NASA’s Curiosity rover takes image of Alien sphere on Mars

Is it possible that this time, NASA’s very own “Alien” rovers captured an imageĀ of a sphere belonging to another civilization? According to the latest images beamed back to Earth, ufo hunters say it is quite possible.

The object in question is a sphere which seems to be “levitating” off the Martian ground according to ufologists.

According to NASA, the image was taken on April 10, 2015, by the rover’s Mast Camera (Mastcam), during the 952nd Martian day, or sol. NASA altered the image, according to NASA’s website, “The color has been approximately white-balanced to resemble how the scene would appear under daytime lighting conditions on Earth.”

This image where the “mysterious Alien sphere” is visible, was taken near mount Sharp.

Close up of the object in question. Credit NASA
Close up of the object in question. Credit NASA

So what is this mysterious object? Is it possible that this isnt a sphere at all?

Is it possible that what we are seeing here is a game of lights, making us believe that this sphere-shaped object is levitating above the ground? Experts in image editing suggest just that. They believe we are seeing a game of shadows created on the red planet. Experts believe that we are seeing two different rocks in the image.

The position of these two rocks makes it look as if one “spherical” object is floating while it’s not. That’s the view for experts. Ufologists on the other hand, suggest that we are actually seeing a levitating object in the image.

Experts in the field of ufology state that It is not the first time that a discovery like this has been made on the Red Planet. We have seen dozens if not hundreds of images where mysterious unexplained things are seen. Some of these objects defy logic, they cannot be explained rationally as much as skeptics want to debunk them.

Image of the surrounding scenery and the object in question visible at the center of the image
Image of the surrounding scenery and the object in question visible at the center of the image

But just how likely is it that there are Alien “spheres” on the red planet? We have seen several images where mysterious objects are seen in the Martian sky, and while experts and scientists suggest that these objects, seen in the red planet’s sky are just image deformations and dead pixels, Ufologists suggest that these are alien crafts observing our rovers and spacecraft on Mars. If these UFO’s and Spheres do exist on the Red planet… what is their purpose?

Where did they originate from? And is it possible that somehow, there is life on the red planet, life that has been present on Mars all the time, right under our nose.

Many researchers believe that there is life on the Red Planet and they stress that we have to look underground, and not on the surface.

So which theory is more likely to be true? What are your thoughts about yet another mysterious image beamed back to Earth by NASA’s Curiosity rover. Is this truly an alien sphere or have we been fooled by lights and shadows on Mars?

For all of those interested, here is the link to the RAW image by NASA.

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  1. If you look behind the sphere it resembles a building site or burial site. In its center top area is a circle of stones. The area around it looks squarish. If that is two shadows coming together to make a sphere like object, try making one at home and photograph it. It do not think one can make one, it is bull s–t.

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