Did President Trump Create The Space Force After Finding Out About UFOs?

The United States Space Force will be trained to fight potential wars in space. The new military branch is set to actively work by 2020.

According to novel claims, President Trump may have launched the ‘United States’ Space force after learning about America’s UFO secrets, claims UFO researcher.

Nick Pope, former MoD from the UK has argued that it is nearly impossible that President Trump has been kept in the dark when it comes to potential UFO threats, reports the Sun.

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According to the former Minister of Defense, researcher and UFO author, knowledge about aliens and UFO’s may have contributed to Trumps plans in creating the military branch known as Space Force.

Pope argues that it is nonsense to suggest the President of the United States does not have knowledge about potential UFO threats.

Pope who used to run the Ministry of Dense UFO program argues that the current president of the United States has full knowledge about the Pentagon’s secretive UFO program, which was uncovered earlier this year.

He (Trump) must know about the spending of the US Armed Services Committee and how much money was invested in the shadowy project known as AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program).

UFOs are not an enigma to worldwide governments.

As I’ve reported earlier this year, the so-called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was a secretive program with a hefty budget: around $20 million dollars were annually allocated by the Department of Defense for the study of potential UFO threats.

This mystery program was run from the Pentagon’s C ring and was solely in charge of investigating UFOs. The man in charge of the program was Luiz Elizondo, who spoke about the existence of the secretive program earlier this year.

And the AATIP didn’t spend their money unwisely. Over the years they uncovered some truly fascinating things.

One of the most groundbreaking findings—accompanied by video and audio—was when US navy pilots observed a “whole fleet” of UFOs that were “going against” a 120 knots wind – in one AATIP case from 2015.

See the video below.

According to Pope, Trump is also most likely aware of the fact that a Senate committee is currently investigating an incident involving US Navy pilots who chased an unidentifiable white “tic-tac” shaped object which traveled at “ballistic missile speed” off the coast of Mexico during a military exercise.

Pope argues that this knowledge may have contributed to the President’s plans to create a new military Branch; the Space Force, dedicated to fighting potential wars in space.

According to reports, The Space Force is due to be created by 2020.

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  1. I find HIGHLY unlikely that an IDIOT like Trump, may create anything like an Space armada, the idiot doesnt even believe in climate change for Crist sake!!

    I dare you to do this exersice:

    – Open Google page, go to Images.
    – Search for “Idiot” word.
    – Check who’s in the top 10 results

    1. The only idiot here is you. Some day when you get your head out of your a** you may actually realize that the climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Al Gore and his money making scheme will never change that fact.

  2. BlueMystical, the “Space Armada” already exists, it was built out under the “Solar Warden” USAP starting circa 1980. The idiots are the people who blindly accept propaganda as true information, without any research or critical thinking. Do you think in early 1944 you could just read the newspapers and listen to the radio and find out more about the Manhattan Project? You could have tried to visit Los Alamos or Oak Ridge or Hanford but you would be subjected to harsh security countermeasures.
    The real reasons the elite want to skim our economies for “carbon taxes” have to do with protecting their nascent “breakaway civilization”, not “fix global warming”–consider the link below as one of many sources that you should delve into to understand earth’s climate trends. The trend for the next 30 years is more likely to be a dramatic cooling… https://principia-scientific.org/modern-solar-grand-maximum-ends-little-ice-age-cooling-coming/

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