The Chronovisor: A device used by the Vatican to look into the future and past

According to numerous reports and stories that have been published through the years, among the many alleged secrets the Vatican has, there is a device called the Chronovisor. The device enables its user to observe future as well as past events.  Many believe this device is one of the greatest guarded secrets humanity has ever had.

Some even believe it is a crucial ‘tool’ which has allowed the Vatican to preserve its influence and power through the years.

Ever since H. G. Wells composed his novel ‘The Time Machine’ many people have been left fascinated by the idea of time travel. Even Theoretical Physics dreams of the possibility of making it work one day. Everything related to time travel today is related to science fiction, or so it seems at least. Interestingly, on May 2, 1972, an Italian newspaper shocked the world when they published an article with a provoking headline: A machine that photographs the past has finally been invented.


The news article indicated that dozens of scientists created an artifact that allowed them to photograph the past, and even witness important historical accounts directly connected with Jesus Christ.

The alleged device –which according to many is nothing more than science fiction— was built in the 1950’s by a team of scientists led by Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti, an Italian physicist who eventually became a priest.

It is believed that the team received important help from Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi and famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

The Chronovisor is a relatively small object that is equipped with a number of antennas and is composed entirely of precious alloys, cathode tubes, some dials, and levers.

Reports by Father Ernetti suggest that whoever uses the device is able to capture and record specific locations, important events and follow in history, noteworthy individuals.

According to Father Ernetti, he had observed, among other historical events, Christ’s crucifixion and photographed it as well. The image to the left is the one obtained using the Chronovisor. On the right is a similar image located in a Church in Perugia.


It is even said that under the perfect conditions, the device offers its user the ability to foresee what was going to happen in the near future.

However, Father Ernetti remained secretive and stated he was not at liberty to reveal further details about the Chronovisor.

Father Ernetti did however reveal that the Chronovisor worked by ‘…processing residual electromagnetic radiation left over by numerous processes…’

According to numerous reports, Father Ernetti used the Chronovisor to witness important historical events, with the most notable being the crucifixion of Christ.

However, Father Ernetti revealed that thanks to this invention had managed to witness the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other major historical events such as the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. Also, thanks to the Chronovisor, Father Ernetti was able to recompose the missing work “Thyestes” , written by Ennio Quinto and represented in Rome in 169 A.C. in its original version,  and the original text of the the two stone tablets written by God (Exodus 24:12) which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, apart from witnessing the likes of Napoleon, Roman philosopher Cicero and other great and momentous historical and biblical episodes.

French priest François Charles Antoine Brune was one of the first to hear about the Chronovisor.

According to Father François, he met Father Ernetti in the 1960’s when the two were traveling across the Grand Canal of Venice. As the two were experts in ancient languages, they began to talk about the Bible and its interpretation through the years.

Supposedly, these are the blueprints of the Chronovisor.
Supposedly, these are the blueprints of the Chronovisor.

Father Brune that was very intrigued when the Father Ernetti revealed that there was a machine that could answer all questions related to the Bible.

When Father François asked about the Machine, Father Ernetti described the Chronovisor, saying that it was  device that functioned just like a T.V., but instead of receiving transmissions from local stations, the chronovisor was able to tune into the past and allow the viewer to “see and hear” events that had occurred centuries before.

Ernetti told Brune that the machine worked by detecting images and sounds that humanity had ‘created’ which were “floating” in space.

It is said that this intriguing device and the project behind it were canceled by the Vatican but not destroyed. Some believe the Chronovisor is located somewhere in the Vatican, hidden in one of the many chambers, hidden away from society.

However, there are other versions that suggest that father Ernetti and his team decided to voluntarily dismantle the device because, since it could tune anywhere and anytime in the past, if it were to fall into the wrong hands it could create the “scariest dictatorship the world has ever seen.”

Interestingly, before Father Ernetti died in April 1994, he wrote a letter in which he INSISTED that the device was real and was not a hoax as many believed.

Father Ernetti claimed that the alleged photograph the chronovisor had captured of Jesus Christ on the cross, showing the sorrowful face of a bearded man gazing towards the heavens was real, even though some critics argue that the image was a reproduction of a statue of Jesus located in a church in Perugia.

Critics also claim that the alleged text the device managed to observe of “Thyestes” included Latin words that did not exist at the time it was made.

In 1994, Father Ernetti also said that “Pope Pius XII forbade us to do disclose any details about this device because the machine was very dangerous. It can restrain the freedom of man…”

However, in 1988, the Vatican issued a decree in which it warned that “anyone using, an instrument of such characteristics would be excommunicated.” According to many, this was an unnecessary warning since according to them the Chronovisor never existed. So why issue a warning if it was just another hoax?

What do you think about the story behind the Chronovisor? Do you think it is another top secret ‘object’ kept away from society by the Vatican?

Featured image by Julian-Faylona. Used with permission. 

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  1. So, a machine that could be devastating in the wrong hands is in the hands of one of the most corrupt and disgusting organisations in the world? If this were even remotely true i’d be shitting myself, but it isn’t so i’m not

  2. Ever notice that time view machines always go to some major event? It would be much more probable if the event it “decided” to view involved someone taking a dump in the woods.

  3. “…the machine was very dangerous. It can restrain the freedom of man…”

    You know what else restrains the freedom of man…the Catholic church. Also, that picture looks as much like a crucified middle-eastern man as it looks like a bad replica of a wax figure from Madame Tussauds museum.

  4. one can view the future because there is no such thing as past or future,all times exist now in this holographic universe of ours

  5. How can you say with any certainty that the Future Has Not happened yet if we can travel forward in time which we know as possible because we do see the difference in time frames and the clocks then how can you say that

    1. I believe you don’t know how to use an apostrophe, and therefore, I cannot take you seriously. And yes, the moon is made of cheese. I’ve been there, I’ve dined on delicious moon cheese.

      1. So you learned everything but how to make plural words? Damn…you really shouldn’t have skipped that day. But hey, your idiocy must have blocked your social skills. Oh…and English isn’t my first language either :D.

  6. Stars emitting light billions of light years away cannot be seen since the light has not traveled far enough for us to see, but it exists. In my future, I can see a tuna sandwich, and go make one after typing this comment. My point is, not everything is as simple as you make it out to be. The human mind, its consciousness and the will that serves as a medium on a continuum that can be inexplicably linked to mathematical data does indicate that the word “time” is very loosely understood in our state of consciousness. With that said, it’s wrong to say it does, or doesn’t exist, since neither of them have been proven/disproved but the makings of endless possibilities always exists as long as we keep an open mind and not discount the multitudes of different professions working hard at understanding them.

  7. You call The Church the most corrupt institution? Yeah, I bet you subconsciously, if not consciously, get your values from the msm. TV bypasses the left side of the brain one way or another…tool. I’ll take the most charitable institution in history, though I would not leave such a device with the Jesuits.

  8. If it could do all that, historic events may emit something emotionally energetically powerful it can receive that ordinary ones do not.

  9. How Does Our Brain Work? Our brain merely moves our consciousness back and forth thru time and televises the image of the past event that is occurring this very moment…Since the past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously. So the brain is not storing information, but producing an image occurring in some element of time, much like televisions of old received transmitted signals from television stations. Hence, our brains are chronovisors… An artificial chronovisor is known to be located in the Vatican capable of televising the crucifiction of Jesus Christ in real time. Alzheimer’s Disease occurs when the brain loses its capacity to shift consciousness back and forth thru time and subsequently remains locked in the present. Dr. Robert E. Rainer MD.

    1. Strangely enough, that makes sense. My sister had dementia, having since passed, and was not capable of remembering anything from anytime; or so it seemed. I felt badly for her as she was a great physician in her day and had a brilliant mind. What causes dementia? She is the only one to have in the history of our family. My nephew, her son, stated that he has been practicing remembering all things since childhood and I said, I don’t think it is the distant past that is not remembered, it is yesterday. No? Thanks.

  10. I have found that anything you read on this web site you to take with a grain salt.
    They are interesting read but it sci-fi almost nutty news.

  11. Wikipedia reads: “As provided by an anonymous relative of Father Ernetti, there was a deathbed confession, included in the U.S. edition of the play, that Ernetti had written the text of the play himself and that the “photo” of Christ was indeed a “lie”. According to the same “source”, however, Ernetti also affirmed that the machine was genuinely functional.

    Brune, however, does not believe Ernetti’s “confession” and is convinced that the authorities had coerced Ernetti into making a false confession. ”
    So it’s doubtful anyway.

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