Cryptozoology: A Goat with a “human Face“ causes outrage on Social Networks

We’ve come across countless weird things will exploring our planet, but this one definitely occupies one of the top spots on our list. Yikes!!

From alien like creatures to the alleged evidence we’ve never been alone on planet Earth, but we’ve probably had never encountered something like this… until now.

People in India have reported seeing a “goat with a human face.“ Referred to as the Mutant Goat, the alleged animals images have since flooded the social networks as people are trying to understand, what is going on.

What we are seeing is indeed a goat with such a genetic alteration, that it has a face similar to that of a human being.

The mystery goat became viral after Samiraa Aissa uploaded a video to Facebook on Aug. 17, writing: “A strange creature has been discovered in India. The animal, whose shape resembles that of a human being, terrified a whole village.” The Facebook video has since been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The news eventually made it on the AsiaOne news outlet who wrote about the mystery creature.

Vets from India who observed the goat feared the animal which only had one ear would die within days — however it defied expectations and survived.

The goat’s owner, Mr. Mukhuri Das said:

“I was shocked. It’s like a miracle and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat.”

Cases such as this goat are the ones that give rise to a pseudoscientific branch known as “cryptozoology”, which studies the case of rare animals—although in most cases they are ordinary animals that suffered some genetic alteration.

It is still unclear whether or not this animal suffered from any known genetic alteration.

Cryptozoology is mostly referred to when talking about Bigfoot or chupacabras, as well as animals otherwise considered extinct, such as dinosaurs.

Cryptozoologists who study this phenomenon refer to these entities as cryptids.

Weird looking Goat
Evidence of a weird mutation?

Due to the fact that cryptozoology does not tend to follow a scientific method, cryptozoology is considered a pseudoscience by the academic world, however, cases like this mutant goat certainly suggest maybe it’s time to pay attention to these things.

In the book “Appearances of Beasts and Mystery-cats in France”. Folklore (1992): 160–183. Véronique Campion-Vincent, writes:

“Unexplained appearances of mystery animals are reported all over the world today. Beliefs in the existence of fabulous and supernatural animals are ubiquitous and timeless. In the continents discovered by Europe indigenous beliefs and tales have strongly influenced the perceptions of the conquered confronted by a new natural environment.”

“In parallel with the growing importance of the scientific approach, these traditional mythical tales have been endowed with sometimes highly artificial precision and have given birth to contemporary legends solidly entrenched in their territories. The belief self-perpetuates today through multiple observations enhanced by the media and encouraged (largely with the aim of gain for touristic promotion) by the local population, often genuinely convinced of the reality of this profitable phenomenon.”

Read more about cryptozoology here.

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