Did Dozens Of UFO’s Just Appear On Fox News’ Television Broadcast?

In a Bizarre sighing, Fox6 News Milwaukee anchors have kickstarted a massive conspiracy after showing viewers a footage of what appeared to be dozens of moving lights over Milwaukee.

The ‘UFO’ sighting happened live on air, and it started a heated debate in the online community.

So, what on Earth did Fox6 News’ cameras record over Milwaukee?

After watching the mystery objects invade the skies above Milwaukee, it was only natural to think, it was aliens, right?

Soon after it was posted on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit, the video went viral and people started asking questions, what on Earth were the mystery objects above Milwaukee?

Fox has offered its theory stating that what their cameras spotted in the skies above Milwaukee were not aliens flying around in their fancy spaceships but, wait for it… SEAGULLS.

Because it is completely normal for Seagulls to fly around like this making the internet go crazy saying… it was aliens. Image Credit: Fox News Milwaukee.

Yeah, seagulls, and not just an ordinary flock of seagulls; Illuminated seagulls, flying at 5 in the morning above Milwaukee.

Reporter Amy DuPont posted the explanation on Twitter suggesting that the lag in the recording from the cameras made it look as if the Seagulls were leaving some sort of light trail behind them.

This explanation kickstarted a set of even greater conspiracy theories, and people rushed to social media to respond to what many refer to as an absurd explanation:

“This is just another case of the government attempting to hide another UFO encounter by putting out some ridiculous explanation for it,” one Facebook user said.

“If those are seagulls they have been swimming in some nuclear waste,” one said.

“Seagulls don’t poop light emitting glitters,” wrote one user.

And because we can’t leave religion out of anything… there was this:

“They are called spirits people. Read your Bible,” someone said on Facebook.

Mick West from Metabunk argues that Seagulls is the right explanation:”Flock of seagulls looks like UFOs with vapor trails in traffic camera video. But it’s just the camera over-exposing, and the persistence of the image makes the trails. I simulated the trails in the video of seagulls with the “Echo” effect in Adobe After Effects,” West wrote on YouTube.

Giorgio Tsoukalos doesn’t agree, and who can blame Giorgio, right?

Apparently, the mystery continued Wednesday, when the tower camera again captured a similar grouping of lights.

But let’s face it, the Seagull theory is a bit off, don’t you think?

Whatever the mystery objects were, here’s the video of the sighing so you can judge for yourself:

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