. Craziness

    1. Who are the “they” who stole your “veils”? You can always get more at the bridal shop. Did you mean “vials” perhaps? It seems aliens can’t spell.

    2. Why would doctors “hide” the fact you have Rh negative blood? It just isn’t that rare.

    3. Only if you don’t have a green card and cross the boarder illegally or hop over the wall that separates Mexico from the united states that Trump is going to fix. Than you could quite possibly be an illegal one. ?

  8. If all these things you people are blathering about are secrets, how did you find them out. And if you truly know secrets why are you not fully sharing?

  9. I was a breech baby. That’s why whenever I leave a house or building, I back out through an open window.

  10. It’s hard to take the writer seriously when he misspelled “conservation.” and made a blank statement about ALL royal families being Rh negative. How does the British royal family represent royals from the entire planet?

  11. They had me interested until they mentioned the British royal family, it makes sense. They’re pretty inbred, sounds like the body’s way of keeping the worst of the inbreeding at bay.

  12. Or maybe its one of mother natures way of population control.

  13. My parents both of them, were RH negative, so I was born with “minus” blood R factor too. Must say, apart from “alien” claims, and speaking in my name, my experiences are all but easy or “normal”. First of all, i must say that my mother, way back then (I was born in 1960.) hardly made it – from demanding pregnancy to my birth. Doctor who didn’t know much at the time say such pregnancy is always of the high risk profile (with both parents RH – ). Carrying me was mothers fourth, and only successful pregnancy.and by the doctors order her last one – You probably would not going to survive another one, say her doctors in the hospital. Later, to this day my health, although looks good in general, in reality was very poor. Skin, tooth, nails, sour throat, tonsils, stomach – lower abdomen, almost constant flu in the winter and so on… all that plus bleeding nose / capillary walls were to fragile…Most important and a real reason for writing this was my psychical condition. Feeling estranged all the time, except when “smell” somebody “alike me” (I never knew what exactly this meant to me, but I feel this way). In the beginning I been thinking such unusual way to pick the company could be result from something – everything other than blood type, but trough the years this never change. But to explain it to the end – in such manner I pick just serious relations (or starting something only to later find out our basic similarity “blood brothers”).
    U couldn’t believe me of course, me myself newer knew what to think

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