Filipino Pastor Claims He Is Second Coming, Accused Of Running Child Sex Ring

For those waiting for the second coming of Jesus, the founder of the “the Kingdom of Jesus Christ” religious group would like you to know he’s here now. His name is Apollo C. Quiboloy and he is the self-proclaimed owner of the earth, the world, and all souls. He claims to be the Anointed Son of God and is an ardent supporter of Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, a leader who once called former president Obama a “son of a whore” and has executed thousands in a “war on crime” across the archipelago country.

The Son of God lent Duterte his private jet and helicopter during his presidential campaign and has travelled the solar system.

According to his website, since he founded the Davao-based Church in 1985, he has grown to see:

“7 million followers worldwide and growing, covering 200 countries and 2,000 cities, spanning most continents of the world.”

He claims that at four years old, he was taken by the hand of the Father and shown a powdered milk factory, a building with a confusing array of tubes and pipes distributing product all over the world. Today, he believes he is sending “spiritual manna” all over the world through a complex of marketing CDs, books, publications, magazines, social media, and live TV broadcasts.

“To nurture the world with the milk,” he says.

He lives in a lush walled compound with mansions in the Philippines, with attendants that shield him with parasols.

Apollo C. Quiboloy with attendants
Apollo C. Quiboloy with attendants

To Quiboloy, he is waging a war and winning it against Lucifer, as he destroys “territories of darkness” and replaces them with “territories of light.” He urges his followers not to be intimidated by Satan’s phone calls, as he shares a story with them of a woman who says the devil called her to tell her he was more powerful than Quiboloy.

“This is the first time that the devil called through a cell phone,” he tells his followers. “He’s now manifesting himself because he’s so desperate.”

Despite winning his battles with Satan, Pastor Quiboloy and his church are seeing an increasing number of controversies recently.

In February, Pastor Quiboloy was detained in Hawaii when federal agents found $350,000 and gun parts on his private plane worth $15 million. A woman named Felina Salinas said the money was hers and was charged with attempted bulk cash smuggling. Salinas was later indicted for trying to smuggle money out of the U.S.

In October, Quiboloy was accused of running a “child sex ring” by former church follower, Kristina Angeles. Her attorney claimed she and several other minors were forced to have sex with Quiboloy. The church’s local attorney in Hawaii, where the charges were filed, claimed the charges were a diversion and the judge, Circuit Judge Rom Trader, delayed the criminal case until February.

According to Hawaii News Now, Angeles alleged she and other church followers were forced to sell Krispy Kreme and manapua on the streets of Honolulu.

“Angeles said church officials yelled at her, punched and kicked her if she didn’t sell enough.”

Salinas was arrested by police in 2015 for allegedly assaulting Angeles.

For now, Apollo C. Quiboloy remains the most successful self-proclaimed Messiah on the planet.

“The official coming of the Son of God was in April 13, 2005,” he says.

That’s the day he officially announced his true identity to the world. Before that, he was a pastor in the impoverished rural Philippines.

When ABC News asked Quiboloy if he ever experienced impure thoughts like anger or lust he responded.

“I’ve already overcome all of those.”

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