Man duplicates Tesla’s Most Closely-Guarded Secret for amplifying Power

According to reports, SERPTS is believed to operate on the same power magnification principle used by Nikola Tesla to amplify power in his generators over hundred years ago. He is considered by many to be a modern-day Tesla and his name is Jim Murray.


He is an electrical engineer, researcher, inventor and he has ‘re-discovered’ Tesla’s method for magnifying the power of an electrical generating system.

While there are numerous claims on the Internet where Jim demonstrates his projects offering never-before-seen results in electrical output, his work has been undermined by skeptics and allegedly even the government over the past decades.

Let us take a look at his work.

Jim Murray’s Switched Energy Resonant Power Supply (SERPS) technology has been successfully demonstrated to operate at a coefficients performance (COP) above 50% when operating with resistive loads.

According to reports, SERPTS is believed to operate on the same power magnification principle used by Nikola Tesla to amplify power in his generators over hundred years ago.

Over the last 35 years, Jim Murray and his close friend and colleague Paul Babcock have developed SERPS and publicly demonstrated for the first time at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

Reports indicate that Paul Babcock’s patented ultra fast five nanosecond switching technology has been paired with the SERPS circuitry achieving a staggering 4790% increase in electrical power compared to the input.

The Free Thought Project tells us more about this fascinating project:

Electric power is supplied by a special transformer to energize a resistive load. The undissipated magnetic potential is then captured and stored temporarily before being sent back to the source through the very same electrical load.

This oscillating power has entirely different properties than conventional electrical power and actually reduces the total power required from the source.

The consequence of this energy dynamic is that the resistive load can be powered more than twice as efficiently, while the net power supplied by the line is reduced to a very small value.

The implications of this technology for power conservation in the future are absolutely astonishing. (Source)

However, just like what happened with Nikola Tesla, Jim’s work and research have been scrutinized by the Federal Burau of Investigation.

Just as Tesla had to deal with the FBI over a hundred years ago, Jim too had a run with the Bureau because of one of the projects he was working on:

“Back in 1966, not long after my father died, I returned from work one day to find a strange message waiting for me. – Take the Hudson-Manhattan subway to Newark, New Jersey, and arrive at 11 Centre Place, FBI Newark Headquarters, no later than 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. Ask to see Agent Harold Miller; he will be expecting you. – [Upon his arrival] The agents looked at each other silently, then scribbled some additional notes, which were inserted into a file folder with my name on it. I later learned that once you become a person of interest, the FBI retains your file indefinitely!”

Check out Jim’s Go Fund Me Project and help him republish Tesla’s Secrets.

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  1. And I make a prediction that if this man continues to show people this technology that he’ll be found having died of ‘mysterious’ causes. Big Power doesn’t appreciate this kind of progress.

  2. Uh oh. This guy will probably “commit suicide” if he carries on showing people this. Then there will be a fire at his home and all his research papers will be “destroyed”

    1. Don’t be silly, now! You don’t want two separate incidents….
      One of his experiments going wrong, killing him and destroying all research ties it all up nicely…. 🙂

  3. Only way: distribute the knowledge as open source so the danger that id disapears is minimized.

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