Research that suggests the Moon is an artificial hollow structure

Earth’s moon is shrouded in mystery. It such a mysterious celestial body that we can’t actually explain why it even exists. Without it, however, life on Earth may never have developed. But what makes Earth’s celestial companion so mysterious? Robin Brett, a scientist from NASA, stated:

“It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.”

EArth’s moon is a fascinating place, yet for some reason after the Apollo program was shut down, we never returned to the lunar surface nor have space agencies around the world given it much thought.

However, numerous researchers firmly believe that Earth’s moon is actually a terraformed and engineered piece of hardware that has a 3-mile thick outer layer of dust and rocks. Beneath this

It is said that beneath this protective layer the moon has a solid shell of around 20 miles made of highly resistant materials such as titanium, uranium 236, mica, neptunium 237. These elements are most definitely not the kind of stuff you would expect to find “inside” the moon.

The Hollow Moon Theory

The idea that the moon may not be what it seems may sound ludicrous to many but many people are convinced, due to the moon’s numerous anomalies, that Earth’s satellite is not only hollow but is an artificially engineered object, created by an advanced alien race millions of years ago.

The theories are countless. Some have come forward suggesting that due to the fact there is an extremely high and unusual composition of elements that do not occur naturally on the moon, Earth’s satellite is engineered.

The strange think crust of the moon is filled with a large concentration of precious metal, and uranium which has been enriched to a never-before-seen quality.

What if…?

NASA seems to have proven it. Sort of. In 1969, the American Space Agency created a cataclysmic crash on the lunar surface in order to study how Earth’s satellite would react to it.

Due to the size of the crash, ‘moonquakes’ occurred on the lunar surface and, to the surprise of many, the moon reverberated like a bell for an hour. Some researchers were left astonished.

This ‘small’ experiment has led to the creation of numerous theories and myths about the moon. One of them is that the moon is unnaturally light, and did not have a natural core. Strangely, according to scientists, the moon’s concentration of Mass is located at a series of points which are found below its surface.

Ken Johnson, supervisor of the data and photo control department, the Moon not only rang like a bell but the whole Moon “wobbled” in such a precise way that it was “almost as though it had gigantic hydraulic damper struts inside it.

Furthermore, from what NASA has been able to figure out we know that the average density of the Moon is 3.34 gm/cm3 which strangely indicates it is an extremely light celestial object.

Compared to the moon, Earth’s average density is 5.5 gm/cm3. This is, according to Dr. Gordon MacDonald’s accurate data that firmly implies the interior of the moon is hollow.

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Alexander Shcherbakov

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