The Aztecs and the Ancient Giants of Mesoamerica

Not only are Giant beings mentioned in cultures and ancient civilizations around the world, their existence is a key part of folklore and history. Their presence and existence are confirmed in religious texts such as the Bible and many other ancient sacred texts. Yet, for some mysterious reasons, mainstream scholars have found it very hard to believe that such beings existed in the past.

According to the Codex Rios, or the Vatican A codex, the Italian translation of an ancient manuscript written during the Spanish Conquest, Giant beings lived in Mesoamerica. According to the depictions of the codex, Aztec warriors fought against giant beings.

The Quinametzin Giants, according to Aztec Mythology, populated this world during the previous era of the Sun Rain.


Interestingly, it is said that the Quinametzin giants built the ancient citadel of Teotihuacan (Place where men become Gods) and the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Ten Quinametzin are mentioned in ancient Aztec mythology. It is said that when the Spanish conquistadores came to America, they saw, real flesh and blood giants.

According to legend, and accounts of the Spanish invasion in the book “The Broken Spears” Giants lived among the Aztecs, and one of their heroes, Tzilacatzin helped fight the Spanish during an attempt of hostile takeover of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan.

Tzilacatzin managed to defend Tenochtitlan by throwing huge stones at the Spanish Conquistadores, and his courage and strength can be seen in the Florentine Codex.


As you can see, Giant beings are widely mentioned in ancient times, and not only were some of these giant beings considered as divine, some of them like Tzilacatzin are real flesh and blood proof that such beings lived among humans in the distant past, stories that ancient religious texts back up.

There were giants [nephilim] on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown (Genesis 6:4)

Dominican Fray Diego Duran tells us a lot about Aztec history and culture.  His writings offer some of the oldest texts about the ancient Aztecs, their life, religion, customs and mythology. Duran learned nearly everything there is to learn about the Ancient Aztecs, and by winning their trust, he had access to material no one else before him had.

When it comes to giant beings, Duran wrote the following:

“It cannot be denied that there have been giants in this country. I can affirm this as an eyewitness, for I have met men of monstrous stature here. I believe that there are many in Mexico who will remember, as I do, a giant Indian who appeared in a procession of the feast of Corpus Christi. He appeared dressed in yellow silk and a halberd at his shoulder and a helmet on his head. And he was all of three feet taller than the others.”Fray Diego Duran, The Aztecs (New York: Orion Press, 1964), pp. 5-6.

Source and reference: StrangeEarth – Forbidden Earth –

This article has been edited to add citations and to answer Author Jason Colavito’s article.

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  1. According to Native American oral history, the so-called “Indian mounds” that can be found along the entire length of the Mississippi River Valley were not built by the tribes of Native Americans we call American Indians. They have insisted these mounds were here prior to their arrival and belong to an ancient race of giants they call the Ancient Ones. Excavations of these mounds in the past has revealed skeletons of people with red hair wearing milled clothing and bearing strange metal armor and accessories…. that stood well over ten feet tall. Some bones were re-interred in Christian cemeteries, given to the native American people or donated to the Smithsonian and have disappeared from public access as if this were a secret jeopardizing national security. To this day the Smithsonian denies their existence but the old news articles and photos are still around none-the-less. Native Americans were nomadic and followed the food supply so it is unlikely they would have put the time and resources into building mounds that had no part in their spiritual belief systems.

    1. Very few would argue that the then-current tribes built anything like forts or bulwarks, with either wood, mud, or stone.
      They were semi-nomadic though. Some did farm (three sisters), and the Algonquin never left for the South’s warmer weather, as Champlain’s memoirs make clear.
      All of the tribes said at the time of conquest that they didn’t know who built those mounds, and none practiced the traditions surrounding the burials, nor the working and decorating of copper like those of the mound dwellers.
      I am Chippewa and have researched this issue for years (still trying to find the truth). I have a dozen books written in the 17-1800 and early 1900’s, all conflicting.
      Today it is claimed that the builders are ancestors of today’s native tribal peoples. This is based on DNA samples taken from a single skull found in a mound.
      Why and how the older traditions of the Hopewell and Adena were discarded by the tribes by the time of contact remains a mystery.
      It isn’t clear at all though that the tribes are definitively related to the mound people; Not enough samples have been tested, we don’t have access to the skeletons mentioned by those early explorers as being of gigantic size, and there is the possibility that some tribes learned of burials in mounds and decided to take up the practice as their own, thereby “spoiling” the sample.
      Much more work to be done on this story.

    2. @jakrab: Nothing but lies, speculation and wishfull thinking. Check your “sources”, seriously. “Secret jeopardizing national security”??Give me a break! LOL.

      1. And all you have is trolling opinion. Your name says it all and your collective comments tell the rest… fraud, troll and fake. Buh bye. Go read your bible and bother your own kind.

        1. LOL!Jak the crab, upset because you were unmasked with your troll fake fantasy stories and your “secret jeopardizing national security” Re-LOL! Yes I read the Bible, but you, poor creature, what do you have? Let me guess, SF stories? Maybe coran? “National Security”, LOL!!!

          1. I knew you had nothing. Typical troll, personal attacks to hide the fact that you have no facts! Goodbye

          2. Interesting how bible thumpers would have us believe in mythical winged beings coming down from the clouds and a white male with a beard sitting up there directing everything going on, yet can not admit to the possibility there may be more to this world then we know. Hypocrisy at its best.

          3. Yet that’s not what the bible implies. Those images you have are pure ignorance, not biblically implied, but rather Catholicism. That’s what fascinates me about atheists; how their entire opinion of Christianity is based on Catholic portrayals from the middles ages and Sunday school teaching rather than the truth of what Jesus discussed. It shows more and more how ignorant atheists are.

          4. Don’t waste your time on those who are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally lost. You’re right, he’s wrong.

  2. Look at some of the ancient structures in South America like Sacsayhuaman where massive blocks have been
    shaped precisely with awkward angles and rounded joints so tight, you’d struggle to get a blade of grass between them. Many of them in the 200 tonne range and one estimated to be 355 tonnes. How did they do
    that ? Some of the first arrivals from Europe gave accounts of seeing ‘ Stones that walked ‘ . Now along with the ‘ Giants ‘ and myriad of other things that sit quietly round this earth seem to give rise to a history which is
    vastly different to the one that we are trammelled into and these ‘ impossible ‘ relics everyday are screaming
    at us, to look again at what really happened back in the mists of time.

  3. I know Mesoamerican history. To begin with, the Bible clearly states that those giants were destroyed in the flood. The author is an absolute ignorant, confounding ancient Toltecs with much recent Aztecs. Second, believing in their fantastic legends as if they were facts is a red flag: if that is ok, then why not believing all their legends, stories and fary tales about their false “gods”? Yet, some imbeciles would still reply: giants were the gods!!! LOL.

    1. Ok,got to say something,Evitta believe in a fictitious being called god,which I might add no one has ever seen,you read a fictional book called the Bible and you think everything is real what it says,but you won’t believe in Giants,again which I might add there are drawings,sculptures painting off,and loads of books,hahaha,i think it’s time for your diaper change,I can smell you from here. and put down for your napp.

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