Ancient Aliens, The Anunnaki And Mars

Anunnaki translates as “those who Anu sent from heaven to earth.”

During an excavation of the Biblical city of Nineveh, a team led by Austen Henry Layard discovered the ruins of the ancient Assyrian library of Ashurbanipal.

One of the most important discoveries made during the excavation where a series of cuneiform tablets called the Enűma Eliš, or better known as “The Seven Tablets of Creation” The Seven Tablets of Creation tell the story about a group of gods called the Anunnaki who came from the heaven to create the human race.

Ancient Astronaut theorists believe that the Anunnaki colonized both Mars and Earth, and this belief could possibly be backed up by the fact that the Sumerians had a number of myths about Mars, including that the Anunnaki colonized Mars and used the red planet as a “pit stop” for Earth.

So if these “gods” that came from the heavens, actually did colonize Mars in the past, is there a possibility that we today may find evidence of structures on the Red Planet? Such as pyramids, columns, statues, etc.
If the Anunnaki were on Mars it is inevitable that we today will find evidence of their civilization on the Red Planet.

What we know for sure is that in almost every image sent back by NASA’s rovers exploring the red planet, a strange structure is identified… Some people can say it’s in our nature to imagine shapes and forms, but there are just some images that have objects that no one can explain.

Researchers have identified multiple references in the cuneiform tablets that are believed to be the records of the mysterious Anunnaki and according to researchers, there is proof in those tablets that the Anunnaki have history on Mars.

According to the modern day translation of Sumerian and Babylonian origin myths, a cataclysmic event did, in fact, occur on the Red Planet, an event that sounds remarkably similar to ancient Mesoamerican myths about a feathered serpent that devastated Mars.

A comet or asteroid crashed into the red planet and caused a catastrophic chain of events that turned Mars into an isolated and inhabitable world.

All of this sounds interesting, but given the fact that we have probes on the Red Planet, and that thousands of images were sent back to Earth, have we actually found something that interesting on Mars? and we ask again, is there life on the red planet?

Since have seen that there are actual structures on the Red Planet, some of them resembling statues, buildings and even perhaps Pyramids just like on Earth, is it possible that the famous Anunnaki actually were on Mars?

Built cities and what not?

If they did, it is inevitable to find evidence of such constructions on the Red Planet, and there are many individuals that actually believe that Mars is full of surprises and is a place that will change our history forever.

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  1. I hate to rain on any ones parade but I have documented evidence that the Anunnaki, although Gods and Extraterrestrials, were not the people everyone seems to think they are. Since they are the oldest civilization that has written records we tend to revere them as the ultimate gods.

    In reality they are the fallen angels talked about throughout history. Yes they did have powers and yes they did have the power to create; however, the creatures they created were abominable and the conduct of their civilization was despicable. Their reign in Mesopotamia ended with the rise of the Hittites and Assyrians.

    What was not known, until now, is that their was a much older race of Gods from which the Anunnaki originated. That race traveled the world, in their Vermana, educating the world both spiritually and physically. The Anunnaki and the older Gods are the ones described as having celestial wars in East Indian texts.

    Contrary to popular belief the word Anunnaki is a compilation of three words meaning “The Great and Noble Lords”.

      1. I believe they run our planet . These images are a few of over 10,000 that I found on GOOGLE EARTH -MOON

      2. I agree. They did not disappear, they just disbursed and adapted.

    1. The Anunnaki were not fallen angels. Please read the accounts in the Enuma Elish, the Atrahasis, and the Lost Book of Enki.

  2. they never left . I found a pyramid being built on the moon during the time NASA / J.A.X.A mapped it for GOOGLE EARTH – MOON . I can send an image and coordinates to anyone that would like to see it . I suggest going onto the site and coordinates at the bottom of the image . ask BRIAN at [email protected]

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