Scientists Find Alien Code ‘Embedded’ In Human DNA: Evidence Of Ancient Alien Engineers?

Researchers who worked for 13 years in the Human Genome Project indicate that they came across an amazing scientific discovery: They believe that the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA is nothing less than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Originally referred to as “Junk DNA” its function remained a mystery for researchers. Now researchers believe that our DNA is extraterrestrial in origin.

After extensive analysis with the help of other researchers in diverse fields such as mathematics, chemistry and programming, Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute have ventured out and asked if there is a possibility that, what we call “junk DNA” is actually some sort of extraterrestrial code, created by an “Alien” programmer.

According to researchers from Kazakhstan, “Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them.”
The researchers indicate that “What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a giant structured code, and a simple or basic code.”

The team of researchers believes for a fact that the first part of our DNA code was not written on Earth and according to them it is verifiable. Secondly and most importantly, genes alone are not enough to explain the evolution/abrupt evolution process and there must be something more in ‘the game’.

According to Makukov “Sooner or later,” “we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we think it is.”

The implications of these scientific findings reinforce claims by other individuals and observers that claim to have had contact with aliens that look like humans. Human-like aliens could have provided some of the genetic material necessary for human evolution.

Quote from News.Discovery: This interpretation leads them to a farfetched conclusion: that the genetic code, “appears that it was invented outside the solar system already several billions years ago.” This statement endorses the idea of panspermia, the hypothesis that Earth was seeded with interstellar life. It’s certainly a novel and bold approach to galaxy conquest if we imagine this was a deliberate Johnny Appleseed endeavor by super-beings

Researchers in Kazakhstan believe that the human DNA was encoded with an alien signal for an ancient extraterrestrial civilization, and they refer to it as “Biological SETI”. The mathematical code in the human DNA cannot be explained by evolution. Basically, we are living and breathing holders of some sort of alien message that can be used, in a much more efficient way than using Radio-signals, to search for Extraterrestrial life.

Once the code had been set, it would remain unchanged in cosmological time-scales, in fact, researchers believe that our DNA is the most durable “construction” known, and that is why it represents an exceptionally reliable and intelligent storage for an alien signature, according to an article in the journal Icaurs.

Writing in the journal Icarus, they assert: “Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known. Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature. Once the genome is appropriately rewritten the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered through space and time.”

Scientists believe that the human DNA is arranged in such a precise way that it reveals a “set of arithmetic patterns and ideographic symbolic language”. These studies have led scientists to believe that we were literally invented “outside of Earth” several billions of years ago.

These ideas or beliefs are anything but accepted in the scientific community. Yet these studies have proven what some researchers have talked about for decades, that evolution could not have happened on its own, and that there is something extraterrestrial to our entire species. Is our entire history wrong?

One mystery that would remain as THE GREAT QUESTION is, if extraterrestrial beings did, in fact, create the human race and life on planet Earth, then “who” or “what” created these extraterrestrial beings?

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  1. Preparing your personal CHIP that will allow you to live an immortal life. A life in a world of people who prefer to be like a god instead of loving each other and allowing another to be before you. Next New WEAPON used against you. “Do what I say or die an early death?” THE DNA WAVE! Using your own genomes to bring on a perfectly healthy life at the sound age of 25 and the lives of all you love. Emotional weapons against you and those you love. Ask Holy Spirit to join you as you discover information of this new world. Remember: Jesus Christ did not have this information and was able to heal those around him and then move on into an Immortal Life. They had NO POWER over HIM!

  2. Who created the ‘aliens’. GOD of course….If you do not believe in God – then you do not believe in aliens…

  3. does this mean that aliens ejaculated in space? The sperm froze and desended down onto planets where eggs were just laying around waiting to be fertilized? Sorry, couldnt help myself.

    1. But that is what it’s called in many circles. That’s why they put quotation marks on that phrase.

      1. Yes, I know that is what they call it. I only had one year of biology in college but I always thought they should call it DNA that we do not yet understand.

        1. Well there is apparently some DNA that performs very little or no function at all, and the stuff that is called junk DNA is simply DNA that doesn’t code for proteins. For this reason, non-coding DNA is what we should call the DNA itself, and yes there is plenty we do not yet understand about it, including finding function for DNA previously thought to be non-functional, although this is highly unlikely to be the case for all thought-to-be non-functional non-coding DNA. It is likely that buried deeply within what was previously called junk DAN wholesale, there is actually some, albeit significantly less than previously thought, true “junk” DNA.

          1. The realm of what we including scientists don’t understand is enormous and I think it is arrogant and egotistical on the part of scientists to simply write things off as “Junk.” Just because they can’t find anything useful of the DNA that seems empty and useless doesn’t mean that’s the last and final word. Due to scientists limitations and narrowly constructed theories they could easily be overlooking and not aware of what’s really there in the seemingly Junk DNA. Most of the world, scientists included think mainly on a linear way which makes it easy for them to disregard anything that doesn’t fit in their line of thinking. Take for instance “Beyond Time and Space.” This is something that can’t be proven to exist with mathematical equations, theories, or written formulas. However, one time in my life I personally experienced being in this consciousness state of being and while I was there I felt the incredible undeniable experience of the vibration and power of creation and it was so overwhelmingly beautiful that I didn’t ever want to come back, but that wasn’t up to me as I was slowly slipping away to the speed of light and I was back. Oh how I wish I could figure out how I got there, but the more important thing is I was there and am ever grateful for that experience and that one time experience engraved a place in my heart for the rest of my life which changed me forever on. There are so many things that don’t fit in the limited mind, but there is a greater force that keeps this universe together.

          2. When I have a dream it’s clear to me that’s exactly what it was and when I focus inwardly in meditation the experience I have there is also very clear to me and I Know without a doubt that what I feel the experience of there is the reality of feeling Happiness and Peace which remains with me throughout the entire day.

          3. Thats very interesting, your one of the lucky ones, to have experienced what you did.
            On another note ..
            I know its just a movie but the core of the story of Prometheus is much more buyable to me and personally I accept thats what probably happened here on earth regarding us humans and the rest of the animals on this planet.
            I also believe that the basic story behind the bible could be true but instead of God , Jesus , angels etc these characters were actually an extra terrestrial race

          4. As intriguing as the many many things that we “believe” are, the most important thing in our lives is what we actually “Know” have “Knowledge” of. Almost everyone’s life’s including my own are built mostly on things we “believe” which is nothing more than that emptiness that is valueless. There’s nothing wrong with studying past Masters, Scriptures, Historical writings, Aliens and Extraterrestrials, as well as the almost countless facets of the Universe, but first things first; Are you Happy? Why are you here? Do you Know your purpose in life? I know for myself all of the major main questions of life I had was answered when, “I received the Knowledge of my True-self” and I instantly Knew WHO I was and I instantly Knew my Purpose in life, and I Instantly Knew How to Connect to the True and Real Peace/Happiness in my life that was and always has been right inside of me. And, the Great thing is, it’s also inside of each and every living Human being on this Earth.

          5. I’ve now read a great many of the comments under this topic expressing different opinions about the Bible and I must say, from my own personal experience, that what I find makes me the most complete and feeling the experience of happiness, peace, joy or whichever word words or phrase of words one chooses to express that most wonderful feeling inside of myself. This feeling is not limited to me, but exists in every single living Human being on the face of this earth. Each Human being is born with this innate feeling of peace and happiness inside of themselves. Why does a baby laugh and giggle when no one is around, because they feel that innate happiness inside of themselves. As we grow older and we are introduced to more things in this world that we see, touch, and feel where our attention is drawn more and more outwardly away from that place of happiness inside of us. Then one day we no longer recognize or remember that place of happiness inside ourselves. Socrates and several others have said: “Know Thyself.” The Knowledge of ones true-self is the place inside of us where the answers of life exist and is the place where it’s possible to feel peace and happiness each day of our life.

    2. Nicely put. But don’t bother explaining this to others…. it just pisses them off

  4. and this is what i have said all along and has been hidden from us with such as religion sorry but it is truth always said the people should have a right to know dna and publicly publicise we have all been mind bended to long from the truth what is in us all will not go away it is our makeup of being human beings

  5. This is awful internet click bait. The real story should be how stupid humans are.

      1. No. It’s prudent for anyone to read and evaluate claims like this. One should always have an open mind. Considering how wild the claim of this article it is, it would have likely been safe to simply skip the article. However having an open mind means taking the time to entertain even the wildest claims, from time to time; anything is possible in principle. However our friend here seems to be sorely disappointing with the results of his inquiry, as am I. Poor research, and poor understanding of the relevant underlying science set my science literacy senses tingling, and tell me that this is a pretty garbage article.

        1. Exactly. I was hoping for a peer reviewed paper. It turns out that this story is actually from 2011, which is even sadder than I originally thought.

      2. Anyone that would say this doesn’t understand my original statement. In which case, the statement is referring to you.

  6. Okay here’s a big piece of the truth.. any rational mind that reads this though that lives life with their head buried in the sand should most definitely sit down before doing so.
    The truth when you open your mind past ridicule and fear and look at every single piece of the puzzle, remembering that obviously each one would be equally as important as the last.. is that these people who came from the sky (the heavens, up) the gods that every ancient culture tells us about (the Elohim in the bible) created mankind in their image and after their likeness through genetic manipulation (eve gene, 4000+ genetic defects, sunburn, eyes, birth, GMO’s, domesticated plants and animals) with their DNA and the DNA from the highest evolved primate on the planet at the time (bigfoot kept from us today, us being primates, reason for the Bible, creation history and why we are completely different than every other species on this planet with unexplained places all around the world with up to 2000 ton rocks cut lifted and moved into planetary alignments, places we can’t even comprehend but tell ourselves we must have built them)..
    Then educated humanity through the ages with the help of various messengers (prophets) with whom they had made contact. Each messenger was given a message suitable for the level of understanding (reason for races and why we can interbreed) prevailing at the time, with the primary purpose of instilling basic principles of non-violence knowledge and respect. Once humanity reached a sufficient level of scientific understanding, the Elohim (Aliens today, the gods) decided to make themselves more visible in UFO sightings to begin to convince us of reality (The only real reason anyone thinks it’s crazy is because of movies..?? What are movies???). The knowledge has been known but has been suppressed through the ages in secret societies (The illuminati, those with the light.. with the truth), the elite, the 1% controlling the world’s privately owned privately controlled money..(why all the presidents are related through blood).. The money that controls and funds every little thing you can think of but especially our education and information.. They openly admit through the Freemasons because they know we’re all to ignorant to understand and put it together that Lucifer is in fact God.. We think lucifers a red demon dude that lives underground with horns for some reason… search what Lucifer means in Latin..(the bringer of light.. bringer of truth) And that’s where Satanism comes from and the reason why they flaunt it everywhere through money, music industry, symbols, architecture, everywhere when you start looking. That’s only a piece, tip of the iceberg.. Even though already it’s mind-boggling mental. It’s up for people to realize the truth because of indeed the importance and what is in fact coming, good or bad I’m not 100% sure, that’s why I look for intelligent conversations most of the time… try to figure it out.. By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail.
    Some very big clues point towards the elite just getting wiped out because of all the evil and suffering they’ve caused and all the lies that they’ve told.. we could end up seeing a golden mind-boggling age.. But at the same time there’s also very big clues that the biblical war to end all wars is/could be very close.. Clues that point toward this elite purposely making us all evil in the eyes of our creators (reason for evolution best of the best, hunting for no reason at all, war and most definitely ignorance) and too set in place us being horrified of even the idea of aliens so when they do show up to help their extremely confused creation we go crazy, kill each other, steal everything and just shoot as soon as they show because we’re being told to… By the people killing us and lying to us (watch the film Thrive). Again look at the clues and realize people that this is very very big and I am here always dying to have an intelligent conversation earthling to earthling.. Bible- Adam is not a name in Hebrew, it’s a different language remember.. literally means earth, the Adam the earthling.. Elohim (the gods) said let US make the Adam (the earthling) in OUR image after OUR likeness. If you came up with even a ten minute story and lined up 100 people and told the first in line is it going to be your story when you ask the last person to tell it to you? No…Now mix different languages in there too. How we’ve discredited the oldest piece of literature only because of that fact is beyond me. The bible has gone through so much time through so many people and their languages that logic and rational thinking would say now it would obviously be completely bent. But while logic and rational thinking tells us that it also tells us the first ones would be a lot closer to the truth. If I asked you to line up any another animal of its species how much can you tell each of them apart from one another? A line of black bears a line of white tailed deer a line of anything else.. Line up a row of people at any time throughout history and unless you think we all looked exactly the same at one point.. we all look completely different. Funny that every ancient culture clearly says that the gods that came down and created us look almost no different. Made in their image and after their likeness. All anyone really needs to do is come to the simple and very obvious realization that people 5000 years ago did not think or talk like we do today… Research sound, frequency, resonance and vibration keeping in mind Nicola Tesla’s work and very important quote- if you want to understand the universe think of energy frequency and vibration.. (or right after reading this go watch that 30 minute frequency documentary Sonic geometry the language of frequency and form) Then research Atoms and the fact that EVERYTHING is made up of Atoms.. and that Atoms are in Constant Vibration.. Giving off frequency… Then go back to that Bible that so many have wrong or just call it crazy and read- In the beginning there was the word (sound, frequency, vibration), and that word (sound frequency vibration) is God… If you’ve read this far and that doesn’t just blow your freaking mind then I’m sorry because that means nothing but material objects ever will..
    Laugh all you want it’s the truth.. As bent as it may be.. History is far crazier and far more interesting than we’re being led to “believe”.. Purposely!
    Again 2012 breakthrough energy conference, it’s only two hours so if it’s so crazy how much harm could it do to watch? The guy can explain it way better than I will ever be able to.. or if it’s for me to say spend the two hours listening to the most logical person I’ve come across in this time we’re living in.. Film called An Evening with Lloyd Pye. Or because of the importance learn true history, Zecharia Sitchin’s books The Earth Chronicles. The guy spent his whole life looking for the truth that makes sense without any bullshit getting in the way. The truth that will make you realize that neither evolution or God are wrong, they are both right we’ve just always had it wrong.

  7. This explanation sounds more credible than a lot of the stories and myths that have been blindly accepted by many people that follow many of the religious theories, concepts, and idea’s. Personally, I try to stay away from the “believe” realm and base my life experience on fact and Knowing.

    1. Science sorts the parable out and religious organizations don’t like it when empirical knowledge impinges on their beliefs.

      1. Yes I have noticed this which is strange. Quite an angry lot some of them.

      2. I believe God created all including us…this is proof of that…so why get mad…I love when The Bible is proven through science…and by the way I don’t attend a church…or go along with the crowd..but I do believe every word in the Bible

          1. Pretty much humans have been bowing to ETs as Gods, its a great lesson for us, they created most of these religions… The Bible is truth with lies- deliberately.

          2. There are no lies in the Word of God. There may be some slighty distorted mistranslations because of men like King James who was not a true believer but a part of this worldly system, as well as later translations such NIV which leave out important parts but the Bible is our only source of pure Truth in this fallen world so to discount the Bible is to give up your only chance of salvation. This life is but a blink of the eye compared to eternity. Your soul is eternal whether you believe it or not, that doesn’t change the truth. Your soul will go to one of two places for eternity. “Churches” are controlled by the government (501c3) and do not tell the whole truth, many of them tell blatant lies so you need to ask God (Jesus Christ, the Word of God, John 1:1) to open your understanding and READ the Bible without any preconceived notions. It’s easy to scoff. Scoffing is a one way ticket straight to hell.

          3. Thats your BELIEF. And your entitled to your own opinion. The Bible is one book of many in all of eternity, why would “God” limit itself to one book, and one species… Do you really think a book is enough to comprehend all that is? Pretty egotistical… This is one planet of BILLIONS. One galaxy of BILLIONS. The Bible was manipulated by false Gods- The Annunaki.- coming from the heavens/sky… We created you in OUR image… i.e. THEIR image (ETs). Pretty obvious to me after READING… I do not care to have a philosophical argument with no one. So my response ends here. Things are.

          4. I agree…the Bible says we are not of this world…just traveling through it

        1. Yes Isaiah wrote about the circle of the earth, LONG before Galileo tried to get these close minded “scientists” of the Beast system to see that the earth was round not flat. These psychos want to accuse the believers in the TRUTH of being what THEY ACTUALLY ARE. Stupid, close minded and pathetic. Typical MO of those whose minds have been blinded by the “god” of this present world. How awful it must be to have no other hope except this mess we live in now that these Luciferian psychos have circling the toilet, while, in classic Satan-style are blaming mankind for all the problems that the 1 percent are causing, either directly or indirectly via the mind control they pour out on us from almost every single possible avenue, especially TV and mainstream newspapers and magazines. I’d avoid that trash like the plague, unless it’s to keep an eye on the schemes of the enemy or for comic relief.

    2. Many historian has speculated this for a long time by analyzing ancient languages and art. Most ancient nations didn’t believe in “god” rather than something out off this planet, that carried our ancestors here.

      1. They worshipped fallen angels pretending to be gods and creators. They worshipped a lie. These are what the Bible calls “gods” and “idols”.

    3. Then you are a one legged man trying to run a marathon. You will surely lose the race dude.

  8. That’s a crazy misinterpretation of what junk DNA is. By the way, we know quite a bit about it. Some of it reveals our evolutionary history of viral infection of the genome, for example.

    1. who the hell told you that? (we know quite a bit about it). Our understanding of anything is limited by the languages we’ve created.

      1. I’m a professor who specializes in studying genome organization. The repetitive DNA largely originates infectious agents. Many of these sequences can still be activated today and we have evolved a system that is designed to shut them off. Other parts of “junk DNA” code for noncoding RNAs with varying functions. Some of it serves to organize the genome into regulatory units. We have learned a great deal about the functions of this DNA in the past 5 years.

      2. The problem is the whole concept of “junk DNA”. That’s a protein-centric view of the purpose of DNA.

    2. According to ETs we are a hybrid race of different ET races, I don’t have the scientific proof, but they sure have been teaching humans who are open to listening to them some amazing things on awakening to our multidimensional reality and how to connect with them… If your open to these kinds of things I know scientist get caught up in human thinking, and what is perceived to be “science”… There is soooooooo much more to know- infinite knowledge… The information is “out there”, though it might not be what we have been taught is “reliable”.

  9. The idea that our origins are from stars is plausible. what I don’t understand is why the masses can’t see this. Religions rob us of real beliefs.

  10. iv believe that our entire history is written in our dna like a video record we just have to learn to read it though the living crystal

  11. Disappointing to say the least. The Discovery Channel documentary was nice though. Notice how it said sweet fuck all about aliens though.

    Junk DNA is not all junk. Before the era of genomics DNA was largely understood indirectly through the protein products it produced. Proteins are big and important and do all sorts of really easy-to-see stuff and much of extra (interesting) stuff life does. Only a small fraction of our genes produce proteins so from this protein-centric POV, much of our DNA appears to be junk.

    However, we have since learned so much more about the genome, and the answer is emphatically not “aliens.” Regions of DNA that do not code for proteins do other things. The documentary explains it very well without using aliens. Genes can be turned on or off, or fine tuned in expression through the use of gene regulatory networks, and regulator RNA transcribed by the non- (protein-)coding DNA. Non-coding DNA is not all junk DNA, it has some function, and a lot of it is supplemental to the functions of coding DNA.

    Some non-coding DNA is truly junk though. All of non-coding DNA was originally called junk because of the lack of proteins involved. But then we discovered that lots of that DNA does OTHER stuff! However there still remains a small fraction, significantly less than originally thought that is truly “junk” or otherwise (mostly) non-functional.

  12. when you boil all this down…we have stage 1 humans created as slaves to mine semi solidified gold for the annunaki race … they were then joined by 2 other species to create second stage humans….with a conscience…. and in this body they entrapped the divine souls from the true realm of light that happen to be on this planet at the time…known as the atlanteans…. sadly still to this day a few billion souls are still trapped in the virtual reality that was created on this planet….. but there is a way out….one only has to search for it….of course we have alien DNA…. becoming too scientific about it can hinder seeing the obvious …. however those other few billion who are soulless beings will protect their belief and mindless ways to the death… it has always been….. sad that ignorance is so strong…. I do empathize with those that cannot grasp this simple truth…

    1. You have no proof to validate any of this BS you type yet you think it’s “sad” nobody can grasp it? And you call it SIMPLE? LMAO

  13. I wish they’d come back, Maybe explain why they did it? It’s still pretty cool to consider though

  14. “Scientists believe” what their puppet masters WANT them to believe, else they come up mysteriously dead or missing. “Junk DNA” does not mean we were “created by aliens”. Junk DNA means we were GENETICALLY TAMPERED WITH by FALLEN ANGELS. I am so sick of living in a MATRIX of LIES. The truth is easy to find if ANYONE will look for it. But most look for ANYTHING other than the Truth, because the Truth holds them personally responsible for many things that they would rather ignore. There are no aliens only Fallen Angels and demonic spirits and hosts jacking with your mind and body. Wake the crap up. It’s way past time for all this “scientific” nonsense, from Satanists and atheists who either hide the invisible spiritual dimensions all around us, or refuse to acknowledge them at all. That’s like trying to run a marathon with one leg. The Satanists know what’s going on and are manipulating everyone. They are the reason this world is in the TOTAL MESS it’s in. Not mankind in general, not “global warming” (which the Satanists are causing), not war or corporate pollution or any of the other things these SATANISTS are doing, (Chemspraying the living dog mess our of our skies, putting ground up aborted fetus tissue in our food supply, constant lies and misinfo regurgitated by websites like this, FAUX news, CNN, MSNBC and all the other paid media whores, including the Freemasonic controlled newspapers who refuse to publish letters telling the TRUTH. This world is nothing but LIES LIES LIES

    1. I don’t like the idea of eating ground up aborted fetus tissue, but the sad truth is that it’s probably the most nutritious thing they allow in our food supply.

    2. Reeses opinion is why it took us so long to figure this out. And the scary thing is its the majority. Wake up people! Religion is stunting youre growth

  15. Mainstream science looks at things through a very tiny eye glass and anything that doesn’t fit into its limited frame work. I see the present scientific community existing in its self made box containing all of its discoveries to present time all fitting into this box. This science box size would be equivalent to a box so tiny that to see it one would need a high power microscope and when surrounded by beach sand, 8 grains of the beach sand would completely surround and cover the box so the box could no longer be seen. The amount of information and knowledge existing in this universe is the rest of the grains of sand on earth as well as everything else in the universe outside of this box has yet to be discovered.

    Bob Lazar spoke of the element 115 un unpentium being used in part as a propulsion
    system in extraterrestrial space crafts and this was back in the 1980’s and he
    was called a quack by the scientific community who stated no such element could
    ever exist. We now know for a fact, here in 2015 that element 115 un unpentium does very much in fact exist making Bob Lazar’s information credible and true.

  16. just because this DNA is not understood it desn’t mean that it doesn’t perform or that will be activated in the futur, or may be activated when we die, it may be a silent recorder of our life. there is much scientist do not understand as the cancer cure it is always the same as it was over 50 years ago, considering all experiment and money spent on research

  17. It would make perfect sense in that we cannot find our missing link in dug up bones. Our origins are not of this earth. This earth would have been a better place had not our species come. If we had left it alone with the big cats and sharks at the top of the food chain. How much better off would this planet be if our ancestors had not dropped us off here.

  18. Yes, an “extraterrestrial” created humans. God
    . Evolution does not make scientific sence, what turned the process off? We don’t see proto-humans walking around.

  19. When scientists say “alien DNA” They are referring to viral, bacterial, fungal, and plant material that has inserted itself into our genetic make up through infection (usually through the infection of the sperm or egg or embryo) there are 145 of these snippets of invasive microorganisms in our system. The research never meant aliens from outer space.

      1. Those who invented the theory meant ETs; real, non-freak scientists mean viral, bacterial etc, precisely as Lynn writes. There’s no “um” involved; I could have legitimately used it but, as you can see, I am far too well-mannered to do that. (Just to clarify that last bit is ironic and a joke.)

  20. My dad likes Bigfoot. I’m open to everything. I always thought I had some special DNA. You better form a line and take out your wallets to get a dose of me alien cure.

  21. Is this message in the human genome real if it is then our belief system in God in evolution in the meaning of life has changed forever

  22. The gene expression changes through environmental stressors which allows us to adapt…evolve and survive…..what we perceive is what we believe is what we become

    1. No. Quotes does not debunk anything. Only real evidence does. And evolution is a proven fact.

      1. Oscar with respect to your belief evolution is only partial.All living things on this planet which are capable to live after birth without parental help did evolve,but all other things which need rearing nursing caring ,they were genetically manipulated.This includes edible plants fruits which could not survive without human care .As for us so called humans 85% do have RH positive protein in their blood,which stands for Rhesus Monkey.There is about 15% of human on this planet who are RH negative,they have full Alien blood.We are Hybrids created by Anunnaki with animal gene and Alien gene.So 85% of people do have animal traits,behave like one ,fight for female like animals do ,tell them what they don’t like they punch you,they constantly at each other throat ,some prefer sex with animals,some like to eat human meat despite they highly educated.In my view if so called Human needs law, door lock, army, police or any other form of control they are not Human.

        1. WTF did I just read?

          And what’s with the rest of the messages below? Its like a gang of trolls meets weirdos meet religious fanatics.

          “They believe that the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA is nothing less than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Originally referred to as “Junk DNA” its functioned remained a mystery for researchers.”

          Everything was assumed based on this fact, right? What they said may be possible. But there’s also this. What if the 97% of the ‘junk’ genes are what is a part of the evolution process and will slowly map out? Maybe they have not been able to really envision what it can grow into? I’m just thinking this, I could be wrong. But how could an ant tell what an elephant will grow into? (Meaning that humans are only able to see a small part of the bigger picture) Maybe that’s 3% of the functions that have mapped out and the remaining 97% will slowly pan out with time. Wouldn’t that be what we refer to as ‘evolution’?

          Edit : Also, who cares about ‘who created the aliens?’ That’s a farcry from what you should be wondering about after reading this. What I began wondering about was. ‘Did those guys forget about us cause I really want to get my ‘upgrade’ asap!’ Meaning, hey bro’s (alien creators), if you’re reading this.. please increase my lifespan already, damn it.

  23. I don’t believe any of this mainstream science cra p anymore than I believe the mainstream media lies they tell us!! Just like the Challenger explosion that supposedly exploded and killed everyone on board and had the entire world moarning for them, but come to find out all on board are alive today!!!

  24. To all my scientist friends–please check this out. It’s pretty interesting.

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