Controversial Study Claims: Man Began Using Words 1 Million Years Ago

According to a new study, ancient man began using words around One Million years ago, as experts believe without ‘speech,’ ancient humans would not have been able to build boats and sail the planet in order to populate the planet.

“What is the greatest technology we have ever had as a species, the answer is language. Who invented it? Homo Erectus, about one million years ago or more.”

Experts may have just solved the riddle as to how and when ancient humans began speaking.

A controversial new study claims that speech was invented to help them organize, and build boats to populate the world.

Without ‘speech’ ancient man would not have been able to build boats and populate the world, say, researchers. Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If we take a look at human origins, we will find that our earliest known ancestor, Homo erectus took a huge leap forward by starting to walk upright, more than one million years ago.

However, while he could walk like we can today, researchers have not been able to find evidence that he could talk. As noted by experts, language was not something that Homo erectus was capable of.

All of this is based on anatomy, as scientists believe Homo erectus did not have a bone called the Hyoid, which is a bone that helps anchor the tongue. Homo Sapiens did have it.

Therefore, experts suggest that Hom erectus wasn’t really capable of speech, he was only capable of howling.

This means that language is believed to have arrived together with Homo Sapiens.

However, a new controversial study forces us to rethink human origins, saying that Homo erectus must have had the ability to speak.

Researchers now claim that without language, Homo erectus would have never been capable of building the boats needed to travel across Earth’s vast oceans.

Furthermore, experts note that if Homo erectus had not developed speech, he would not have been able to sail across the globe in large numbers populating the planet.

What is the greatest technology we have ever had as a species, the answer is language. Who invented it? Homo erectus, about one million years ago or more. Those are controversial claims. Everybody talks about Homo erectus as a stupid ape-like creature, which of course describes us just as well, and yet what I want to emphasize is that erectus was the smartest creature that had ever walked the Earth,” says Daniel Everett, Professor of Global Studies, at Bentley University, Massachusetts.

Speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, professor Everett explained: “Oceans were never a barrier to the travels of erectus.”

Homo erectus was able to travel all over the world. He traveled to the Island of Flores, across one of the greatest ocean currents on Earth.

“They sailed to the island of Crete and various other islands. It was intentional they needed craft and they needed to take groups of twenty or so at least to get to those places. And this is the consensus of the archaeological evidence. Erectus needed language when they were sailing to the island of Flores. They couldn’t have simply caught a ride on a floating log because then they would have been washed out to see when they hit the current,” explained Professor Everett.

“They needed to be able to paddle. And if they paddled they needed to be able to say ‘paddle there’ or ‘don’t paddle. You need communication with symbols not just grunts. They accomplished too much for this to simply be the sort of communication that we see in other species without symbols,” he added.

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