The Enigmalith: A 100,000-Year-Old Electrical Component Embedded In Stone?

According to researchers who have analyzed the artifact, we are looking at a 100,000-year-old electrical component embedded in stone.

Highly unlikely? You bet, but check out the story.

It is one of the artifacts that a few have heard of, yet its characteristics are incredibly interesting. There have been dozens of objects discovered through the years that do not fit into the mainstream view of history, archaeology, and anthropology.


This discovery was made in 1998 when electrical engineer John. J. Williams found what appeared to be an electrical connector protruding from the ground in a hiking trip in North America. The object was found in the middle of nowhere, far away from human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, factories and electronic or nuclear plants.

After digging further into the ground, Williams discovered a device with a triple plug, embedded into the rock.

Williams refused to give away the exact location where the object was found, which has led skeptics to conclude that this artifact is just another hoax. But is it?


Today the artifact is referred to as the Petradox, a device that has the undeniable aspect of an electrical component which ended up embedded into solid granite, stone composed of quartz and feldspar, with small traces of mica. There is a huge amount of secrecy surrounding the object.

Williams has received offers up to 500,000 dollars for the device but has refused to sell it. Williams stated that the artifact, however, is available to any researchers for analysis. So far, only a few individuals have taken the time to study the mysterious object, resembling without a doubt, an electrical component.

The Petradox is not an accretion, concretion, pumice or a fossil. It does not contain any known resins, cement, glues, adhesives, limestone, mortar, or other non-rhyolite / non-granite binding agents. It is very hard.


The component itself is about 8 mm in diameter; the pins of the device are about 3 mm high, and the spacing between the pins is approximately 2.5 mm while the pin thickness is about 1 mm.

According to Williams, who has consulted an engineer and geologist to examine the object, the electronic component embedded in the granite reveals no trace of having been glued or welded in any known form, it is clear that the object already existed at the time of the formation of the rock.

According to geological analysis, researchers believe that the “rock” is at least 100,000 years old, something impossible if you believe that the object is of artificial origin. The conventional understanding of the technological development of mankind tells us that there is no way humans could have made something like this at that time in history.


The device has been compared by some researchers to an electronic XLR connector or similar component. The artifact has a weak magnetic attraction, Ohmmeter readings indicate either open-circuit or very high impedance between the pins.

The artifact does not seem to be made out of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, or any other recognizable material. Williams has not allowed the object to be broken in half for analysis but X-ray tests have shown that the artifact has a mysterious “opaque internal structure” in the center of the stone.

According to Williams, melted blobs of a metallic-like material on the component’s periphery indicate that some metal object near the Petradox was subjected to such high temperatures to cause metal melting and molten metal splashing or sputtering onto the embedded component.

Skeptics firmly believe that this 100,000-year-old electrical component is a manufactured hoax, but Williams does not agree.

He is convinced that he has found a genuine artifact that belonged to an advanced ancient civilization or an extraterrestrial race. Williams is willing to let researchers authenticate the artifact under certain conditions: that he is present during the analysis and that the rock remains unharmed.


There are some of us who believe that science does not have interest in these object because they are afraid of what they might find out. The artifact has two possibilities.

While scientific analysis could confirm it as being an elaborate hoax, it could also radically change our understanding of the history of mankind and change the way we look at history and our origins.

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  1. Just do an electron microprobe analysis of the metal tips (non destructive). If its composition is such that it would corrode over time, then it’s a hoax.

    1. Unless something has prevented it from corroding, of course! May well be part of the mystery. Just sayin …

  2. I’ve been shown that this is an ancient electronic component that we, today, refer to as a “triac”, that has met a catastrophic end.

    Granite is primarily a semi conducting material

    This artifact was not from time travelers, or extraterrestrials, but from an ancient civilization that lived during the third “age” or Dvapara yuga.

    We know it as the “Age of Atlantis”.

    The ancient civilizations of all three previous yuga’s(including the dinosaurs) were far more advanced than we know.

    The dinosaurs were actually beasts of burdan for the Templars.

    The second age, or “treta yuga” was the ” Lyrian” age and the third were the “Atlantians”.

    This is the last age, the “Kali yuga” or the age of man, or Kali yuga.


  3. So a guy found a rock with a plug in it. He won’t tell anyone where he found it, and won’t let anyone perform a thorough investigation of the artifact.

    Why would anyone take this seriously.

    1. Perhaps if you actually read the article properly, you’ll see that it is indeed available for investigation. Why should we take anyone who hasn’t even read the article seriously?

  4. Everything is, was and shall be again. OR that’s the base of something that was very common during the mid 20th Century but is now mostly obsolete and would be impervious to an EMP Attack by an Enemy of America, EMP weapons don’t affect them. They were used in Televisions and Radio. That is the base of a small Vacuum Tube!

    1. Rocks are EMP impervious. And I don’t see a vacuum tube in there.

  5. looks like somebody finally found where my great grandma put her old tv

  6. Its just another plug wth some old rock attached to it and only the rock was old, and who knows is that weird rock dating study was legitimate? .-.

  7. It’s a rolling stone, which means it has been eroded in a round shape by thousands of years of impacts along the bed of a water current. The metal, if ancient, should be badly deformed but it’s not, therefore FAKE.

    1. Surely depends on the type of metal, surely? Big assumption on your part.

    2. If we r talking true time travel. The rocks actions may not have affected the plug, as it may not have been there till a moment ago, if u get my drift?

  8. Hoax is easy to prove. the rock is a river rock and the component is sticking out of it. river rock is formed from rolling around which would have also smashed the component leads so they would not be sticking out. they would be flush with the rock. HOAX HOAX HOAX.

    1. It’s a theory, but most would call it a guess. And not a particularly good one at that! You don’t even know what materials we’re talking about here!

      When you ASSUME, to make an ASS out of U and ME. Well, certainly U anyway!

  9. This is just another plug in rock, there where a lot of these in the past, now getting to the interesting part ? what where they used for ? well one use, was for producing low frequency vibrations, these emanated from the small pieces of rock in the 75 Hz range which produces a mellow feeling and reduces stress, especially in people that read these stories.

  10. Did he do resistance readings across the pins? A simple multi-meter would do the trick.


  12. What about the electricity connecter he found first? Did this plug into that. One would assume both came from the same time period so where’s the picture of that?

  13. Whatever the component is, it had to have been installed after the rock had made its trip through the river to give the rounded River Rock its shape. This object was installed into the Rock after the Rock made this journey. It would have been nice to see an x-ray of the whole River Rock with the device in it.

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