Researchers find secret Nazi base —built to search for ancient artifacts— in the Arctic


An expeditionary team from the Russian Arctic National Park has just found a secret Nazi base named  ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ in the Arctic. The team found more than 500 objects of historical value in the ruins of what was once a Nazi base, said to have been built to search the arctic for ancient artifacts. The secret base is believed to have been one of the many sites built by the Nazi’s in their quest for supremacy.

More specifically, the finding was made last August as local media reveals—in Alexandra, an island located more than 1,000 kilometers from the North Pole.

While people were cautious when the discovery was made a couple of months ago due to the lack of images and conclusive evidence, the news has gone viral as the team has posted a video where we can see a number of artifacts and the base completely in ruins.

Te mysterious base, named  ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ was erected in 1942 – just one year after the Third Reich invaded Russia.

Experts believe that the ‘Schatzgraber’ base may have been part of a much larger mission that was put in place when the Nazi’s searched for ancient artifacts.

So far, experts have recovered around 500 objects from the site. The ruins of the base, petrol canisters, and even paper documents are among the items recovered by Russian researchers. The objects are in a relatively good condition, preserved by the intense cold.

It is believed that in 1944, Treasure Hunter personnel were evacuated after an illness broke out after consuming contaminated polar bear meat.

Six years after, in 1950, the secret base was dismantled.

However, one of the most mysterious details surrounding the secret Nazi base is why the Nazi’s decided to call a ‘weather station’ ‘Treasure Hunter.’


Were they looking for actual treasures? If so, why the Arctic? What were the Nazi’s expecting to find in such an inhospitable area?

Many people believe that the Nazi’s had several bases not only in the Arctic but in Antarctica as well.

It is well known that during the Second World War, the Nazi’s carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world.

Extremely well preserved artifacts were discovered in the base now in ruins.
Extremely well preserved artifacts were discovered in the base now in ruins.

They searched the planet for mythical artifacts and otherworldly technology hoping to come across a supreme power that would allow them to conquer the unconquerable.

The Arctic and Antarctica may have been of extreme importance to the Nazi’s, as they had expected to find ‘ancient technology’ in two of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

‘Station 211’ on Antarctica is said to have been a similar base to ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’ in the Arctic.

Many authors propose that in 1946-47 Admiral Byrd, one of the most famous American polar explorers searched for secret Nazi bases. Many authors propose that the Operation Highjump —when Admiral Byrd had at his disposal the largest armada ever sent to Antarctica—was established to investigate a Nazi presence.

All of the artifacts discovered at the ‘Treasure Hunter’ base in the Arctic are being transported to Arkhangelsk for analysis by experts who will try to solve the mystery and real purpose of the abandoned Nazi base in the Arctic.

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  1. “It is well known that during the Second World War, the Nazi’s carried out a number of strange experiments with alleged technologies unknown to the rest of the world in their attempt to rule the world”. What a gigantic crock of shit. The “Nazis” never intended to reign supreme over the world – only Europe, and that was to keep the murderous Bolshevik hordes at bay – possibly convert them as they did many disillusioned leftists throughout their sphere of influence – and not by terror, but by “seeing the light”. And yes – I do NOT believe the official story (fairy tale) of the Holohoax..

    1. You are quite entitled to your opinion. But as someone who has done extensive research for several thesis, the holocaust was not only real, but by the overwhelming evidence, both physical and oratorical, completely under-reported. Perhaps one day you too will come to know the atrocity and genocide the Jews lived with during the Third Reich. Until then, enjoy your opinion, feel free to argue anything that you don’t agree with and chastise those who don’t agree with you…for that is truly the liberal democrat thing to do. Good day to you.

      1. Was not the commemorative stone outside Auschwitz altered from 6M to 1.1M?

        Were there not only 500,000 Jews in Germany before the war?

        1. So then is denial of the Holocaust far more about the number people the Nazis subjected to industrial-scale murder than the fact they did it? (as if constructing and running murder-camps for “only” 1.1 million men, women and children based on race alone was not evil?)

          1. “On race alone” but there were gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners and undesirables so it can not be on race alone. Do you have any estimate of the numbers worked to death or starved at the end of the war, (when even German citizens were starving) in Auschwitz rather than deliberately killed?

            Remember it was only after Glasnost that the numbers of “Jews” killed in Auschwitz was reduced to 1.1M. So the previous Russian regime had a vested interest in suppressing this information. Now why might that be????

      2. And you are entitled to your opinion. As someone who has done years of research on the subject employing not only irrefutable archival evidence from many (all) sides of the conflict and the “scientific method”, the “holocaust” was greatly exaggerated in some parts and misrepresented in most. Whether or not one day I come to know what the Jews lived with, I already know of the real holocaust that the Germans faced during the firebombing of Civilians in places like Dresden, Hamburg, and scores of others. We all know what the truth is, and to keep perpetuating a myth is a slap in the face to those who suffered on both sides of this unjust and Zionist provoked war. Good day to you as well…

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      1. It’s so collectible and goes up in value. Really that’s the only reason LOL.

  3. It was called “Treasure Hunter” because military codenames are gibberish. A name cannot convey any notion of what the thing it conceals is or does for extremely obvious reasons. “Treasure Hunter” could be literally anything, from a Nazi-lead dig for the Holy Grail in Egypt to an extremely strategically-important weather station in the Arctic.

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