Senators and President receive more classified briefings on Navy UFO sightings

In January, former Nevada Senator Harry Reid called for formal congressional hearings into the mystery of UFOs. Reid sponsored a secret Pentagon study into UFOs called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) starting in 2007 that officially ended in 2012, though it may continue in a new form. The study was finally made public in December 2017 in the New York Times. Today, Politico has reported that three U.S. senators attended a classified Pentagon briefing on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, about UFO sightings by the Navy.

Rachel Cohen, a spokesperson for Sen. Mark Warner, confirmed the meeting.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” his spokesperson, Cohen, said in a statement.

The briefing took place following President Trump’s admission that he, too, has been briefed on the UFO sightings which appeared in more detail in a recent New York Times article in May.

“I did have one very brief meeting on it,” Trump told ABC News in an interview that aired Sunday. “But people are saying they’re seeing UFO’s, do I believe it? Not particularly.”

According to Politico:

“Officials interviewed multiple current and former sailors and aviators who claim to have encountered highly advanced aircraft that appeared to defy the laws of aerodynamics when they intruded on protected military airspace — some of which were captured on video and made public.”

The classified briefing follows a recent move in April by the Navy to update the official procedures for pilots and other personnel to report the unidentified aerial phenomenon. That change in policy followed briefings in which senior Naval Intelligence officials and aviators who had witnessed “hazards to aviation safety” discussed the matter with Congressional members and staff.

At no time has the Navy suggested the craft involve evidence of extraterrestrials. They make no official reference to UFOs but rather call them Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Today, the Navy is keeping the subject of the latest briefings secret, but several current and former officials with direct knowledge indicated that UFO reports are increasing.

“‘There are people coming out of the woodwork,’ said one former government official who has participated in some of the meetings.

“A current intelligence official added: ‘More requests for briefings are coming in.'”

Following these briefings, advocates hope that Congress will take further steps to require the Department of Defense to study UFOs using methods like data collection from satellites.

See more about the Navy pilot’s UFO sightings below from ABC News:


Senator Harry Reid’s call for more interest from Congress in credible UFO sightings appears to have been effective. Reid and the late Senator John McCain shared an interest in AATIP along with others in government.

“What I have learned is you cannot just hide your head and say these things aren’t happening,” said Reid. “We have military installations where hundreds and hundreds of people who were there see these things.”

“And as I’ve said, it’s a worldwide phenomenon,” he continued. “not just here in the United States. There are certain places we really don’t understand why that there’s more occurrences and have been over a long long time.”

AATIP’s studies didn’t only cover UFOs but a broad range of cutting edge topics including invisibility cloaking, advanced propulsion, metamaterials used by alleged extraterrestrials, tracking hypersonic objects, warp drive, dark energy, and “the manipulation of extra dimensions.”

The UFO sightings from the military indicate that the aircraft may be able to fly using such methods. Reid suggests that there are pieces of evidence that AATIP could not gain access to, which he hopes will change in new studies.

See former Senator Reid’s remarks from 8News NOW Las Vegas below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube

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