Graverobbers Sack 5,000-Year-Old Cave Cemetery in Peru Leaving ‘Sacred Human Remains’ Dumped in a Pile

Human stupidity knows no bounds it seems, and history has apparently no real value for people looking to take anything while not caring about the damage they do along the way.

Image Credit: Cusco Ministry of Culture

Grave robbers in Peru have decimated a sacred ancient burial site, believed to be around 5,000 years old in Peru. The skeletal remains, looms, and ceramics are totally destroyed and scattered around the archaeological site.

Archeologists explain that the pre-Hispanic cemetery consisted of small circular bases, whose structure of stone and mud was attached to the rocky shelter, according to Correo.

Grave robbers desecrated human remains and left them dumped in a pile, as they went on to loot the grave that remained undisturbed for thousands of years. 

The regrettable incident took place in the pre-Hispanic cemetery known as Jerusalem K’uchu, a rock cave in the Combapata district of Peru.


Posted by Ministerio de Cultura Cusco on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

According to local media reports, the grave robbers destroyed the graves and stole precious ornaments and precious, historic artifacts which were buried together with the bodies.

The cave where the bodies were located belonged to the Andean Culture, a native people from the Andes mountains known for having been under the control of the mighty Inca Empire.

Peru is a country home to an incredible history which spans back thousands of years.

Home to the world-renowned Nazca lines, Peru is also home to a Pyramid building civilization that erected majestic ancient structures that predate even the Egyptian Pyramids.

The ancient city of Caral was the home of the ancient Civilization of Caral, where thousands of years ago (at least 5,000 years), an extremely advanced civilization erected a complex of Pyramids.

The ancient civilization of Caral is contemporary with other ancient civilizations such as those of Egypt, India, Sumeria, China, but unlike them (which participated at least partially with the external world), Caral was developed in complete isolation.

Uncontrolled burial looting

Graverobbers are a huge issue not only for Peru but other countries like Bolivia and Mexico, home to different ancient civilization.

Recently published photographs of the cave show human bones and skills dumped in a massive pile as grave robbers made way to reach precious artifacts.

According to archaeologists, they have confirmed the discovery of completely disjointed skeletons. They also discovered that the graverobbers destroyed stone and mud structures built thousands of years ago to protect the entrance to the cave.

Experts now aim to identify what exactly was stolen from the grave and assess the damage done by grave robbers.

As many as fifteen human skulls found the cave will now need to be conserved by archaeologists.

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