Leaked video footage of a 12,000-year-old Anunnaki?

The recently uploaded video allegedly shows “footage of a 12,000-year-old Anunnaki God…” The tomb of the ‘Anunnaki’ is said to have been discovered by chance in 2008. If anyone has more info about it please let us know.

Anunnaki video

Before everyone goes crazy about the title and the video, please watch it and let us know what you think. If anyone has more information about the video, please let us know.

The video uploaded to YouTube by Temple Of Mystery states that the video footage is an actual (real) leaked video of a 12,000-year-old Anunnaki.

The Ancient Anunnaki are probably the number one topic when it comes to the Ancient Alien theory and many people around the world remain skeptical when talking about the Anunnaki and their potential connection to the origins of mankind.

According to statements on the video, the footage „…Is real and they discovered it in Iran in 2008, but they move it to Israel“.

Users have rushed to YouTube to discuss the enigmatic video.

One user wrote on YouTube:

“…If you look at the depictions of the Annunaki in the art of the Sumerians, they are shown wearing what appear to be watches on their wrists. If this is not a hoax, then the years of reign by the Kings on the Sumerian Kings list is totally legit I would suppose. Seems to good to be true…”

Many others remain skeptical since there is little information about the origin of the video.

“…Looks a bit too good to be true, but we can dream that one day the truth will reveal. (like they said in Independence Day- I hope they bring back Elvis.)…”

Whether the video is real or not is something that will surely create an ongoing debate. While we cannot say for certain whether or not this is yet another hoax on the internet, it surely is a very interesting video worth to watch.

Based on numerous archaeological discoveries: artifacts, records and monuments found in the past by archaeologists and linguists, Sitchin indicates that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens), an extremely advanced civilization from an elusive planet in our solar system, came to Earth, landing in the Persian Gulf some 432,000 years ago. This advanced civilization colonized our planet, and their sole purpose was to mine large quantities of gold.

Approximately some 250,000 years ago, according to Sitchin, the ancient Anunnaki merged their Alien genes with that of Homo Erectus and created a species known as Homo Sapiens, obtaining. As a result, a genetically bicameral species. However, humans were a hybrid species and could not procreate. Since the demand for humans as workers became greater, the ancient Anunnaki once again manipulated ancient mankind so they could reproduce on their own.

In many depictions of the Anunnaki, we can see strange objects worn by “those who came from the stars,” one of the most interesting examples are “wrist watches” which appear in almost every single depiction of the Anunnaki.

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  1. I’ve seen this, and two others in the past few years. One, I thought was certainly a hoax, but there are a few things I couldn’t just pass off so easily with just a simple statement as that. I’ve also seen some “older” film footage that was hard to fake, and I’d wonder WHY anyone would spend SO much time and money to hoax like that when it is SO unbelievable that MOST of the world would just discount it out of hand, then actually look further into it?

    1. Simple as that: Assholes are assholes, so you really can’t expect any sense from such humanoids

  2. The fact that it’s a blurry, jumpy video makes me think “FAKE!” Either that, or the person taking the video is an idiot. There’s no need to keep zooming in and out unless you’re trying to make it so people CAN’T get a good look at what you’re filming.

    1. BOTH assumptions correct. Looks like it’s the same asshole who faked Mona Lisa film , a few yrs back.

        1. Might be one of the first cases of FAKE news censorship, who knows..

  3. If it’s real, it’s the most well preserved mummy I’ve ever seen. The video is bad quality & jumpy & I don’t like the music, it makes me nervous or something, lol. I definately believe in the possibility of aliens but I would like to see more about this before making any decisions on it. I also am curious as to why this isn’t front page news or at least more newsworthy if it is real because I hadn’t heard of this until now…

  4. Most people these days have at least standard def video capability in their phone if not high def. There isn’t much room to explain why we can’t find at least one good quality clip of a ufo, bigfoot or any other elusive creature. Any special effects added to video evidence detracts from it’s credibility, imo….and yet I’m a believer that these things exist.

  5. Says who it’s an Anunnaki? Aren’t they supposed to be very tall? Looks like someone high born from the Indian sub-continent to me.

    I also notice that there seems to be fairly sharp focus on the golden items, but not on anything dark or non-reflective. I (probably inexpertly) suspect that the blurriness is because of lack of light.

    Wonder what was in the rest of the video? It seemed to ‘time’ onscreen at 21 minutes towards the end, but we were short of the 8 minute mark at that point.

  6. All the evidence verifies that the Anunnaki are real and even recent discoveries by NASA indicate that there are more planets beyond Pluto. I wonder how they’ll react to the way we’ve treated the planet when they return?

  7. For a guy that’s been dead for 12,000 years, he seams to be in awfully good shape.

  8. Hmmm…
    I would say yes and no!
    I agree with @shirouzhiwu:disqus , the body is extremely in good shape after 12,000 years! Even if it is real, i was expecting to see a taller body as described by ancient Sumerians! Also the watch awfully looks like modern man made regular watches! But there are some things in this video that makes me think again:
    1.Dead body’s clothes
    From what i know, The crown is not even close to the way of ancient Persians clothing and jewelry design nor to the Indo-Europeans who lived before them in that location! It looks clearly like the Sumerian and Babylonian way of clothing! I wonder why that symbol in the middle of the crown uncomfortably reminds me of Sumerians and of course Annunaki ! For whatever reason why the body is in Iran? I don’t know!
    2.Golden objects
    The same as above goes for the objects inside the tomb next to the body! There is no way to be convinced that these objects are from ancient Persians or Indo-Europeans! And from their look i can say they are at least from more than 4000 years ago.But again they look unnaturally close to Sumerian,Babylonian and Assriyan Arts.
    3.That bad quality video
    The Iranian government has an unbelievably and huge control over all existed devices that works with GPS or anything related that makes the possibility to track someone or their location. When it comes to ancient discoveries… their government becomes really crazy! So the camera man probably knew what kind of device he was using to make less attraction!
    4.There is a core message in the main title of that newspaper,
    English translation: Bloody days for those who’s praying the sacred words!
    The video guy clearly sent a message to oppose the government from their own newspaper!
    Iranians were actually doing these kind of stuff since 11 years ago as an enemy to their government’s ideology. Whenever the archeologists(from people’s side) discover something ancient and really important before the government does(the government usually destroys the discoveries and it has a critical reason for sure) they send these kind of messages to say you(the government) will never lay your hands on this one!
    There is an adventure going on in there and none of the media channels show what is actually happening in Iran!
    I personally think Annunaki is real and we see lots of evidence to prove their existence these days!

    But still… I’m still not sure about this video! I’m gonna wait and see how truth will reveal itself!


  10. There is no doubt that human life is way more than the iphone and old combustion engines from the 1800s. However this video feels extremely artificial and hollywood-ish… Its very very sketchy too! Sometimes I feel like they are putting out this type of stuff just to confuse us humans,, just my 2 cents…

  11. They found it 2002, the date can be seen in the video and the arabian newspaper they show there. David Wilcock speaks about this in his recent video, the acsension mysteries and others and he believes this video is genuine, and i have always trusted David’s opinion. Great stuff.

  12. It reminds me of the appearance of Eva Peron’s ultra-embalmed body in 1971, nineteen years after her death in 1952. I can only imagine what future archeologists will be thinking when they come across her body a few thousand years from now…

  13. Hi,
    the body is eerily well preserved, stasis is the right word. If you have seen some dead corps you’ll see what the difference is(are).
    For the objects within the tomb it’s clearly interesting, showing many features usualy found in later civilasion (from Egypt’s old dynasties to pre-persian ones, etc…). The “cartouche” on its “necklace”/pectoral plate should be interesting to decypher.
    And the decorum feats very wll like in all the innumerable villages’ little temples forgotten and shadowy you could visit (or peak in) like in middle orient or India.
    It’s seems true for me, at least for the body (archeologic studies are needed to file and show the origine-dispersion of symbols).

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