A Skeleton of an 18-meter-long ‘dragon’ has been found in China

Residents of a Chinese city have stumbled upon the remains of a mysterious creature that measures a staggering 18 meters in length and resembles the legendary dragon of Asian mythology.

The skeleton of a “dragon” has been discovered by residents of a Chinese city who claim that the strange skeleton is proof that the mythical creature exists, or at least existed.

The skeleton is around 18 meters long, has two small “arms” that protrude in the center and a head that suspiciously resembles the skull of a cow—hmmm do I smell forgery?

The “dragon” was found in a field in the city of Zhangjiakou, in the Hebei Province, in northern China.

Kinda’ looks dragonish…

Images taken by several witnesses on the scene show dozens of villagers surrounding the skeleton of the alleged dragon.

Some people in shock, are not sure what to do with the remains they came across, but we can clearly see from the video footage that many of the bystanders seemed convinced that they were looking at the skeleton of a real ‘mythical’ creature.

Unlike dragons depicted in Western mythology, traditional Chinese dragons do not have wings, as they fly by “swimming” in the air with movements similar to those of a snake sliding on the ground.

According to mythological accounts of various ancient Asian cultures, the Chinese dragon is a mythological and legendary animal of China and other Asian cultures that has parts of nine animals: lobster eyes, deer horns, camel’s nose, dog nose, catfish mustaches, lion’s mane, snake, fish scales, and eagle claws.

The dragon is also the personification of the concept of yang (masculine) and is related to time as a keeper of rain and water in general.

An alternative view, promoted by He Xin, is that the first dragons represented a kind of crocodile.

Specifically, Crocodylus porosus, an ancient giant crocodile, known for its ability to accurately sense changes in air pressure, thus anticipating the arrival of rain.

This may have been the origin of the dragon’s mythical attributes of controlling time, especially rain.

In addition, there is evidence of crocodile worship in the ancient Babylonian, Indian, and Mayan civilizations.

The creature was around 18-meters long.

From its origins as a totem or stylized representation of natural creatures, the Chinese dragon evolved to become a mythical animal.

For the Han Dynasty the appearance of the dragon was described as being with the trunk of a snake, the scales of a carp, the tail of a whale, deer horns, the face of a camel, the claws of an eagle, the ears of a bull, the feet of a tiger and the eyes of a lobster, besides having a flaming pearl under its chin.

Chinese dragons are occasionally depicted with bat wings that grow from their front, but most of them lack them, although they are still capable of flying.

In modern times, the belief in the dragon seems to be sporadic at most.

There seem to be very few who see the dragon as a real creature.

The cult of the Dragon Kings as rulers of water and time persists in many regions and is deeply rooted in Chinese cultural traditions, such as Chinese New Year celebrations.

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  1. The oldest writing has been found in ancient Eden, Trypillia, in Aratta. It is 22,000 years old and some is as old as 44,000. The writing is Tamil/Dravidian, not even Sanskrit. Predates Sanskrit.

    The dragon skeleton is still fleshtoned. Clearly it is so new that somebody must have had it as a pet or hunted it recently. Y’all know the color of skeletons, right?

    1. How to explain the lack of flesh? was the flesh eaten by local wildlife?
      When an animal eats another “to the bones” like in this case is expected that the bones get displaced and teared apart from the main body, we dont see that here. We also expect teeth and claw marks in the bones, cant see that either here.

      If the animal was naturally decomposed instead, we should expect the body to be covered by, well.. nature!, fungus, worms, flies, fallen leaves, etc. But what we see here is the bones lying over fresh grass, yep, u can see the color of the grass thru the ribs and bones.

      Its a forgery made with Cow and perhaps other animals bones, good as a trap for tourists.

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