‘Priceless’ 2,800-year-old Ancient Treasure Found In The Mountains Of Kazakhstan

The recently found treasure trove has been described as priceless by the team of archaeologists that made the discovery.

A stunning discovery has been made in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Researchers have uncovered around 3,000 gold and precious-metal objects in a remote burial mount, hidden deep within the remote Tarbagatai mountains in Kazakhstan, local media reported.

Treasure discovered in the mountains of Kazakhstan
Archaeologists described the treasure trove as ‘priceless’ Image Credit: East-Kazakhstan region/east2west

It is believed that “incalculable” treasure belonged to members of the royalty or the nobility of the Saka people, who dominated Central Asia eight centuries before the birth of Christ. Researchers recovered bell-shaped gold earrings, golden plates, buckles for clothing, chains, and necklaces with precious stones.

But in addition to the fact that the amount of item caught experts by surprise, researchers shave been left awestruck by the precision with which these jewels were manufactured.

Golden Artifacts discovered in the mountains of Kazakhstan.
The ‘priceless’ treasure features earrings in the shape of bells, gold plates with rivets, plaques, chains, and a necklace with precious stones. Image Credit: East-Kazakhstan region/east2west

The head of the East-Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov said: “This find gives us a completely different view of the history of our people.”

The ancient civilization clearly had sophisticated and advanced skills in mining, or extraction, selling and jewelry making, Akhmetov explained.

“We are the heirs of the great people and great technologies,” he said.

Reports suggest that gold necklaces that decorate the clothes were made using sophisticated micro-welding techniques.

This shows great knowledge in the field of metallurgy and indicates an exceptional level for the time in terms of jewelry manufacturing skills.

This points to a highly sophisticated civilization.

According to researchers, the “steppe civilization” of the saka reached an extraordinary level, unlike anything researchers previously thought.

While experts have recovered the massive ancient treasure, they have still not found who it belonged to.

However, archaeologists expect that new excavations will reveal the owners of the treasure shortly.

Professor Zainolla Samashev, in charge of the excavations, said: “A large number of valuable finds in this burial mound let us believe a man and a woman are buried here – the reigning persons or people who belonged to the elite of Saka society.”

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