First Images of Recently Discovered Buried Sphinx In Egypt Emerge

First images of the underground “sphinx” discovered during the restoration of the alley of rams between the temples of Luxor and Karnak have emerged.

Archeologists working on the restoration of the alley of rams between the temples of Luxor and Karnak have made a fascinating, and unexpected discovery.

Located beneath the surface, construction workers came across a Sphinx statue located beneath the surface.

Initial reports suggest that the Sphinx statue is similar in design to the Great Sphinx of Giza: It has the body of a lion and the head of a human.

Egyptian news agency Youm has published the first images of the sphinx statue located beneath the surface discovered during the development of the Kabbash road project, which is due to be completed later this year. Speaking to Youm, Dr. Mustafa Al-Saghir, general director of the Karnak ruins and supervisor of the Al-Kabbash road project, added that the statue has not been excavated completely yet.

The buried Sphinx, which is barely visible in this image is waiting to be adequately excavated and restored. Image Credit: Youm

In a special statement to Youm, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Director General of the Antiquities at Luxor, revealed that a statue of the “Sphinx” was discovered during the development of the Al-Kabbash road project. It is the statue of a human body and the head of a lion. The statue cannot be excavated and recovered immediately, as archaeologists want to preserve the statue as best as possible, without taking any unnecessary risks.

Youm reported that the statue cannot be moved “due to the nature of the environment it is in.”

However, national heritage chief Khaled al Anani has encouraged people to visit the area to see the unprecedented discovery.

The Sphinx, which remains buried near the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt is one of the few Sphinx statues that have been discovered so far. Image Credit: Youm

It is thought that the Sphinx is an ancient symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt.

Throughout history, a number of pharaohs had their heads carved into statues for their tombs marking their relationship with the solar deity Sekhmet, a lioness.

The most famous sphinx in existence is found at Giza, standing guard next to the Pyramids.

The temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor are located within the ancient city of Thebes and date back to around 1400 BC.

Considered as a large open-air museum and the largest religious site in the world, after the Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia, the temple complex at Karnak is believed to be the most visited ancient site in Egypt after the Giza plateau.

The temples built there were massive. In fact, the great temple located at the center of Karnak is so enormous that St Peter’s, Milan, and Notre Dame Cathedrals would fit within its walls.

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  1. In article you say body of a lion, human head. Later on you say human body, lion head????

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