Experts claim: Before our universe, another universe existed

Scientists discovered what existed before our Universe came into existence: another Universe, or more accurately ANOTHER ‘Cosmological phase’. According to the authors of the study: “…The equations imply that the expansion of the Universe will come to a halt and then will immediately be followed by a contracting phase. When the equations are extrapolated beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic Universe scenario emerges.”

Experts firmly believe they have found out what existed before the Big Bang. According to a research conducted by experts from Canada and Egypt, our universe has different cycles and transits through FOUR phases.

Mathematical calculations have allowed scientists to conclude that prior to the Big Bang, there was another cosmological phase, in order words, there was another form of a universe.

Even though it is believed that our universe is constantly expanding, a new theoretical model argues –based on quantum mechanics— a change will cause this process to stop, which means that before the universe is able to expand once again, it will contract.

To come to this conclusion, experts joined quantum mechanics with cosmology, using a modified version of the generalized uncertainty principle (GUP).

According to one of the researchers, Professor Faizal, “the universe did not begin with a big bang, there was a transition from one phase to another.

The research paper called ”Non-singular and Cyclic Universe from the Modified GUP” was written by Maha Salah, Fayçal Hammad, Mir Faizal, Ahmed Farag Ali, and professor Mir Faizal. Interestingly, professor Faizal also worked on the Large Hadron Collider researching the universe and its possible ‘doors’.

According to Faizal and his team, there is a phase prior to the big bang in the new cosmological model. Experts are able to know about this phase of the universe by researchers the physics of the current phase of our universe.


As professor Faizal outlines it:

“In our cosmological model the universe did not start with the big bang, but there was a phase transition from one phase of the universe to another.”

“This is possible because the universe can exist in four different phases, like ordinary water can exist in three different phases. Just as we can know about the properties of ice, by studying water which has formed from it, we can know about pre-big bang cosmology by studying the physics of this universe.”

“Using our cosmological model we can study the physics of the cosmological phase before the beginning of our universe.”

Their new model has allowed them to study what was there before the Big Bang. Their equations suggest that eventually, the universe will stop expanding and star contracting.

“When the equations are extrapolated beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic universe scenario emerges. “Other cosmologists have suggested a big bang and big crunch scenario – but those model have singularities.”

“Singularities are bad in physics as they indicate a place where the laws of physics breakdown, and at such places one cannot use physics to get meaningful results.”

“This new cosmological model does away with such singularity. The big bang singularity can therefore also be avoided by using the modified GUP-corrections to the cosmology.”

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  1. Slowly scientists are discovering what the Indian rishis had explained about cosmic
    cycles thousands of years ago. The solar system or the universe of ours is a
    mechanism of evolution. All living beings undergo seven cycles of evolution in
    a planet. After the completion of seven cycles, that planet becomes dormant and
    the souls are directed to the next planet. That planet which was idle until
    then becomes alive now. Seven cycles of evolution takes place in this planet
    too. After that, it also becomes dormant and the journey of evolution continues
    through the next planetary plane. In this way when all living beings complete
    seven cycles of evolution seven times (7x7x7) through each planet, then that
    solar system becomes dead and through the next Manu (progenitor of human race) one
    more solar system is created. The journey of evolution through different planets is similar to the phased development of an embryo in the mother’s womb through different stages of physical, mental,intellectual and spiritual growth. The time period of a Manu, known as
    manvantara, consists of billions of years. The age of 14 such Manus is reckoned as a kalpa (a long age when God consciousness is in the creative mode). Indian rishis calculated the age of the universe based on the Manu cycles. This is the seventh solar system in this kalpa and this episode of creation is known as Vaivasvata Manvantara after the name of
    Vaivasvata Manu, the seventh Manu. A yuga has many millions of years. For example, this is the 28th kaliyuga of the present Manvantara, which has a duration of 4,32,000 years. This new age began more than 5000 years ago after the epoch of Sri Krishna.

    1. but they will keepfunding the “scholars” like wendy & pollock & their manas aulaasein… to keep the truth about them being plagiarists & pirates ofintellectualproperty

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