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SETI experts says Aliens probably look like Machines


SETI experts says Aliens probably look like Machines

Are aliens in fact highly advanced machines? Image credit: Getty.

While in today’s society the idea that Alien life exists is extremely popular, we seem to be convinced that Aliens probably have a humanoid appearance. However, a Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute believes that REAL aliens probably look like machines.

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“Think what were gonna do in this century, which is invent thinking machines.” “The aliens have probably already done that, so the real aliens probably look like machines,” said Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute.

Speaking to Neil deGrasse Tyson for a National Geographic Star Talk entitled, “The Science of Alien Sightings,” Senior SETI astronomer Shostak talked about common misconceptions about how aliens are portrayed in today’s society.

Shostak pointed out that a third of the public believes in the “UFO phenomena.”

However as reported by Inverse, even though there is a freakishly large number of people who claim to have witnessed UFO sightings and even abductions, the description of their appearance falls along familiar lines.

Last year, at a presentation at the Dent: Space conference in San Francisco, Mr. Shostak said that transforming into AI is the natural evolution of any intelligent civilization.

Shostak has made some very interesting comments about alien life in the past. Not long ago, the senior SETI astronomer said that due to the vast advancements in different science and technology, humans could cease to be the dominant species on Earth as life could someday take a toll on humans with Alien beings replacing us on Earth, and all of this by 2100.

Interestingly, British astrophysicist Sir Martin Rees has previously suggested the same thing Shostak is saying now.

Sir Martin Rees thinks that advanced technological extraterrestrial civilizations might have turned into machines or… Cyber-aliens. It is likely that extraterrestrial machines have evolved from being simple organic life forms and in the future, at the rate at which humans are developing, we could see a similar transition.

According to the British Astrophysicist, on a planet orbiting a distant star much older than our sun, somewhere in the cosmos, live could have developed to the stage where organic life forms are now part organic part machine.

According to Rees’ calculations, in approximately one or two century’s life as we know it could become overwhelmed by Artificial Intelligence which will start to evolve on its own taking over the planet becoming the predominant species on Earth. But Rees isn’t the only one who warns us about potential AI threats.

Elon Musk and Professor Stephen Hawking have done the same. This means that if we ever discover advanced alien beings in the cosmos, it is very likely that these civilizations are not organic but mechanical civilizations. According to Reese, it’s a mathematical question.


Ivan is editor-in-chief at, he also writes for Universe Explorers.
You may have seen him appear on the Discovery and History Channel.

  • Harrison Bergeron

    While it is true that some Greys are biological-machines operated by the Reptilians, and that many negative groups have embraced A.I. at their own peril, SETI and Seth Shostak are not an authority on extra-terrestrials in any way.

    • MyUnicornIsReallyAHornyPony

      I would confidently say that SETI and Shostak are likely to be among the highest authority on the potential of ET life.

      Whereas your comment, “While it is true that some Greys are biological-machines operated by the Reptilians,..” just proves you are a whackjob.

  • Marte Espacial

    If it were like machines our communication would have happened with binary code

  • Shirou Zhiwu

    Transorganic lifeforms would be exceedingly capable.

  • Jhollman

    Let me see if i understood right:

    – Alien Civilizations invented Artificial Intelligences…
    – On time those AIs overcome, enslaved and terminated their organic creators…
    – When we attempt to contact an Alien world, only AIs remain to respond.

    Sounds logical, my fear is that uncontrolled AI development in our own planed will take us to that ending. Should be illegal just as Human Cloning is.

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